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ARH 253-004 Notes on Northern Europe

by: Jennifer Gintovt

ARH 253-004 Notes on Northern Europe ARH 253-002

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Art History > ARH 253-002 > ARH 253 004 Notes on Northern Europe
Jennifer Gintovt
GPA 3.361
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Survey of Art II
Rachel Robbins

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About this Document

Here are my notes from lecture with Ms. Robbins on Northern Europe during the 1400s and 1500s.
Survey of Art II
Rachel Robbins
Class Notes
ARH 253-004, Art History, Northern Europe, ARH 253




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Gintovt on Friday February 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 253-002 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Rachel Robbins in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Survey of Art II in Art History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 02/05/16
ARH 253001 Notes 12115 Northern Europe 0 Dates and places 0 14001500 0 Burgundy Flanders France and the Holy Roman Empire 0 People 0 Nobles and merchants O Pious and prosperous 0 Interested in Visible world 0 Themes 0 Life of the Virgin Mary Christ 0 Secular images portraits O Disguised symbolism 0 Forms 0 Detailed renderings of surfaces and textures O Naturalistic figures and spaces 0 Oil paint for glowing color Flanders 0 Robert Campin Master of Flemalle M rode Altarpiece ca 14251428 0 Annunciation in common domestic interior Disguised symbolism Donor portraits For home use Triptych 0 Oil paint glazes I Jan Van Eyck 0 Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride 0 1434 O O O O Flanders I Jan Van Eyck O Ghent Altarpiece 1432 I Naturalism is becoming huge I God the Father Adam amp Eve Mary Crown at the feet of God symbolic of humanity bowing in recognition to God I Polyptych I Monumental freestanding altarpiece I Donor portraits I NATURALISM I Redemption Adam amp Eve for Fall 0 Original Sin of humanity brings the fall of humanity from eating the forbidden fruit 0 Roger Van Der Weyden ARH 253001 Notes 12115 0 Deposition 1435 I Oil paint I Mary experiencing Jesus pain I Commentary of mortality and the significance of life I Composition w action drama I Cohesive composition through movement I Commission for guild I Emotional expression I Super descriptive Naturalism France 0 Tr s Riches Heures du Duc de Berry 14131416 0 Limbourg Brothers 0 From a book of hours I Privately owned luxury item Illuminators Limbourg Brothers Social hierarchy Calendar coincides with season depicted within the picture Scenes of daily life identifiable settings Paintings done by secular artists not monks OOOOO Holy Roman Empire 0 Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons 14801490 0 Martin Schongauer O Engraved into metal plate and then used in printmaking 0 Print 0 Crosshatches for shading 0 Surface description of textures 0 Printing responds to rise in literacy and improved economy I More accessible for those who are less educated Italy 0 Themes 0 Christ amp Virgin Mary 0 Secular life 0 Classical themes 0 Forms 0 0 Classical forms 0 Optical naturalism 0 Window onto the world 0 Piero Della Francesca ARH 253001 Notes 12115 0 Battista Sforza and F ederic da Montefeltro ca 14721474 I Profile of husband due to injuries to other side of face I Wife comes from wealthy background 0 Displayed in the embroidery of her dress and her pearl necklace I Background landscape is the land owned by the couple 0 Dates and Places 0 14001500 0 Independent courts I Italian Peninsula 0 People 0 Humanism O Revival of classical learning 0 Selfaggrandizing patrons I Showing off 0 Lorenzo Ghiberti O Sacrifice of Isaac 14011402 0 Donatello O F east of Herod Siena Italy I 14231427 0 Linear perspective 0 Recession of space I Naturalism I Still in the classical perspective Roman inspiration 0 Lorenzo Ghiberti 0 Gates of Paradise 14251452 I Gilded I In uenced by Donatello I Civic commission I Linear perspective I Bronze doors of Baptistery I Areal perspective I Classical models 0 Ancient Roman in uence I Storytelling narrative clarity balance 0 Ease of viewing


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