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CLA 322 Feb 2, 2016

by: Kenya

CLA 322 Feb 2, 2016 CLA 322 P

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About this Document

These notes are for Feb 2, 2016 CLA 322
greek Mythology: Monsters
Han Tran
Class Notes
CLA 322, Typhon, Echidna




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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya on Wednesday February 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 322 P at University of Miami taught by Han Tran in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see greek Mythology: Monsters in Classical Studies at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 02/03/16
February 2, 2016 CLA 322 Monsters Continue Christian Echidna  What does it mean for your soul to be healthy? o Believing in the Christian Monad (God, spirit, son as one)  What do these soul healers heal you from? o Healing you from the influence of the snakes  Everything seems to be framed around the Echidna, even the criteria for ailment Stachys: the blind man coming to be healed He is blind because he used to worship the snakes and he was a persecutor of the Christians, as well as leader of the Echidna worshippers  Believes the snake egg liquid will heal him o Instead finds that it is poisonous o You can’t obtain anything positive from the snakes can’t be trusted. All of its being is poisonous THINK: If all the snakes and Echidna (from whom the snakes are made) are innately harmful and poisonous, is this a way of alluding that the only healing, or anything innately good comes from the Monad, and the belief in it? (Seems to be an attack on the god Asclepius and his healing snake (his whole cult in general)  He is blinded to light and therefore the Christian faith (without which he can never be healed) How is he healed?  Phillip puts his finger into Mariamne’s mouth and smears her saliva around the blind man’s eyes o Contrast between saliva of the snakes and the saliva of this pure woman (free from what the snakes represent—the evils of female sexuality?) o As well as the licking of Echidna which makes the human children hers  Her perverted form of baptism o Mariamne baptizes the women and Phillip the men The snake men, (Ophianoi) Feed Echidna wine: o She is constantly veracious, when she is awake she eats and they don’t want that o Compare her to Hesiod’s Echidna who eats human flesh only because she wants to, not because she needs it to survive. THINK: How can you defeat the Echidna? o The lightening of God o The light (as in a ray) of the Monad which can come from the apostle’s eyes And finally:  The creation of the abyss BERORE: Phillip curses the Echidna (after being tortured). Calls the father of Jesus as a powerful god, Sabaoth Ael, who has the power to order the Greek god Hades to open the abyss Who doesn’t get swallowed? o Apostles o Stachys o Girls who are still virgin: who are still pure, and not tainted by sexuality Jesus Appears: Cross ladder from heavens down to the abyss:  Offers mercy and compassion o Similar occurrence in #129 in source book  The only ones who can’t come back up are the Proconsul and the Echidna Abyss vs Greek Underworld  Abyss: o Exclusively for sinners o Also here the sinful dead are whipped  Underworld: o For all who are dead, even heroes like Achilles o No whipping or punishment (save for the three great sinners-Tantalus, Ixion, Sisyphus) Compare the two Echidnas: Christian Echidna is the Focus of worship  This one is in full part of the public sphere, and embraced by people who (supposedly) must know better Both Represents female sexuality  In Christian version this is Overwhelmingly evil  However, she cannot be simply covered or put away like Hesiod’s, she must be utterly destroyed (removed?)To never plaque man again. o Hesiod’s Echidna seems to be quite capable of entering the realm of gods and mortals, she just doesn’t because of her “glorious home”, but what’s stopping her from removing the rock above her cave? TYPHPON (REVISITED) Echidna – Typhon  2-headed Orthus 50-headed Cerberus 100-headed Hydra 2-headed Orthus 50-headed Cerberus-depicted with 3 100-headed Hydra (Zeus left and Typhon right) 3 children: all have multiple heads, Typhon in Hesiod is described as having 100 heads In Hesiod: He is the Son of Gaia and Tartarus Gaia: physical earth, in this account she was the first divinity to appear along with Tartarus, Along with Eros (principle of reproduction), and the 4 Chaos o Chaos: Greek, means a void or an opening of space o In the beginning there was space and out of it came Gaia (matter) Tartarus is said to represent the opposite of Gaia: a vast realm, with no cardinal directions, emptiness. A bottomless pit Reproduction is tied to Gaia in this account: Reproduction abounds in her  Not just Reproduction, but reproduction at all cost. Regardless of what is being reproduced. o This is her reason for existing  This is why she decides to spawn Typhon (Zeus’ greatest enemy) BACKGROUND:  Zeus father Cronos, a titan  Why the Titanomachy (battle between Olympians (Zeus) and Titans)? o Gaia bade him too o Why? Cronos swallowed all of the Olympians to restrain them and control their plots against his reign  Cronos does what Ouranos does (son and husband of Gaia- made from her own body)  Ouranos doesn’t want his children doing what he did (dethrone him and marrying Gaia)  Gaia is hindered by Uranos, who stands in her way of birth  Castrated by Cronos at the plot of Gaia.  Zeus, is the last Olympian. Not swallowed, because Rhea (Cronos wife) gave him a rock (plotting with Gaia and Zeus) and Cronos falls for it and eats it Gaia, in each generation, schemes to enable the youngest son to take over from the father figure She tries to do the same with Zeus: At the very moment Zeus is to become king, she decides to spawn Typhon What did Zeus do wrong? Typhon is meant, in this pattern, to be the next ruler of the world  Zeus represents order: a system where all the gods, and mortals have a specific role to play and a position to fill. Typhon is destined to destroy the world and leave it to become a void like his father Torturous Contrast Zeus as ruler of this ordered cosmos who would want to curb the uncontrolled reproduction of Gaia, but this goes against what she represents Ex. Production of weeds: gardeners who like an organized garden have to pull them and destroy them. As Zeus must do with Typhon Typhon’s appearance announces the world he will lead you into: 100 heads out of his shoulders:  All snakes and dragons  Compare Zeus vs Typhon and Apollo vs Python Like 3 hundred handers: each had a hundred hands (Zeus’ uncles) o Very powerful o Zeus uses them to overthrow the Titans (doesn’t use his own powers he cooperates with others  They make special sounds: o Allusion to disorder, chaos, confusion. o Makes a lot of noise, o This god is part animal o Producer of cacophony, contracted to Zeus who promotes music as the representation of his order (father of the muses)  Represent music and poetry at the behest of Zeus and his order  Ex. Theogony, which begins with the muses, who sing about Zeus and the reliability of his order  “And they, uttering their immortal voice, celebrate in song first of all the revered race of the gods [45] from the beginning, those whom Earth and wide Heaven begot, and the gods sprung of these, givers of good things. Then next, the goddesses sing of Zeus, the father of gods and men, as they begin and end their strain, how much he is the most excellent among the gods and supreme in power. [50] And again, they chant the race of men and strong giants, and gladden the heart of Zeus within Olympus. “ Fire comes out of his eyes:  Comes from his very body, a part of him  Zeus’s fire is external coming from the lightning bolt. Which was made from his uncles the Cyclopes. This shows his reign is one of comradery, he does not use any power of his own Cosmic battle: fire of Typhon vs. Fire of Zeus Looking back: compare with Heracles and Hydra Remember Herakles had to cauterize the head one by one with aid from his nephew Zeus had to do the same thing: Typhon is so large that his force and energy still spills out, even though Zeus tries to cover him with a mountain (volcano) also spill spout destructive winds Pindar Pythians 1 (470 BCE) Typhon (as volcano) now something to be marveled at  Portent-Teras- something strange that is not random but message from the gods  Thaumasion: a thing of wonder Greek monsters can entail the wondrous, that can’t be explained. Not exclusively a creature of nightmares: Typhon puppy sounds: called Thaumata or wondrous things,  He has creative powers, which he must have inherited from Gaia  He creates only sounds, not the creatures whose sounds he imitates Uncanny: all these sounds come from the same creature  In contrast in what can be expected in Zeus’ organized cosmos. One creature has one sound, because they can only be one thing, not lion and bull and puppy at the same time What kept Typhon from taking over?  Using Metis Zeus noticed just in time to defeat him Later accounts where the duel was a really close call: Zeus in these accounts has his nerves (sinews) cut by Typhon From Apollodorus: Hermes and Aigipan (a sort of pan) come to his rescue by stealing his nerves back and puts them back, Zeus is able to get out of a situation by helps from others not by brute force. Helped by the loyalty from members of his family Does not reign alone, he reigns through cooperating with those within the system


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