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ANSC 101

by: Melinda Notetaker
Melinda Notetaker
CSU Chico
GPA 3.25
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About this Document

These notes touch on some major parts of Ch. 2 An Overview of the Livestock and Poultry Industries
Introduction to Animal Science
Haydn Clement
Class Notes
ANSC 101, Animal Science




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Melinda Notetaker on Friday February 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ANSC 101 at California State University Chico taught by Haydn Clement in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Animal Science in Agricultural & Resource Econ at California State University Chico.

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Date Created: 02/05/16
Ch.2 An Overview of the Livestock and Poultry Industries February 2, 2016 After the depression, fewer worked in Agricultural production, but the industry became more productive for a larger output and export to help support the 307 million consumers in the U.S. and for the consumers out of state. 2008 Leading U.S. for Farm Cash Receipts All commodities 1.) CA 36,186 mil 2.) IA 24,743 mil Livestock/poultry/products 1.) TX 11,030 mil 2.) CA 10,632 mil Cattle and calves 1.) NE 7,068 mil 2.) TX 6,896 mil Dairy 1.) CA 2.) WI Boilers 1.) GA 2.) AR Hogs 1.) IA 2.) NC Chicken eggs 1.) IA 2.) OH Commodity Prices Prices fluctuate monthly, weekly, and daily, influenced by supply and demand. Cattle Production The phases of cattle production 1. Cow-calf operator raises calf from birth to 6-10 months of age (400-650 lbs.) a. Two types of Cow-calf producers: i. Commercial cow-calf producers raise most of the potential steers and heifers ii. Seedstock breeders- produce specialized (purebred) breeding cattle 2. Stocker yearling operator then grows the calf to 600-850 lbs. (10-15 months of age) 3. Feedlot operator feed cattle to desired slaughter weight 15-24 months of age (900-1,300 lbs.) 4. Packers- package the meat 5. Retailer- stores that buy and sell 6. Consumers that purchase the product *Ownership may change several times before cattle are ready for slaughter Ch.2 An Overview of the Livestock and Poultry Industries Cow process from birth to slaughter 1. Cow bred-9 for months (gestation) 2. calf born 9 months 3. calf weaned between 7-9 months 4. feed yard for 5-7 months a. Cost Production of feed yard i. 1990-2003 $261/head ii. 2011-2015 $494/head 5. cattle slaughtered 5-7 months Sow/gilt bred process from birth to slaughter 1. Pig born 3.75 month 2. Hog slaughter 4-5 months Turkey Process from birth to slaughter 1. Turkey hatch at 1 month 2. Slaughter 4-5 months *These months are not the age of the animal, it is process time for each subject February 4, 2016 Most cattle are fed and grown in the Midwest because it is an area full of corn and grain production Dairy Industry Overview Top three states: Ranking Cows in milk (Leader of amount of cows) (Leaders of cows in milk) 1. European Union 2 1 2. U.S. 4 2 3. India 1 3 Top Dairy Imports and Exports 2014 1. New Zealand 2. Canada 3. Italy Ch.2 An Overview of the Livestock and Poultry Industries Top Countries Buying U.S. Dairy 1. Mexico 2. China 3. Canada Total Milk Production Comparison  2002 (170,063 million lbs.) – 2014 (206,046 million lbs.) Number of Cows Comparison  2002 (9, 139) – 2014 (9, 257) Average Herd Size Comparison  2002 (123 cows) – 2014 (204 cows) o Number of herds is decreasing because of more efficiency U.S. Dairy Statistics 2014 Top Five Leading States 1. California 2. Wisconsin 3. Idaho 4. New York 5. Pennsylvania The Top California Milk Production County  Tulare County!!! (Where I am from!) 23.7%, nearly a quarter, of the U.S. milk production! Sources of milk: cow milk, goat milk, sheep milk, and camel milk Milk and Milk Products Milk provides much-needed protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins to the human beings diet *not all protein created equal  Proteins that contain “essential” amino acids are complete proteins o Women milk – 16% protein takes 180 days to double weight o Rabbit milk – 14% protein takes 6 days to double weight Lactose: Milk Sugar/ Carbohydrate  Milk sugar  All mammals breast milk contains lactose  Considered a brain food – contains galactose Biological View Ch.2 An Overview of the Livestock and Poultry Industries  Net protein utilization  Animal proteins contain essential amino acids  How much protein is actually made available to humans  Animal protein is more available than plants o Egg protein 94% available o Milk protein 85% available o Corn protein 60& available o Navy beans 38% available *Highly available protein- the percentage of protein that (Can Be Absorbed) by the body Poultry and Eggs *Second high quality food for human consumption (eggs)  Offer great potential for improving the nutritional levels of all the world’s people


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