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Acid-Base Balance Notes

by: Apollo12

Acid-Base Balance Notes 3650

Marketplace > University of Georgia > PHIL-Philosophy > 3650 > Acid Base Balance Notes
GPA 3.9
Exercise Physiology

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About this Document

Acid-Base Balance Notes
Exercise Physiology
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Apollo12 on Tuesday February 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 3650 at University of Georgia taught by Brandenberger in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Exercise Physiology in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 02/02/16
AcidBase Balance Acid H donor ex HCl H Cl 0 Base H acceptor ex HCO3 H H2CO3 Concept of pH 0 pH log H Scale from 0 acid to 14 alkaline 7 is neutral 0 Physiological pH limits 0 Alkalosis to 80 overstimulation of CNS convulsions tetany o Acidosis to 68 depression of CNS coma o Resting pH Arterial 74 0 Respiratory acidosis hyperventilation airway obstruction pneumonia COPD Respiratory alkalosis hyperventilation altitude exposure 0 Metabolic acidosis high intensity exercise uncontrolled diabetes ketones Metabolic alkalosis diuretics excessive vomiting 0 Effect of Exercise on pH 0 ATP hydrolysis small release of H o Creatine Phosphate breakdown small uptake of H o Oxidative Phosphorylation C02 H20 H2CO3 H o Anaerobic Glycolysis Lactate production metabolic acidosis Effect of High Intensity Exercise on pH 0 Muscle Lactate can increase to 35 mmolL pH can decrease to 64 68 0 Blood Lactate can increase to 2025 mmolL pH can decrease to 68 o Gradient from muscle to blood Lactate transported across sarcolemma to blood 0 Consequences of Metabolic Acidosis 0 Increase muscle lactate concentration 0 Decrease muscle pH Decrease key enzyme activity Myosin ATPase CK PFK etc Decrease Ca Troponin binding cross bridge formation 0 Decrease muscle force production fatigue 0 Effect of Decreased pH on Actomyosin Complex 0 Increase muscle lactate concentration 0 Decrease muscle pH Myosin ATPase CK PFK etc Decrease Ca Troponin binding cross bridge formation 0 Decrease muscle force production fatigue AcidBase Balance Buffering 0 First line of defense against pH shift during exercise Cellular buffer system second line is Blood buffer system 0 Buffer 2 or more chemicals compounds that prevent large changes in pH 0 Cellular Buffer Systems Cell proteins phosphate buffers bicarbonate buffers 0 Blood buffer systems Blood plasma proteins hemoglobin bicarbonate buffers o Bicarbonate is not a very powerful buffer but it is very important because the body can easily regulate the C02 and HCO3 AcidBase Pathophysiology Manipulation for Exercise Performance 0 lnterval training adaptation of buffering system shift quotLactate Thresholdquot 0 Bicarbonate ingestion or quotSoda Loadingquot Rationale for Bicarbonate Loading 0 High intensity exercise requires use of anaerobic glycolysis 0 Use of anaerobic glycolysis coincides with reduced pH in muscle quotMetabolic Acidosisquot 0 Metabolic acidosis reduces activity of key enzymes interferes with actomyosin crossbridge formation and is associated with muscle fatigue 0 Can enhancement of the bicarbonate buffering system prevent or reduce the decline in pH associated with muscle fatigue Mechanism for lnduced Alkalosis 0 Blood bicarbonate lactate and pH higher with Alkalosis 0 Increased extracellular buffering with ingested bicarbonate o Facilitates ef ux of H from muscle 0 Delays reduction of pH to critical level and therefore delays onset of fatigue 0 Effective Bicarbonate Dose 0 The dosage of NaHCO3 in uence results 0 Effective dose 200300 mgkg or 812 Alka Seltzers Potential Bicarbonate adverse effects 0 GI discomfort Diarrhea Cramps and Bloating 0 Many subjects experienced minor acute gastrointestinal distress Ethical Considerations 0 WADAUSADA does not ban the use of NaHCO3 o Urine tests highly alkaline urine test may mask other substances banned by the IOC 0 Use by recreational athletes No too dangerous


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