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Chapter 1

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1 review
by: JoAnne Maloney

Chapter 1 ARTD*108

JoAnne Maloney
GPA 3.4
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About this Document

Invention of Writing
Survey of Graphic Design
Jeffery Case
Class Notes
Survey of Graphic Design, Graphic Design, Invention of Writing




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1 review
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"I'm a really bad notetaker and the opportunity to connect with a student who can provide this help is amazing. Thank you so much StudySoup, I will be back!!!"

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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by JoAnne Maloney on Monday February 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ARTD*108 at Coastal Carolina University taught by Jeffery Case in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Survey of Graphic Design in Art at Coastal Carolina University.


Reviews for Chapter 1

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I'm a really bad notetaker and the opportunity to connect with a student who can provide this help is amazing. Thank you so much StudySoup, I will be back!!!



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Date Created: 02/01/16
Ch. 1 - Invention of Writing By JoAnne Maloney Hall of Bulls Lascaux Caves, France 15,000 BCE 1-1 - close to life sizes -first written communication - black made with charcoal, colors from iron oxides, mixed with fat. - made for survival, utilitarian and ritualistic purposes -animals are pictographs- sketch to depict something Sumerian cuneiform 3100 BCE - ablets made writing transportable - simplified forms (emoji like) 1-5 - creation of hierarchy and grid system = organization - wedges used to create forms, now they push into clay instead of dragging through it - clay could be “erased” - baked in sun or kiln to preserve Mesopotamians • organized libraries containing thousands of tablets on religion, math, hist, law, medicine and astronomy • they began literature with poet, myths, epics and legends • to be able to write took lots of practice starting at 10 years old learning from elders • mixed images (symbols) with writing Epic of Gilgamesh 1850 BCE -defining society, laws, and history - communication brought many tribes together - with the rise of civilization, trade between tribes rose as well 1-11 - 8 ft tall stele Code of Hammurabi -code/ laws for society - created order (282 laws) 1792- 1750 BCE, -crimes and punishments - if you do bad you die Babylon (more or less) - kept at temple, too big to be taken else where - grid structure to writings 1-16,17 Mesopotamian/ - used for over 3 thousand years Babylonian -provided a forgery proof method to seal documents cylinder seals and provide authenticity - images and writings etched into surface (precursor to printing) - as civilization grew people wanted to claim their own property and personal belongings - could be worn like a bracelet to be able to mark whenever - as time passed designs got 1-18 more complicated Rosetta Stone 196 BCE - 3 languages, hieroglyphics, demotic and greek - provided the key to the secrets of ancient Egypt - translation in all 3 languages - discovered by Napoleon - Champollion discovered some signs were alphabetic, syllabic, or determinatives (determined interpretation) a “rebus” - early Egyptians couldn't create visuals to difficult words - created pictures for “bee” “leaf” 1-25 sounds to write word = - still considered hieroglyphs belief Papyrus and Writing - invented by Egyptians - speeds up communication - ordinary people could now have hieroglyphs in tomb - until now pharaohs could 1-29 only go on to after life with hieroglyphs -gradually hieroglyphs were simplified - 2700 BCE hieroglyphs - 1500 BCE hieroglyph manuscript - 1300 BCE hieratic script - 400 BCE demotic script 1-30 - illustrated manuscripts Judgement -pictures mixed with symbols Before Osiris, - hieroglyphics left in tomb were high quality Book of the - what their afterlife would be -shown at final judgement Dead, 1285 BCE -scribe determines verdict 1-31 Scarab emblems 1370 BCE - oval stones, glazed steatite - used as a personal seal 1-34 - flat underside engraved with hieroglyphs - little evidence of scarabs being used • Egyptian culture survived 3000+ years • created hieroglyphics, papyrus and illustrated manuscripts for visual communication • overall simplification of communication • created written law • spread of civilization


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