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ENG 216 Psychoanalysis compared to Wide sargasso sea

by: Julia Dang

ENG 216 Psychoanalysis compared to Wide sargasso sea 19877 - ENG 216 - 03

Marketplace > Grand Valley State University > Foreign Language > 19877 - ENG 216 - 03 > ENG 216 Psychoanalysis compared to Wide sargasso sea
Julia Dang
GPA 3.87
Foundations of Literary Study: Critical Approaches
Brian Daniel Deyo

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About this Document

These are notes for week 3
Foundations of Literary Study: Critical Approaches
Brian Daniel Deyo
Class Notes
english, ENG 216, critical approaches, wide sargasso sea, Psychoanalysis, Freud
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julia Dang on Wednesday February 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 19877 - ENG 216 - 03 at Grand Valley State University taught by Brian Daniel Deyo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Literary Study: Critical Approaches in Foreign Language at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 02/03/16
12716 ENGZl6 WSS amp Psychoanalytic A Example Mr Mason 1 He thinks he is rational reasonable and such because he s a white European wealthy man 2 Annette disagrees He s both good and bad 3 Avoids self knowledge repression we don t repress consciously it s automatic a The repressed stuff goes into the unconscious i Sometimes these things will come through into your conscious ii The more stuff you repress into your unconscious the more likely you ll fall ill and become psychotic B The family who we are is a lot to do with the earliest memories 1 Because humans take a lot longer to develop than other animals and we can t fend for ourselves we are dependent upon our mother and father and a lot can go wrong early on 2 Child needs physical nourishment from the mother 3 Because we have such complex brains we re sensitive and Freud believes human beings need a lot love 4 When we re young and vulnerable we cling to parents 5 If one believes parents don t love them the developing psyche will repress those feelings that they re unloved and unwanted and fall into the unconscious and when the child is older and developed and forming relationships it comes back into conscious 12916 A The book brings forth differences between English and French with the cuisine 20 21 when Antoinette misses Christophine s food when she s eating this new English food 0 English food is quotblandquot French food is rich 0 Relatable to their people Culturelanguage really determines the way we re viewed the way we think etc o Stimulates one s attitude toward the senses our body B Lots of the time the mind is thought to be separate from the body 0 Most of the time mind is thought as superior to body 0 Mind is locus of sin 0 Can lead you astray from virtue 0 Mind associated with appetite instincts primitive carnal passions emotions C Rochester is restless and anxious about his own body 0 quotwhy would you hug Christophinequot He was stimulated by Amelie but he was trying to deny it guilt regret shame Freud would argue it happens because of the Oedipal complex con ict D Freud argues that we re driven by Hunger this is rst we need the energy eh Sex E When in the womb of your mother 0 It s a utopian place 0 It s secure 0 Everything is provided 0 That baby is in for it 0 Trauma It s cold amp bright 0 There are humans Oxygen s a new element 0 Then baby is put on the mother s chest for contact comfort skin to skin 0 Heartbeat


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