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CL 113 Lecture 6 Feb 8

by: Lauren Palermo

CL 113 Lecture 6 Feb 8 CL 113LEC

Lauren Palermo
GPA 4.0
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About this Document

Lecture 6 Notes taken on Feb 8 first reading quiz
Myth & Religion Anc World
Woodard, R D
Class Notes




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Palermo on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CL 113LEC at University at Buffalo taught by Woodard, R D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see Myth & Religion Anc World in Classical Studies at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 02/04/16
Lecture 6 Feb. 8 New Triad of Deities after Founding of Rome  Jupiter  Juno (Female)  Minerva (Female) Two of the deities being female are non-Proto Indo European looking  Power relationships have changed Who influenced this change in the new triad? Greeks had great influence on Romans  Greek god equivalence: o Jupiter- = Zeus o Juno-= Hera o Minvera= Athena  Pausanias 2 ndcentury A.D. - traveled to Phocis o In a temple he discovered that they worshipped Zeus, Hera, Athena  Evidence that Greek influence caused the change in the new triad is not strong Etruscans had enormous influence on Romans  Rome was once ruled by Etruscan kings o During this time we believe that the triad had changed  Etruscans o Non-Indo-European o It is very hard to read their documents  Rhaetic o Spoken in the mountains of Italy o Closely related to Etruscan language  Lemnian o Spoken in Lemnos (Island in Aegean) o Also closely related to Etruscan language  There is an ancient idea that Etruscan’s came from Asia minor, but little evidence to prove it  By 7 century B.C. we find evidence that proves that Etruscans live by Rome, thus proving they had enormous influence  Temple of Jupiter Optimus (best) Maximus (greatest) on Capitoline Hill o Tells us that Jupiter, Juno, Minerva are worshipped as a triad o Therefore we call them the Capitoline Triad o Thus, the Indo-European triad is referred to as the Pre-Capitoline Triad Aeneas  Half mortal o Son of Aphrodite and a mortal man Anchises  Creusa (his Trojan wife)  Ascanius (his son)  Trojan (comes from Troy) o Great warrior Trojan War  After 10 years of war, the Greeks suddenly leave o The Greeks left them a giant Trojan Horse  The Greeks were in the horse and slaughter them in their sleep  Aeneas escapes with his father and his son o Ends up in Italy o Encounters Latinus (Latin King) o The king has a daughter named Lavinia o Aeneas marries Lavinia o Names a city after her- Lavinium o Aeneas later dies killed by Etruscans  His son, Ascanius, establishes a city named Alba Longa  Numitor o Rightful king of Alba Longa is forced from the throne by his evil brother o He has sons so Amulius kills them because he doesn’t want them to take the throne either o Amulius takes the throne  Aka this is the story of Lion King  Rhea Silvia o Daughter of Numitor that is sent away by Amulius to become a Vestal Virgin o So there is no chance she can have offspring to take the throne o Gives birth to twins conceived with Mars- Romulus and Remus  Romulus and Remus o Amulius takes the twins and puts them in a box into the Tiber River o A Wolf finds the babies and nurses them  Close association between a wolf and a warrior  They are brought food by a woodpecker (the bird of Mars) o One day they are found by a Sheppard, Faustulus o Larentia and Faustulus become their foster parents Reading Quiz answers:  Iguvine Tablets are written in Umbrian language  In the purification of the Fisian Mount offerings are made to Jupiter Grabovius  Vofionus occupies a position in the Iguvine triad symmetrical to Quirinus  Roman author Cato preserves a prayer to Mars for protection of crops and flocks  The Suovetaurilia is the sacrifice of a pig, sheep, and bull


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