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Forensic Serology, Chapter 10

by: Paola Venturini

Forensic Serology, Chapter 10 CHS 3501

Marketplace > Florida International University > Chemistry > CHS 3501 > Forensic Serology Chapter 10
Paola Venturini
Forensic Science
Jeannette Perr

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About this Document

Notes from February 4, 2016. Forensic Serology chapter 10. Use Powerpoint from class as supporting material.
Forensic Science
Jeannette Perr
Class Notes
Forensic Science, forensic serology, chapter 10
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Paola Venturini on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CHS 3501 at Florida International University taught by Jeannette Perr in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Forensic Science in Chemistry at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 02/04/16
VIDEO FROM DEXTER FOR EXAM 1 Forensic Serology History DETECTION OF BIO STAINS AT A CRIME SCENE Blood has different types Karl Landsteiner discovered it Rh D type determines if OR A type A with D o B type B without D There are other blood types available DNA REPLACED BLOOD TYPE we still do blood typing cheaper Forensic Serologists Determine type and characteristics of blood 0 Blood stain pattern and analysis 0 Examination of semen saliva other body uids 0 Trial testimony BLOOD Inorganic compound IRON Enzymes protein mixture of cells 0 Plasma is a uid portion of blood 55 mostly water Suspended in the plasma are cells 45 0 Red blood cells pick up the good stuff on the surface are antigens impart blood type characteristics to the red blood cell 0 White blood cells nuclear DNA Type A the person has A type antigens Type B the person has B type antigens Type AB both antigens UNIVERSAL RECEIVER Iuclq Type O has neither A or B antigens NO ANTIGENS UNIVERSAL DONOR not lucky If they give you wrong blood you can dump and die Your type of blood comes from genetics Agqutination CIumping together of red blood cells by the action of an antibody with its anUgen Caused when antibody combines with its antigen crosslinking red blood cells eg A antigen with antiA antibody I RED BLOOD CELLS Antibodies clump with antigens CLUMPING COMPLEX If it clumps you know it is that type of blood A amp B clump with everything Blood Type Antigens on RBC A B RhD A X X A x B l X X B x AB X x ABE X 0 X 0 Blood Antigens Antibodies in Reaction w Reaction w Type on BBC serum Anti A serum Anti B serum A A Anth B B Anti A AB A and B Neither Anti A nor Anth 0 Neither AntiaA and A nor B Anth THERE39S DIFFERENT TYPES OF IMMUNOASSAY TECHNIQUES Antibodies come from Detecting drugs in urine marihuana When an animal ie rabbit is injected with an antigen its body will produce different antibodies which are designed to attack some particular site on the antigen of interest Polyclonal antibodies this collection of antibodies Manufacturing process uncontrolled in a biological may be of a different types with different strengths and expirations Alternately a more uniform and speci c collection of antibodies designed to combine with a single antigen site can be manufactured Such antibodies are known as monoclonals 0 most common in US D in crime scene AB least common in US D in crime scene Genetics of blood types You get an allele from your dad and one from your mom Recessive and dominant Genotype genetic makeup can39t be seen Phenotype what people can SEE DOMINANT Two alleles at a loci Genotype Phenotype A and B are dominant AA A O is recessive BB 3 Rh is dominant Rh is AB AB recesswe A0 A B0 B 00 O RhiRh Rhl RhRh Rh Ph th Rha PUNNENT SQUARE DETERMINES GENOTYPE what blood type will baby get and other alleles Father s Genotype Baby 1 A0 0 Q Phenotype A Baby A 2 A0 Phenotype A Emilie Baby 3 BO Phenotype B Baby B 4 BO Phenotype B 50 Punne t square chances A 50 chances B 0 chances O Aids in PATERNITY TESTING Problems in Crime Scenes 0 The more blood the better 0 Time of blood can be an issue 0 Blood mixture CRIME SCENE Is it Blood 0 Is it human bunny will generate antibodies PRECIPITIN SAYS THAT IT IS HUMAN How can we associate it with an individual Hemoglobin tests 1 KastleMeyer color test turns pink 2 Hemastix turns green 3 Luminol test gives off a bluish green glow under UV light luminescence VERY SENSITIVE SEMEN EVIDENCE Locate stain Characterizestain You see sperm SEMEN Con rmatory tests for semen Microscopic examination of spermatozoa amp P30 Tails in sperm will fall off after 12hours can determine when rape occurred Acid phosphatase test PSA sperm count RAPE EVIDENCE Victim rape collection kit 0 Pubic combings lose hair 0 Pubic hair HAVE TO BE PULLED MULTIPLE and head hair reference samples 0 Vaginal rectal oral skin swabs potential evidence YOU ARE NOT COMPELLED TO GIVE EVIDENCE EVEN THOUGH lT HELPS THE CASE Blood sample DNA and tox locate drugs Fingernail scrapings from ghting back All clothing 0 Urine sample tox Suspect collection same as victim o Penile swab 000 Test for saliva Enzymemultiplied immunoassay technique EMIT Detecting drugs in urine marijuana THC9carboxylic acid 1 Proteindrug complex antigen injected in animal Recovered serum contains antibodies 2 Subject39s urine is mixed with antibodies Any drug present binds to antibodies 3 Enzyme labeled drug is added in excess lt binds with free antibodies 4 Unbound enzyme labeled drug is measured and related to original concentration of drug in urine Differential Extraction Regular Cells are Broken Evidence swab is placed in EDTA salt buffer and a detergent Proteinase K is added and heated for two hours Swab is centrifuged and removed Pellet contains the sperm and the uid contains the broken cell DNA Swabs yellow bio evidence Sperm cells are hard to break you can get out sperm DNA after regular cells are broken with TrisHCI EDTA salt buffer Sarkosyl Proteinase K D39IT


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