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Week worth of notes

by: Nia Gibson

Week worth of notes ANT 349

Marketplace > Syracuse University > ANT 349 > Week worth of notes
Nia Gibson
Archaeology at the Movies
C. DeCorse

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About this Document

Notes relevant to upcoming exam in less than two weeks
Archaeology at the Movies
C. DeCorse
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Nia Gibson on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ANT 349 at Syracuse University taught by C. DeCorse in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views.

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Date Created: 02/04/16
ANT 329 Notes February 3 2016 How do we know dinosaurs and humans didn39t coeXist m Dating and Chronology Stratigraphy Relative Dating Youngest material on top and oldest on the bottom Chronometric Dating Numerical or Absolute x is so many years old Dendrochronology Radioactive Decay Carbon 14 PotassiumArgon Fissontrack Uranium Thermoluminescence Paleomagnetism Integration of multiple methods Stratigraphy Historical sources Dendrochronology Carbon 14 Stone too seriation Dating Agechronology Change through time Environmental change Technological change Sociocultural change Fossil species Technological Change Spread of Writing Sociocultural Change Bands and States Neandertal hunting Change in Fossil Species Fauna Succession Chanoe in species throuoh time Recognized by William Strata Smith William Strata Smith 1797 recognized that rock layers are found in same relative position Exposure in Rock Layers Fossils also occurred in the same relative order Scarborough City Museum Fossils can be viewed in their correct relative position Final Correlation Data Geological Time Cenozoic Age of Mammals 65 Million present Mesozoic Age of reptiles 24865 million year Paleozoic age of ancient life 570248 million Cenozoic The most distant human ancestors emerged un the last 10 million year modern humans in the last 200000 Extinction of the Dinosaurs Reasons Meteor Strike Environmental Change Could Dinosaurs have survived New Species still being discovered If Dinosaurs Survived Would require explanation BUT would not negate evolutionary theory Evolutionarv theorv Explains natural processes that account of the emergences of new species Dinosaurs in Film and Fiction How could they have survived Genetic Engineering Prehistoric life on other planets LostVVonds Dinosaurs somehow isolated from the res too the world ieKing Kong The Lost World Directed bv Harrv Hovt 1925 The Lost World First Film to feature dinosaurs that lived 10 million years ago The Piltdown Hoax Piltdown Man Discovered in 1912 by Charles Dawson Todays Film One Million Years B C 20th Century Fox Directed by Don Chaffey Depicts Prehistoric Life humans and dinosaurs other creatures thrown together in inaccurate improbable miX and a view of early humans Discoveries of the 1960s South African cave and East AfricaSetting of the movie Tanzania Multiple Species of Hominid lived at one time Not with modern humans or dinosaurs Obvious Problems Agriculture Dinosaurs and humans Gigantic spiders AltruismCooperation Early aspect of human social group Care of ill and infirm Cooperation for hunting Fill out the Film Guide


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