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CL 113 Week 1 Lecture 3

by: Lauren Palermo

CL 113 Week 1 Lecture 3 CL 113LEC

Lauren Palermo
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Week 1 Day 3 Flamen Notes -Comparison between Flamen and Brahman
Myth & Religion Anc World
Woodard, R D
Class Notes
Greek, mythology, Flamen, Brahman, Sanskrit
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Palermo on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CL 113LEC at University at Buffalo taught by Woodard, R D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 189 views. For similar materials see Myth & Religion Anc World in Classical Studies at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 02/04/16
Lecture 3: Feb 1 st Autochthonous: from the ground itself  Autochthonous origins of human Georges Dumezil  Said that PIE were the fundamental cultural characteristic and is the perception of society as being divided into 3 parts  Tripartite – the three elements of society; society perceives itself ideally as consisting of these elements o Priests- first function o Warriors- 2 ndfunction rd o Goods producers- 3 function  He called these three categories –functions  Hierarchal ranked  Evidence for this is the cast system of India  He said to look at other PIE cultures backwards  Look at the Romans o 15 priests co-exist o There were 12 minor Flamens o There were 3 major Flamens o Each flamens serves one deity o Flamen Dialis- Jupiter o Flamen Martialis: Martial flamen who serves the martial god- Mars is the god he serves o Flamen Quirnalis- serves Quirinus 1935- Wrote a book called Flamen-Brahman  Latin word Flamen and the Sanskrit word Brahman have a similar origin that came from PIE  Cognate- used to identify words in sibling origins that have a common origin in the parent language specifically this kind of relationship  Says you can reconstruct a proto language by comparing the words that gave rise to Latin Flamen and Sanskirt Brahman o B ^h lag ^h s-men  Eventually develops into proto italic which can eventually be developed into something else and so on  Flags-men is the reconstructed pre-latin form that we have to pass through to get to the final stage of flamen o Critics find this stage bothersome  Evidence: focus on Flamen Dialis and find that there are undeniable similarities with Brahmans Their common restrictions: o Flamen Dialis cannot be forced to swear an oath, in India a Brahman cannot be forced to testify as a witness o FD cannot look upon the army, Brahman cannot conduct religious rights in the vicinity of a battle o FD cannot ride a horse/touch a horse, Brahman cannot undertake religious study/contemplate on the Vedas while riding on a horse o FD cannot approach a funeral pyre (place where a body is being burned/cremation), Brahman cannot come in contact with smoke from a pyre; Brahman cannot conduct his religious rights in vicinity of a funeral procession o FD cannot ingest any fermented substances (cannot eat bread that has yeast in it) and cannot drink wine, Brahman is forbidden from ingesting alcoholic beverages o FD cannot rub his body with oil outdoors, Brahman can put oil on his head, but that oil cannot touch any other part of his body o FD cannot have contact with uncooked meat, Brahman cannot ingest meat (except for meat that is offered as a sacrifice to a god) o FD cannot touch a dog/cannot even say the word dog (Canis is the Latin word for dog), Brahman cannot contemplate the Vedas while he hears a dog barking o FD cannot disrobe completely, same with Brahman o FD has a wife named faminica dialis and she serves the god Jupiter and performs certain ritual functions; she’s not permitted to climb a ladder, use a stair case (unless its completely enclosed), because no one is permitted to see beneath her robes o Brahmani- brahman wife – not permitted to show husband complete disrobed o FD and Brahman cannot be executed for any crime o To assault a FD is the most serious crime o To kill a Brahman is the worst of all sins o FD cannot leave Rome o FD cannot be absent from his bed for 3 days  FD can pardon criminals


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