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CLP3305 Week 3 of Lecture Notes: 1/25, 1/27, 1/29

by: Courtney Adams

CLP3305 Week 3 of Lecture Notes: 1/25, 1/27, 1/29 CLP3305

Marketplace > Florida State University > Sociology > CLP3305 > CLP3305 Week 3 of Lecture Notes 1 25 1 27 1 29
Courtney Adams
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

These are thorough notes from Dr. Sullivan's third week of lectures. Enjoy and feel free to reach-out with any questions or if you need a study buddy!
Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Dr. Sullivan
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Adams on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLP3305 at Florida State University taught by Dr. Sullivan in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Clinical and Counseling Psychology in Sociology at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 02/06/16
Clinical Psychology CLP3305   1/25/16       Professional  Regulation  (     • Licensing    ***   o Allows  you  to  practice  therapy  with  a  legal  protection   o That  person  is  a  professional  and  has  an  education     o Some  people  pretend  to  be  people  they  are  NOT   § Helps  us  to  know  that  people  are  who  they  say  they  are     o Requirements:     1. Doctoral  Degree:  APA  accredited     2. Postdoctoral  experience:  additional  year  of  training  after  you   graduate  and  did  your  internship   3. An  exam  (EPPP):  everyone  takes  the  same  exam  but  different   states  require  different  requirements     4. Administrative  requirement     5. Oral  Exam:  some  states  how  this  extra  requirement  but  NOT   Florida   o Additional  requirements:  An  extra  30  hrs.   § Sex  therapy     § Hypnosis     o You  can  only  be  licensed  in  one  state   o Provisional  License:  VA;  can  be  licensed  and  transferred  but  have  to   be  a  license  in  that  state  soon       1/27/16     Private  Practice       § Usually  a  session  is  listed  as  an  hour,  but  its  really  45-­‐50  minutes   § The  therapist  would  make  $120  per  hour   o This  is  hard  to  do   • So  they  can  also  choose  to  pair  up  with  an  insurance  company     o In  Florida,  BCBS  and  Florida  Blue  are  the  popular  ones   • With  this  option,  the  patient  pays  the  therapist  a  $20  copay  and  the   insurance  company  pays  $80  =  $100   o With  this  option  the  therapist  makes  $100   o This  is  less  than  the  $120,  BUT  it  sets  them  up  with  a  large  pool  of   patients     § Yes,  it  is  less  money  but  the  therapist  has  access  to  more   patients  that  they  wouldn’t  have  had     Trade  off:  Less  money  per  session  but  more  clients     Clinical Psychology CLP3305 • Also  with  the  pairing  up  with  the  insurance  companies,  there  is  an  increases   focus  on  accountability   o Insurance  companies  are  the  “gatekeepers”   o They  make  sure  the  therapist  is  following  the  rules     o The  therapists  tell  the  insurance  companies  what  the  diagnosis  is   o The  insurance  companies  then  tell  the  therapists  how  long  it  should   take  to  treat  the  patient   o Prevents  the  therapist  from  milking  to  patient  along  and  getting  more   money  for  their  service   o Ex:  seeing  them  for  2  yrs  when  in  reality  it  should  be  a  3  wk  session   § Insurances  help  keep  this  truthful  and  fair  to  the  patient     Prescription  Privileges       • Trade  offs     • Pros:   o More  variety  of  treatments     o Easy  to  access  and  cost  efficient  for  the  patient   o Helpful  for  rural  communities     o Advantage  over  other  healthcare  providers     • Cons:   o Takes  away  from  psychological  treatment   o Biological  over  psychological     o Gets  in  the  way  of  the  relationship  between  psychiatry  and  medicine   o Malpractice  increases       Not  going  to  be  tested  on  the  technological  innovation     • Intake:  find  out  what’s  going  on,  first  meeting   • Collusion:  Ignoring  the  elephant  in  the  room       1/29/16     Ethical  Standards     • Can  lose  your  license  when  you  violate  the  ethical  standards   • APA  Publication  for  psychologists     o Beneficence  and  non-­‐maleficence:  “Do  no  harm”   § Doing  nothing  at  all  or  making  them  worse  than  they  already   are     o Integrity  and  Justice   o Respect  for  individuals  rights   o Responsibility     • Competence     o “You  represent  you”   Clinical Psychology CLP3305 § Ex:  If  a  client  calls  you  a  doctor  and  you  really  aren’t,  you  have   an  obligation  to  correct  that  person   § You  want  to  represent  yourself  in  the  best  manor  possible   o Be  sensitive  to  different  race,  genders,  ethnicities,  backgrounds,   culture,  age,  sexual  preferences,  etc.     • Privacy  and  Confidentiality  **       o Client-­‐therapist  relationship   o Tarasoff  case:  Anytime  you  have  a  client  that  threatens  someone  else,   you  have  to  inform  that  person   § National  standard   o Baker  act:  Anytime  a  client  threatens  to  harm  themselves  or  have  to   be  hospitalizes   § State  wide  standard   § Florida   o Suspected  child  abuse,  suicide,  murder,  elder  abuse  (in  Florida)     • Human  Relations  **   o Also  called  dual  relationships,  conflict  of  interest,  hidden  agenda,   boundary  issues   o You  want  to  be  friendly  but  keep  it  strictly  professional     § Sexual  activities,  employing  a  client,  selling  a  product  to  a   client,  becoming  friends  with  a  client   • All  are  stickily  prohibited     § If  you  see  a  client  in  public,  let  them  acknowledge  you  first!   o Can  lead  to  termination  of  therapy        


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