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Soc 253 1.29.16

by: Brannon Sever

Soc 253 1.29.16 Soc 253

Brannon Sever

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About this Document

1.29.16 notes
Juvenile Delinquency
Ashley Leschyshyn
Class Notes
sociology, Criminal Justice, Juvenile delinquency
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brannon Sever on Tuesday February 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 253 at University of North Dakota taught by Ashley Leschyshyn in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Juvenile Delinquency in Sociology at University of North Dakota.


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Date Created: 02/02/16
Correlates of crime  Age and Gender  Correlatation is not causation  Age, gender, and social class.    Age  (Young men make up majority)  Age of onset­15  age at which individual begins to partake in risk taking or delinquent behaviors  few "abstainers" (status offending) (basically, everyone status offends) (few  caught)  Determinant of chronic offending?^ Younger start with status offenses more likely  to move up to bigger crimes    Aging out of crime­ ~25  Desistence      Why are the young more involved in crime?  Achieve adult status  Adults have higher stakes in conformity (more responsibility)  employment/marriage  Legal consequences deterrent in adulthood  Physical abilities?    Gender  Equal gender ratio in society  males overrep'd in justice system  Part 1 crime arrests for men (UCR data)  violent  Juvenile males 81% of arrests  adult males 79.7% of arrests    property  juvenile males 65.9%  adult males 61.6%    Race, ethnicity, and social class    Social class    Minorities disproportionately represented in arrest statistics  official records; violent crime  detention; institutuinalization  If you're not white, you"re way more likely to be pushed into the system    Lifetime chance of going to prison for those born in 2011  Black male 1 in 3 chance  Latino male 1 in 6   White male 1 in 17  Black female 1 in 17  Latina female 1 in 45  White female 1 in 111    Why?  Institutional racism (when discrimination is institutionalized, its everywhere in society,  subtly)  Racial profiling  DWB (driving while black)  Shut out off many educational/economic oppurtunities  ex) School to prison pipeline     


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