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Soc 115 2/2

by: Natasha Notetaker

Soc 115 2/2 SOC 115

Natasha Notetaker
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

Social Problems
Frank White
Class Notes
Social problems
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Natasha Notetaker on Tuesday February 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 115 at University of North Dakota taught by Frank White in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Social Problems in Sociology at University of North Dakota.

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Date Created: 02/02/16
Soc 115 2/2 -Review next tuesday if we have time -Do the things on blackboard -Exam next Thursday and do the quizzes -First book club meeting coming up Aging a Social Problem? • Stereotypes? ◦ Rigid mental image or “attitude”- thought or belief that summarizes what is believed to be typical of an entire category or a group of people ◦ bad drivers, crabby, CEO's- 3% over 65, forgetful, ◦ George Burns-comedy, dance, drank, smoke, 99y/o was still working in las vegas ◦ Betty White- 94 years old, hollywood icon, • Discrimination? ◦ Actual behavior, you can see it. ◦ AKA: to differentiate ◦ can be positive or negative ◦ #1 problem facing the elderly: mandatory retirement “Old Age”? • Age 65; where did we come up with 65? ◦ Hitler Regime during nazi Germany, top ranking generals-he wanted to neutralize their power ◦ Ottobon Bismark- they took it because hitler used it • “Senescence”; (life trajectory) biological deterioration over time “Biological” Aging: muscles, organs, skin, senses • Primary Aging: first signs of aging, puberty, ◦ Ex: “Progeria”; accelerated version of normal aging ◦ Average lifespan in america: 80 years Secondary Aging: • “Wurin's Syndrome”; affects the normal biological aging process due to “environmental” effects and/or personal habits • lifestyle working conditions- farming, industry, construction, first responders, ER workers, • smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, drug use Psychological Aging: • Personality Changed; ◦ Ex: I.Q., memory, reflexes; ◦ I.Q.- fluid intelligence refers to the repetitive or the speed of your responses ▪ decreases with age ◦ crystalize intelligence refers to acquired knowledge, comes with experience ▪ increases with age ◦ short term memory- start to lose it as you get older ◦ long term memory- improved because of crystallization ◦ reflexes: aren't as quick Sociological Aging: • Social “meaning” are attached to behavior; ◦ Elders vs Elderly; elderly sounds disrespectful ◦ Senior Foods; less portions and cheaper, elderly didn't wanna buy it because they didn’t want to see themselves as senior citizens • “Meanings” vary across culture and over time; ◦ Ex: “Abkhazians”; South West Russia & Georgia Republic, routinely live past 100 years old, ▪ diet- very little fat, low in sugars, don’t have processed food ▪ exercise- they are still hunting, ▪ cultural or social meanings- elders, if you can live longer in those society's, you are central to that cultural, central to decision making, Gender Aging: • Definition: double standard, in which the culture treats the male and female aging processes differently • Gender “Bias”; women are much more discriminated against for the aging process • CEO's, education, politicians ◦ Ex: Cosmetic Industry (Motivation); towards women ◦ #1 cosmetic product (non-surgical): anti-wrinkle cream ◦ #1 for men: Hair care products, hair coloring ◦ #1 anti-aging service for women: liposuction, fat in hips and tummy and butt ◦ #1 anti-aging service for men: liposuction, fat in breasts and tummy ◦ Corporate world: capitalism, competition Age Discrimination: • “Ageism”; 1965 Robert Merton • Mandatory Retirement? 1965, people were forced to retire at age 65, younger people have the advantage Mandatory Retirement: • Legal or illegal? • At what age? • Which Occupations or career? Firefighters-57, air traffic control-61, autopilot-65, supreme court justices-no limit • Age discrimination in employment act (ADEA, Unequal Distribution of Resources • “baby boomers” (1946-64); • “Pig in the python” effect;


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