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SOC 101, Week 6&7

by: Anna Borges

SOC 101, Week 6&7 SOC 101

Anna Borges

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About this Document

These cover the notes for week 6 and 7
Introduction to Sociology
Hanson, S.
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Borges on Wednesday February 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101 at Catholic University of America taught by Hanson, S. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology in Sociology at Catholic University of America.


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Date Created: 02/03/16
- Civil society: groups that have a tremendous impact on protest groups - How gender is socialized Ferguson Reading #15: Making it by Faking It - About differences between students from low and middle class compared to upper class students - Social class we were born into - Goffman “passing” - Blue collar: lower class (according to Americans) - Cultural capital: things we know, how we do things - Human capital: education Ferguson Reading #18: Peer Power - Parents start shifting away from power - Ethnography: study the culture - Gender= master status o Class o Race - Feminism o Gender equality for men and women - Believed that sex determined achievement, who they would married, what job they would have, etc. - It is not biological, genetic that makes us “masculine/feminine” - Nature vs. Nurture o Social influences  Media  Training - Margaret Mead o Social shaping/nurturing o Always in opposition (gender)  Culturally specific - Socialization begins before birth o Names o Decoration of nursery - Boys are not held as often, left to cry longer than girls o Helps explain why girls are more emotional than boys, and can express feelings - Women’s body react better to zero gravity - Men are believed to have more testerone which makes them more aggressive - Differences in hormones between boys and girls doesn’t occur until puberty - Historical o Agricultural time  Child was around both parents  After a certain age were considered human o Now a days  Children are mothered by the mom - Men are kept out of certain jobs too. o Nursing o Teacher(daycare, preschool) o Stay at home dad Gender continued: -Girls have double bind - Children and adult role are different - Entering middle school boys and girls have similar self esteem -leave high school, girls have lower self-esteem -Misogyny: hatred of women -Media: gender socialization -books: main characters are usually male -TV: -conservative: limited ideas on gender -Toys: -through play we learn our roles -toy catalog -boys: adventure, science kits, legos, etc. -girls: Barbie, kitchen sets, vaccums, babies -Language -lens through which we see a culture -women use more supportive behavior and language -also qualify more -also always apologizing -body language -men can touch women more -also has to do with power -Title 9: -gender equality in schools -women athletes have to be treated the same as boys -allows girls to play on varsity boy sports Gender labor market: -internal: better jobs, higher pay and profits, white males -external: less unionized, lower salaries and profits Beauty Myth book: -exploiting women -fear -more attractive women do better in the workforce -don’t see the beautiful women as being smart -catch 22 -cosmetic surgery -eating disorders -mostly women -glass ceiling -less than 4% of women in top management -almost at the top and can see it but can’t reach it -intersectionality -overlap of race, gender, class Deviance: -study of who makes rules -physiological -lead effects the brain -criminals have higher levels of lead -have trouble controlling behavior -death row -abuse as child -brain injury -mental illness


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