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Hist 100 4th week of notes

by: Mikaila Arao

Hist 100 4th week of notes HIST 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > History > HIST 100 > Hist 100 4th week of notes
Mikaila Arao

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About this Document

Week 4
Western Civilization Pre Mod
Kristin Heineman
Class Notes
Hist 100
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mikaila Arao on Friday February 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 100 at Colorado State University taught by Kristin Heineman in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization Pre Mod in History at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 02/05/16
Classical Greece 02/13/2016 ▯ ▯ Reforms of Draco and Solon  Extended economic crisis in 7 century  Draco elected tot deal with emergency o Draconian laws  Written in blood not ink  For any crime he said to kill the person o Council of 500  Wealthy men in Athens  Deal with laws  Aristocratic arm of the government  Solon’s siesechtheia “shaking off of burdens” o Elected after Draco o Debt slavery  If you borrow money and cant pay it back + interest you become that persons slave o citizen rights, balance of rich and poor o Empowerment of citizen o Up and left  Didn’t want to be sole ruler of Athens o Beginning of democracy  Things go remember o Draco and solon are law reformers in Athens o Comparative form of questions on exam ▯ Tyranny in Athens  Not originally a negative term, like today o Takes power by force  vs. inherited monarchy  Or chosen by election o Pisistratus  Ruled Atstns three times  1 comes with friends  2 ndcomes with friends and hoplites  3 rd  Panathenaea  Massive festival in Athens  Sacrifice 100 oxen  Wants to come to power by force  Builds Zeus at Olympian ▯ Cleisthenes (KEY TERM)  Father of Athenian Democracy  Demes o Bergs or subdivisions of Attica o Tied to a place not family  Elected by lot  Isonomia vs demokratia ▯ Ostracism  Any citizen could be expelled from Athens for ten years  Ostracon  Assembly would ask in 6 months th  10 days to leave o killed if returned  no charges against, no defense  no one man was getting to powerful ▯ things to remember  Athens is polis  Tyranny with Draco and solon  Cleisthenes instituted democracy ▯ Sparta ▯ ▯ Spartan Law Reform  Lycurgus and the Great Rhetra o Spartan law reformer (ON TEST)  Test question: who is Lycurgus  Syssitia (common mess hall for men)  Isokleros ( redistribution of land)  Dual kingship  Geruisa (council of elders)  Apella  Periokoi o Means living around the place o neighbors  Helots (KEY TERM) WILL BE ON EXAM o Spartan slaves o Greece speaking o Prisoner of war  Ephors  Agoge o Girls, boys, babies o Baby is born  All council of Sparta and ask if baby is going to be viable  If viable baby boy, he is taking to agoge (school system) ▯ Pederasty (2/11)  Because boy lives with his mentor, it becomes a lover relationship  Expected in a point of a boys life  They “grow out” of it  Erastes (dominant partner) - eromenos (passive partner) ▯ Spartan Women  Education  Marriage  Children  Land o Obsessions by authors  Athletics o Nude competition o “thigh-flasher”  nutrition ▯ ▯ Helot Revolt  Earthquake  Helots and perioikoi establish position on Mt. Ithome  Athenian intervention o Spartan fears  Messenians to Naupactus ▯ Persian Wars  Persian war one  First Persian invasion of Greece o Under command of Darius o Led by Persian general Mardonius  Decisive Greek victory o Greeks outnumbered o Use of hoplites and phalanx o Pheidippides  Persians lose ▯ Second Persian Invasion  Xerxes 1  Battle of Thermopylae  Battle of Artemisia  Battle of Salamis o Themistocles o Trireme  Battle of Plataea  Persians lose again Golden Age of Greece  Dalian League o Athens and allies o Naval empire, basis for Athenian empire o Pericles  Athenian statesman  Democratized the judicial system  Peloponnesian League o Sparta and allies (Corinth) Classical Philosophy  Socrates o Father of western philosophy o Theories survive through Plato o Ethics o Socratic method  Plato o Socrates’ pupil o Founded the academy (ON TEST)  Like a University  Aristotle o Plato’s pupil o Alexander the Great’s teacher o Founded the Lyceum  His own academy  Looking at animals  Animals diet and reproductive system  Invited biology, zoology, marine bio


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