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General Psychology Chapter 2

by: Morgan Hevel

General Psychology Chapter 2 PSY 211

Marketplace > Clarion University of Pennsylvania > Psychlogy > PSY 211 > General Psychology Chapter 2
Morgan Hevel

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About this Document

General Psychology 211 -- Chapter 2 notes. The Brain and Behavior
general psychology
Richard Nicholls
Class Notes
General Psychology, chapter 2, psy 211, the brain, behavior
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Hevel on Wednesday February 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 211 at Clarion University of Pennsylvania taught by Richard Nicholls in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see general psychology in Psychlogy at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 02/03/16
General Psychology – 211 Chapter 2 The Brain and Behavior How much of your brain do you use? – 100% Electroencephalograph (EEG) – detects, amplifies, and records electrical activity in the brain. Brain/Body Ratio -- Dolphins Neurons and its Parts Neuron – individual nerve cell; 100 billion in brain Soma – cell body; body of a neuron. Recieves and sends messages down the axon. Axon – Fiber that carries info away from the cell body Dendrites – receive messages from other neurons (the nerve impulse) (up to 200mph) Myelin – a fatty layer that coats most axons. Multiple sclerosis (MS) 0ccurs when myelin layer is destroyed; numbness, weakness, and paralysis occurs. *More common in the North of the world than the South due to Vitamin D. Synapse Neurotransmitters – chemicals that alter activity in neurons; brain chemicals Dopamine – lack of Central Nervous System – Brain and spinal cord Peripheral Nervous System – all parts of the nervous system 4 Lobes of the Brain 1. Frontal Lobe – Front, lobotomies done, sense of smell and motor control. Reasoning and planning with higher mental abilities. 2. Temporal Lobe – Left side, hearing and language 3. Parietal Lobe – Top, sensations like touch, temperature, and pressure 4. Occipital Lobe – Back, Vision Cerebellum: Controls posture, coordination, muscle tone and memory of skills and habits. Ablation: Surgical removal of parts of the brain. Deep Lesioning: A thin wire electrode is lowered into a specific area inside the brain, electrical current is then used to destroy a small amount of brain tissue. Electrical Brain Stimulation (EBS): when an electrode is used with a current to activate target areas in the brain. Hypothalamus: bilateral area (found in both sides of the brain) involved in the regulation of food intake and sexuality. Sometimes also called the “pleasure center.” Hippocampus: involved in the transfer of memory from short term memory (STM) into long term memory (LTM). Corpus Callosum: bundle of fibers connecting cerebral hemispheres. Cut them to control severe epilepsy. Operation is rare and used as a last resort. 95% of humans use left bran for language.


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