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corrections week 1 lecture notes

by: Khaila Coissiere

corrections week 1 lecture notes CRJU 3310

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Criminal Justice > CRJU 3310 > corrections week 1 lecture notes
Khaila Coissiere
GPA 3.74
Dr. Brent Teasdale

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About this Document

lesson 1
Dr. Brent Teasdale
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Khaila Coissiere on Tuesday February 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CRJU 3310 at Georgia State University taught by Dr. Brent Teasdale in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 89 views. For similar materials see Corrections in Criminal Justice at Georgia State University.

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Date Created: 02/02/16
Week One January 1115 Introduction to Corrections Major Components State and federal prisons Local jails o Jails and prisons aren39t interchangeable 0 23 of people in jail are awaiting a decision on their current arrest not yet convicted 0 State and federal penitetry people have been convicted and are serving their time Probationpa role 0 Supervision provided by corrections system but people are housed in the community 0 Probation instead of being con ned o Parole after being con ned Intermediate punishments 0 Drug and alcohol treatment 0 Boot camps 0 Electronic monitoring 0 House arrest 0 Restitution programs The Process How does one get into the correctional system The crime funnel o 42 million felonies committed annually 12 million crimes known to police 65 million felony arrests annually 912000 felony convictions 419500 people sent to prison 0000 Context of Corrections Positively valued Psychological 0 Fear isn39t based motivator to put rational laws into place Communities 0 Nobody wants to lie next to the prison 0 When prison comes into town brings jobs into town 0 Variety of growth pop up by prisons Organization 0 5th largest prison population GA 0 Bureaucracy demand for ef ciency 0 Increasing professionalization Political o A political process that creates our laws 0 Desire to get reelected con icts with making sound decisions Economics Power Power No power Not positively Week One January 1115 valued Likely for government to dif cult help Growth in Corrections Between 1971 and 1997 spending on corrections increased by 500 0 During same period incarceration rate increased from 96 to 445 per 100000 364 Between 1982 and 1993 spending on corrections increased by 246 0 Between 1980 and 2002 the incarceration rate increased from 134 to 476 per 100000 211 22 million adults in state and federal prisons 2013 7 million adults in correctional custody 2013 1 out of 20 men and 1 out of 100 women currently under correctional control This represents 32 of our population Our incarceration rate is higher than any other country in the world 6 to 10 times higher than most European nations Incarceration rate increasing even though crime rates were decreasing Current Trends Violence and crime generally has been decreasing since early 19905 The Clinton administration saw largest decreases in crime in recent memory Ironically during this time of dramatic decreases in crime the Clinton administration also saw the largest increases in correctional budgets and populations The Big Four 0 California 0 Largest prison population 0 2nd highest growth rate 0 Probation and parole funded at a local level 0 Texas 0 Highest incarceration rate in the country 0 Prison population doubled in just 5 years 0 1 in 7 of nation39s probationers lives in Texas 0 Federal judge recently threatened to ne Texas 500000 per day until it complied with court ordered standards 0 Florida 0 Largest diversion program in country 1000 new offenders per month 0 Prison admissions have slowed as result but population continues to grow sentence length 0 New York 0 NYC corrections system alone is larger than most states 0 Historically thought as on the cutting edge of corrections it39s not regarded as a stable well managed but overcrowded system Called big four because of size of corrections population or being innovated in some way making the news Week One Population CA FL NY TX Prison 153010 64703 69530 S13659 Probation 286526 237117 174406 32938 Parole 99578 21146 57137 111259 Jail 69298 34183 29809 55395 1998 January 1115


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