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SOC030 Lesson 4 - How Does Gender Work?

by: Katrina Iobst

SOC030 Lesson 4 - How Does Gender Work? SOC030

Marketplace > Sociology > SOC030 > SOC030 Lesson 4 How Does Gender Work
Katrina Iobst
Penn State
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver

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About this Document

Notes from Dr. Silver's fourth week of Sociology of the Family. Discussions include the topics of gender socialization and identity, the socialization process, social control, and various perspecti...
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katrina Iobst on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC030 at a university taught by Dr. Silver in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 456 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
SOCO30 How Does Gender Work Reading quotGlares of Contempt Eye Rolls of Disgust and Turning Away to Exclude NonVerbal Forms of Social Aggression Among Girlsquot Why Women are stereotypically not aggressive but there s the mean girl phenomenon Hidden aggression appears nice except to target Keep up social gender expectations but still express con ict amp competition Learning Gender Socialization The process by which we learn the ways of our society or group so we can function successfully within in 0 Gender Socialization The process of learning the gender rules the expectations and behaviors considered appr0priate for women and men in our culture 0 Gender Identity our understanding of ourselves as male or female 0 Reciprocal process with gender socialization The Socialization Process not completely linear happening all at the same time 1 Observation children are always watching quotcameras that never turn offquot Imitation want to do what they see Instruction explicit quotdo this don t do thatquot RewardsPunishment feedback on actions lnternalization automatically doing learned social concepts autopilot Socialize others use above methods to convey beliefs to others 0 Reciprocal process between adult amp child parents notice child s interests and child notices parent s reactions 9915quot YouTube Example Princess Boy Loves to Wear Dresses 0 5 year old boy named Dyson started wearing dresses when he was 2 years old Loves to wear dresses quotthey make me feel happyquot 0 Mother tried to steer him towards quotboyquot things but he refused to let go of dresses Dyson s older son said quotJust let him be happyquot which made her accept him 0 She wrote a book My Princess Boy about it the book spoke to gender activists Discomfort in inability to categorize people who cross gender lines Social Control Informal Social Control rewards and punishments that regular people use to change others behavior from deviant to normal as de ned by that culture 0 People around us send us feedback on how we act and tell is if it s in the status quo 0 YouTube Examples Friends joey turns into a woman Deviant Joey arranging owers showing interest in womanly things Social Control Friend reprimanding Joey quotYou re turning into a womanquot Common social control involves questioning someone s masculinityfemininity or sexuality Friends Male Nanny Deviant Male nanny thinks that taking care of a child is quotthe most satisfying thing you can do with your lifequot cries talking about the last child he nannied amp when he gets hired Social Control quotAre you gayquot Thinks that it s weird to have a caring male quotYou gotta be at least biquot Nicki Minaj Bossing Up quotWhen I m assertive I m a bitch When a man is assertive he s a boss No negative connotation behind 39bossing up Lots of negative connotation between being a 39bitch quot Deviant Being assertive bossy don t cooperate with something you don t accept Social Control Being called a bitch Doublestandard same behavior done by a member of one group is not a problem but it s a problem for a member of another group 0 Formal Social Control rewards and punishments mostly punishments used by peoplegroups in authority 0 Used by people with legitimate recognized authority school police pdson o YouTu be Example Texas Parents Battle School Over Son 5 Long Locks Boy suspended from school because his hair is too long threatened to be expelled Any hair below earlobes and longer than collar is distracting The legitimate authority of the school is punishing him to change his behavior Perspective 0 Individual Perspective 0 0 Individual choicehappiness If it harms no one let it go 0 Usually opinion of the quotliberalquot minded Group Perspective 0 O O O Tradition religious teaching function of culturesociety Is this harming the culture Individual happinesswellbeing and lack of personal harm acknowledged but focus on quotgreater goodquot Usually opinion of the quotconservativequotminded What Happens Next 0 If we don t have traditional manly men who will do the hardest work such as military construction etc Freedom for some doesn t mean end of traditional gender Modern men may not be choosing traditionally masculine jobs anyway quotLess traditionalquot man can still do masculine things More support for women doing masculine jobs if they choose Less division on gender more choices based on preference OOOOO Outside Impact on Gender Identity Parents 0 Case Study The Pink and Blue Project by jeongmee Yoon 0 Parents buy baby girl all pink toys amp clothes buy baby boy all blue toys amp clothes Children are too young to choose for themselves 0 As they grow older girls stick to pink and boys stick to blue Now they are old enough to choose it for themselves 0 Poses in older picture show traditional gender characteristics Older girl dresses as princess sits in hunchedsubmissive position turned away Older boy wear Superman Tshirt and stands in heroicstrong pose Kids who can choose their own clothes start quotwearing genderquot with ideology that pink is for girls and blue is for boys 0 Adults tend to reject this notion quottough menquot wear pink to rebel against the norm etc o Is boys gender expression more rigidly controlled than girls Case study quotNo Way My Boys Are Going to be Like Thatquot 0 Study on parents attitudes of buying things for boy children 0 Parents typically try to steer boys away from pink clothing amp girl toys like Barbies o Fears boys quotsexual orientation being screwed upquot Media 0 YouTube Example Sexism Strength and Dominance Masculinity in Disney Films 0 Heterosexual relationship between hero amp heroine 0 Message to boys women exist for men s pleasure they are objects 0 Body type chisled abs barrel chest large arms Others are subservient Gaston vs Lefeu Mulan told that the measure of a man is physical prowess 0 Men are pitiful if they don t ght for a woman or dominance the winner of the ght is a better man 0


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