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Week #4 notes

by: Notetaker

Week #4 notes 103

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About this Document

Lecture notes on seed plants, pollen, and gymnosperms.
Life 103- Biology of Organisms
Tanya Dewey
Class Notes
Week 4 notes; Life 103; Spring Semeseter 2016
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Friday February 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 103 at Colorado State University taught by Tanya Dewey in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Life 103- Biology of Organisms in Biology at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 02/05/16
Week 4 notes (Test was on Wednesday so this only includes Friday’s lecture) Horsetails -are everywhere except Asia and Australia -1 genus has 30 species -Were diverse during the carboniferous period Seeds -contains embryo surrounded by nutrients with a covering to protect it -Plants were able to become dominant produces with the evolution of the seed -seeds were important for civilizations since they contain nutrients Seed plants All have… -reduced gametophytes -heterospory -ovules -pollen alternation of generations The seed plants gametophytes grow in the spore’s walls that in the tissues of the parent sporophyte Ferns -sporophyte is dominant and big -gametophyte is small Gymnosperms -pollen inside plant is really small -dominant generation is sporophyte Heterospory -ancestors of seed plants were homosporous -seed plants are heterosporous Microsporangia  microspores male gametophytes Megasporangia megaspores female gametophytes Ovules and eggs -ovule has… -megasporangium -megaspore -1 or more integumnents. An integument is a protective coating -gymnosperms have only 1 integuments Gymnosperm female -the megasporangium is dipliod and the megaspore is haploid -megaspore grows into the gametophyte Gymnosperm male -the microsporangium is diploid, and the microspores are haploid and are developed in the microsporangium -microspores develop into male gametophyte Gymnosperm fertilization The pollen grain will germinate once it comes in contact with the ovule. Then, a pollen tube grows, working through the megasporangium. When the pollen tube reaches the egg nucleus, sperm is released into the egg nucleus of the female gametophyte. Pollen -microspores develop into pollen grains -water is no longer needed to move sperm, wind and animals carry pollen. Evolutionary advantage of seeds -the sporophyte embryo has protection and a supply of food -seeds are able to remain dormant for centuries -ability to cover more ground via wind and animal; no longer rely on water Gymnosperms -seeds aren’t enclosed by ovaries 4 phyla -Cycadophyta -Gingkophyta -Gnetophyta -Coniferphyta Cycadophyta -Leaves tend to look palm like and they have large cones -There are few species around today, but during the Mesozoic period there were a lot -Only 300 species today -Plant collectors steal these Ginkgophyta -only 1 living species -resistant to air pollution -For 270 million years, leaves haven’t changed much


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