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Sociology 370- week 4

by: Sequoia Brown

Sociology 370- week 4 SOCY 370 001

Sequoia Brown
GPA 3.614

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About this Document

These are the fill in the blanks from February 2 and February 4 in Derek Silva's Sociology of Sport class.
Sociology of Sport
Derek M Silva
Class Notes
Socy 370, Sociology of sport, Derek Silva, need sociology notes, usc
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sequoia Brown on Thursday February 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOCY 370 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Derek M Silva in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 92 views. For similar materials see Sociology of Sport in Sociology at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 02/04/16
February 2, 4- Week 4 Socy 370- Sociology of Sport These are the missing blanks from the power point. The underlined words or phrases are what are missing, so I may skip some slides that are in the power point but I will type the first sentence or title of the slide so you can identify where you need to fill in. Page 9 Torture th Public torture (late 18 century) - Very violent - Public - Meant to show power of king - Physical pain infliction was more important that the death *meant to be public Prison (mid-19 century)  Hidden  Manipulate behavior Discipline - It becomes about producing a docile body of those who have broken agreed upon norms of society Page 10 Discipline - The central characteristics of this modern prison are: 1. Isolation 2. Work 3. Modulation of the penalty Disciplinary Society - Key characteristics of ‘disciplinary power’ 1. Disciplinary power produces and its positive 2. Discipline cannot be captured in a dichotomy of dominates and dominated Page 11 Key characteristic continued….. 4. Power relations are multiple - Soveign power, torture, still can be seen today 5. There is always resistance - Modern society is disciplinary but not entirely disciplined Page 13 ImG Academy: Disciplining Athletes 1. Isolation 2. Work 3. Modulation of penalty IMG Academy: Disciplining Athletes 1. Isolation Page 14 IMG Academy: Disciplining Athletes 1. Work: the athlete is placed in isolation 2. Work: the introduction of the timetable in training programs Page 16 - Panopticism- prison architectural design ‘all seeing’ Page 17 - Bodies whose training extends their capacity and usefulness - For Foucault, three key disciplinary mechanisms facilitate the production of docile bodies: o Hierarchical judgement o Spatial organization o Examination NFL Combine: Creating Docile Bodies? Hierarchical judgment *Side note: People are being watched by people so the player has to do everything they can to be the most productive body Page 18 NFL Combine: Creating Docile Bodies? Spatial organization NFL Combine: Creating Docile Bodies? Examination - 40 yd dash - Bench press - Vertical jump - Broad jump - 3-core drill - 20 yd shuttle - 40 yd shuttle


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