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HR Management week 2 notes

by: 12

HR Management week 2 notes HRMG 4380-001


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About this Document

Job analysis
Human resource management
Donald Garner
Class Notes
job analysis, business, human resources, HR, Management
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by 12 on Tuesday February 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HRMG 4380-001 at University of Colorado Colorado Springs taught by Donald Garner in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Human resource management in Human Development at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.


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Date Created: 02/02/16
HR Management- week 2 Job Analysis  Strategic goals-must have or will fail  Job specs-who to hire and what needed for and update  Current employees: job classification, limited time, impact on organization  Non-essential duties- less of a priority Compensation-requirements job evaluation Job analysisjob description/ specs (describe person)[recruiting, selection, performance appraisal training, EEO compliance, career planning] Job description/ specs job evaluationcompensation  Job analysis is cornerstone of HRM  Job analysis is the process of defining jobs in terms of tasks, behaviors and personal requirements  Use description for performance appraisal On avg 90 days to fill high lvel job Standardize job description from HR Classification FT/PT exempt/nonexempt in order to compensate correctly. Legal issues = paying female managers less on wrong classification Minimum qualifications for job description Select jobs to study  determine info needed  identify sources of data  determine methods of date collection  evaluate &verify data  use data to begin the process of writing the analysis, then the job description Job description – what to be done, focus on duties. Specs: knowledge, skills, abilities, need to perform duties, focus on characteristics of person. Job description – written statement of what the job holder does, how she/she does it, and why he/she does it Job title, job summary, activities and procedures working conditions and physical environment. (not always same weather) Social environment (reporting relationships) Conditions of employment, p.95 example Job specs – those employee knowledge skills, abilities, and or other traits deemed absolutely necessary to perform the job (KSAOs) p.105 Strategic importance of job analysis Org strategic goals  Change in way org. operates  job duties/skills required  results in new job description and job specs Before start job analysis: 1. What type of info is to be obtained 2. In what form will the info be obtained and presented/? 3. What agent will provide the info a. Job analysis b. Incumbents c. Supervisors d. Mechanical devices What method of analysis will be used to extract the job analysis info? 5 methods: - Observation – passive/active lower level jobs - Interviews – individual/group - Questionnaires – - Position analysis questionnaire (FAQ) p.93, quantitative - Critical incidents – involves collecting a series of anecdotes of behaviors that describe extremely good and or poor job performance (sexual harassment) O’Net dept of labor DoT for HR Types of Info Garnered Work activities - How, why, when Human behaviors - Communication, decision making, physical demands Perf. Standards - Quantity, quality, speed Job context - Work conditions - Incentives Human req. - Knowledge, skills Phase of job analysis 1. Get organized 2. Choosing jobs 3. Reviewing knowledge 4. Selecting job agents 5. Collecting job info 6. Creating a job descript 7. Creating a job spec


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