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Januaray 19-28 Notes

by: Mobolaji Arogundade

Januaray 19-28 Notes SOCI 1311

Mobolaji Arogundade
Dr. Dorothy Kalanzi

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About this Document

Here are the notes for las week
Dr. Dorothy Kalanzi
Class Notes
Sociology UTA Dr. Kalanzi
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mobolaji Arogundade on Monday February 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 1311 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Dorothy Kalanzi in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 514 views.


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Date Created: 02/01/16
January 1928 Notes Highlighted portions will be on the exam Global Perspective 0 This perspective helps us to be connected to foreign societies technologically and economically From this perspective the problems we face in the US are more serious in other countries The sociological perspective helps us to see the social patterns of individuals and how society shapes those perspectives Where we live helps determine the way we behave the choices we make in life and who we become in society Society shapes our lives Social theories 0 Other disciplines don t have social theories because they usually come from psychology or sociology Theoretical Paradigms 1 Structural Function Necessary Looks at society as a whole marco approach Believes that society is an organism where all parts work together and all parts are functional 0 Viewed society like a human body Emile Durkheim Helped establish sociology as a university discipline Robert K Morton 0 Created theories on why people commit crimes SocialCon ict Paradigm Macro approach society as an organism Maw Jagquot A 41 M my a gt quot 5 3 an 39 A at 054 r 2 h I a 39 We 9 D1x11r1c m A v Q 1 fmebm n b3 Iquot 139quot 39 a 1 yaks l Mad WA1le r39jJ x RECKKA MJ 39139 39 39 39 g XM39IUUIu l V 300a by W 39 v mHu NWO ml film Mal 9L 311113 W QOWI UC lcHVIIHH 34327112 JJ 0125 m f H7031 dz g 41 51 Mfg1 U U557 3971 M U 054 MY Valium c quot fr 12 uquot WWIpl JO L 137V x quot0711 3 awm 7 5 5amp3ij 7 39 MW K 170 cff Vamp VJ 0 an annZ Q Vu j r 3 CI m39 Cw2 c L Wmln j C Z cSWEC i V C m WWBM ai j l jw39af 7 11 dwlmm v w 7 7 w gt44 7 w alalgrcfya 7 7 rrrrr if wggm 11142 Mail LE6 Ef l ldeZd m c WWW v Ww w L211 r an m jm m vw gMV ufli jMWMJMJ mama M Z jmo ag7M magMam d l f f g l 7an I j 0 ligpwcdwa 92 M7477 W 9719 Q 007jJ ncc jjq w T 164gt9d77WMWWfh39m a m de ml Q me be hugscl appmghw A If aeonmzmc mmiah hammer mmazj u 7 quot1139 mm 5155me r GU x1h Ll 51 rC A 0 4 1136924341 m0 m r5 29 mgAmum J rim A 9 Hannah Anrmmz y 234047 me w w 3 l 2 ana rim n 339 1 y 9 w 4quotquot r quot a a ji JIL a lL 1371 J by g 7 I r w V V u 1 w I U k le39 kW M T jll I V I quotM quoti quot A l r Vquot f r1 WMW Uh mM H U WV 1 I 4 V UM Obi i as H 139 7 rs fluf quot i 1 Wit EWWw Jm w jdli 39 M MM H i H my mm U f 7777 I VV m4 quot IMO 4 139quot w 7 391 a FM 4 J IUU KU 575015 fCJ r 7 LNJ 5 v Iquot L f 39 l 4 vu r f i 11 9 1f Q 239 393quotny 5 2 11j 1 15I391 f 7 1 by Cg t bY H NW N Hix quotw LCM iii 5 fiviz u A quotMdmmqa y vur Mw UWuf ll3w7 a saw g Viiquot LCIEJL fj L JJaZ f0 1 if 7475 7377 610f2a7491SwiM r aw ml I e I 39 quot 39i quotH V V V H 7 7 m if 39 39 39 39 quot quotquotquotquot quot 39quot 7 hv wIw39gpImmuut 7 77 7 M r 4 4 ML quotA 39 2 r z 4quot 39 7 39 r r r gt39 r WW NilCL 4242 Z Mariff I me d l 73 u 39mfz H QLIQUJ flHub gamma ij grcw azwj 1 1qu mm m yrlu j lMJUmKC h V v39 TERIij 5 I A v I mlllll39fiiiiii 1fo 115 m Hz1 bzm It 2 quot Scans hr x x 0m 91 ix177 M by 0 did W bcogzcr wn My MW 5 513ij 77 39 39 39 you quotNU W Lf39d NW A 197231 1 H 3 01 7 39 446 3 y 39 JCJIIIIIZ Lquot Lyf V 1 ZJL L V r 2 39 EH 35 USSLJQZ ma a10M WHY 7 74339 63357747quot UVJ zTA dfVJJ g 07 r 39 5 KAN2 d J quot y WCC jaw 7 fi 50U uy EU 7 1HIZVLLI M n gWMlo w 1746 0 5 VI 7 le may5 M Hiawmg gigLeg Wquotfz0l zjmo7h1Jf QJ bowV7455 wyayug agyw CrthVQ r m ww AA 1 7 4 0il 1gt quotI 1235 ngz m 7 7 m N l 2d lampi lL m 113me war 3 W mm Wmg V mff i2l122rjj m 39 agEdgy W 1 n iiiUH rmu Wi JVZQx tL m fh 716147474 Bays10 or 43217 11ng 4916 7 ag934474 w cilia5 imm 4540 i I zym77J gJ witJ mm an 9 may w quotI I J quot 39 f quot quot3 0 Mw mUmxm r H mm r H r 7 mr 0 Om m 9 395 7 y L d 5nq WUWC H7 Q U j Wr7 quotr 1f q x a 39 V OhQ LWUK 33 HUMLWU 04 cmrf xzm i 39gtu ltquotc1253 v 7 67039 7 N 91777 7 Cu w 1quot 5m If 01 7755 aufo Wf 39JQHWJ C 7 7 u Y A r r MY WKk j9 39Lmvr mamAid w w Zf Ia V e wv 9 fjfqum9if C0 7142 f M39L EiJZ 18ij LEE1 A Onemllamm Turf Hwbzlm 7 0 WWW Owe7 Ix14163143 7 7 WUMEZYJHEZQAjmbag guljhj f f wquot LILQdI39J M 2451MIimglif fhls 71044 31 f j I i L1 75 quotsf4L 709912141293 L mg Lidi Eib zm 409 57071251 1 J 03791 q Miaya an Eff12ml I quotM3 fmi L 122W Wldelu QPCPWKI NHVM d quotr 39 r1424 lt57 917 7W ank Ar


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