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Lecture from Week Four

by: Chioma Iheoma

Lecture from Week Four SMPA 3350

Chioma Iheoma
GPA 3.5
Public Diplomacy

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About this Document

This week we discussed Russian Cold War Public Diplomacy.
Public Diplomacy
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chioma Iheoma on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SMPA 3350 at George Washington University taught by Kabra in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Public Diplomacy in Journalism and Mass Communications at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
February 42015 Wednesday February 4 2015 937 AM The immediate shortterm campaign is usually worked on by the diplomat ambassador rather than the longterm There are more shortterm problems to take care of and the longterm issues are more expensive and are harder to implement US got mostly involved in propaganda in WWI 0 Wilson Committee on Public Information or the Creel Committee after George Creel the chairman o The Committee39s purpose was to explain what we were doing in the war and why we were doing it so that our adversaries wouldn39t be the only ones explaining the US 0 Following the war this commission was abolished because it was thought of as only war propaganda 1938 USDR creates the Intercompartemental for Scientific as well as the Cultural 1942 VOA is established to counter propaganda and release information 0 Office of War Information operated from 19421945 Its functions continued after the war so that we could combat communist ideologies The goal was to undermine the Nazis and the Japanese At the end of WWII all we had left to combat was communism Truman wanted to advocate democracy in Europe to combat fascism there Truth speech quotstruggle for the minds of menquot Presentation Russia39s FourPillarApproach Explaining Russia to the world 0 Conversation with government officials about why Russia does what it does Establishing alternative to Western Hegemony 0 Russia wants a multipower world 0 Latin America Eurasia Economic Union reaches out to the fringes Appealing to Sympathizers Promoting amp celebrating Russian history and culture February 22015 Monday February 2 2015 939 AM Hard Power is broadly defined as the use of coercive methods usually through the use or threat of force 0 Using hard power first creates a hostile environment that undermines soft power if you try to negotiate second Soft Power is persuasion through attractive alternatives 0 Nigh says rests on three values culture political values foreign policy I In terms of culture it is useful when the culture is attractive I Political values are useful when they39re lived up to III Eg not Guantanamo I Foreign policy is useful when its seen as legitimate and having moral authority III Eg no ulterior motives when you have high level policy makers representing policy it appears more legitimate like it is being taken seriously foreign policy39s moral authority must re ect the political values if it39s contradictory then it looks bad Smart Power is a combination of the two 0 Sec Clinton expanded the definition to include things like economic policy can be a reward free trade agreement quotThe last three feetquot make soft power more effective adds more legitimacy 0 Personal engagement with the public in question I It39s better than if you39re on a computer or a phone 0 quotthe last three feetquot set up expectations quotbe in at the take off and not just the crash landingsquot 0 Le Be in the room when the policy is created 0 Being in the room may not change the action but it may change the way its rolled out Soft power and having credible local voices o Eg religious leaders famous blogger senior editor at a newspaper dissident 0 You have to work to help develop these leaders assist in their credibility partly because it might diminish by working with you maintain the relationships with these leaders you have to cultivate these people and especially find these people Issues in PD 0 Where in the institution does PD stand what39sits status how much money does it get 0 Where does the line get drawn between Policy Advocacy and Public Diplomacy 0 Where does public diplomacy sit in the security realm o Partisanship slows down the making and implementation of foreign policy Tookes 0 Should PD address elites or mass audiences I For many years PD addressed elites and quotdecision makersquot 0 Should it concern itself with longterm issues or short term issues 0 Should the US use quotFast mediaquot news tv radio or quotslow mediaquot student exchanges books visits I Long slow approach is more expensive I The fast approach is expensive to start at first but cheaper to maintain 0 Should it be primarily concerned with countering an ideology or promoting democracy or both 0 Should PD represent a current administration or all of America in its diversity When you have large organizations and an event happens it takes awhile for a message to go about because there has to be concordance and filters before a response gets out Presentation The US is more reactive than proactive 0 Russia Russia is seen as expansionist and if the US wants to prevent this they should be working before Russia gets the prior USSR countries 0 ISIS uses a lot of Soft Power because ISIS members use memes twitter etc just like other young people It is harder for a country to control a message now because of media technology there are way more voices in the mainstream


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