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Dance: Social, Folk, Origin, & Appreciation

by: Celina Notetaker

Dance: Social, Folk, Origin, & Appreciation 1000

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Dance > 1000 > Dance Social Folk Origin Appreciation
Celina Notetaker
GPA 3.1
Dance Appreciation
Kelvin Ray Amburgey

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About this Document

I took notes for about 2 weeks on social dance, folk dance, origin of dance, and appreciating dance. In it, it includes important names, dates, definitions, and general notes. I feel like these not...
Dance Appreciation
Kelvin Ray Amburgey
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Celina Notetaker on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1000 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Kelvin Ray Amburgey in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see Dance Appreciation in Dance at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 02/04/16
Origins Religion Folk amp Social Dances Dance can be traced back through prehistory through cave drawings linking it to early worship 0 Depictions of dance for the Hunt Harvest Fertility things people were hoping would happen 0 Asking gods things through dance Earliest purpose rituals Shapes evolved primitivecircle amp lines are earliest forms 0 Circles meaning my people outsiders are not welcome 0 Line Fight dance war dance challenge dance Resembles strength 0 Processional ritualistic gt Graduation weddings 0 Christianity changed worship by taking dance out of it o Rudolph Von Laban 0 Early movement theorist who gave us labotation and the effortshape theory o 4 Elements of Effort and Shape The body who is dancing Time Speed manipulation of rhythmic elements repeated patterns of movement 0 19205 and 19305 accents on off beats Space oor pattern direction facing levels height of movement shape in body negative space Effort amount of force given in a movement 0 Texture avor Way you give movement 0 Story is in dynamics Appreciating Dance Time period and the culture in which the dance was created will help you understand why and the purpose that the dance was used for in that society Dances can tell you about a culture it was developed in gt Social dances with mixed couples male and female are only found in cultures where men and women are allowed to select mates of their own choice Several things can in uence your personal aesthetic when watching a performance 0 Emotional state Connection to performer Family Peers Nationality Religion OOOOO Religion and Dance 0 Types of Religious dance Every Native American culture has an eagle dance Native American dances occurred for days 0 Medicine dances India s serpet dances Still regularly done Evolved because we didn t know what caused illness Medicine Man show person in front Prayer Circle Shaman dance in today s society Whirling dervish One hand raises to God Other hand reaches to earth Spin for hours Sti active today Removes you and takes you in direct contact with a higher place 0 When Christianity came along the took dance out of worship services to separate themselves from other religions OOOOO o Deny body to be pure If it hurt it was good If it felt good it was bad 0 Shaking Quakers 0 Dance was about enduring God 0 Wrote song quotSimple Giftsquot 0 Did not last long 0 Believed in no touching including married couples 0 Died out in about 100 yrs 0 19605 0 Dance was put back in American worship services main stream 0 1966 1967 0 Latest trend bringing hip hop into church 0 Tool to bring my generation in o In Korea Japan and America Social Dance 0 Types of Social Dance Based on display and irtation 0 18305 The Waltz and Polka took off in Europe 0 Work dances Challenge dances Stepping step dancing 0 Some Social Dances in History 0 The cakewalk became a competition with the winner getting a cake as a prize Become a dance craze in America in the 18905 0 19205 0 The Charleston became a dance crazy and the steps and movement of today s Jazz dance can be traced back to this movement 0 Other social dances of the era included Black Bottom Tango Castle Walk Fox Trot Lindy Hop lasted from the 19205 until today 0 19305 0 Social dance was changed by the in uence of Latin rhythms and Latin music in lm Introducing dances like the Samba New Flamenco and Rumba 19405 amp 19505 0 Brought us the Jitterbug Mambo Bunny Hop 0 19605 amp Sexual Revolution 0 Brought a whole new way of dancing The Twist Locomotion Mashed Potato The Watusi The Jerk The Monkey 0 19705 0 Introduced free dancing and disco brought couples back together also started to popularize break dancing in the inner city streets and a rebirth of its use as a challenge 0 19805 and 19905 0 Introduced hip hop dancing and country line Dancing to the popular social dance scene Electric slide Macarena The Hammer Achy Breaky Heart Vogue Humpy Dance The Jiggy Tootsie Roll The Carlton Butter y 0 20005 0 Brought hip hop to the forefront of social dancing with Harlem Shake Single Ladies Cupid Shuf e Wobble Stanky Leg Cha Cha Slide Folk Dance 0 Folk dance and ethnic dance are terms to describe similar emerging dances o 4 Basic Qualities of Folk Dance 0 Visually originated in a time period before the mechanical industry in the 19th century 0 Dance basics have remained intact through several generations 0 Open to anyone who wants to participate not considered the exclusive property of any one sector of the population 0 Not controlled or regulated by a central authority 0 Folk dance remains a unique dance form due to popular consent rather than a mandate from a privileged few 0 Traditional folk dance is considered a central part of the cultural heritage and can nd its way into birthdays weddings receptions parties and other public events 0 Forms of Folk Dance 0 Clogging lrish Maypole Morris dance Square dance Sword dance OOOOO


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