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PSYC 115, Week 5 Notes

by: Ny Pham

PSYC 115, Week 5 Notes PSyc 115

Ny Pham
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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Honors: General Psychology
Ms. Mary Stegall

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About this Document

These are notes on stress that will be on exam 2.
Honors: General Psychology
Ms. Mary Stegall
Class Notes
PSYC 115, Psychology, honors psychology, General Psychology




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ny Pham on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSyc 115 at University of Louisiana at Lafayette taught by Ms. Mary Stegall in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Honors: General Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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Date Created: 02/06/16
21216 STRESS De nitions 0 Stress general response of the My not mind to perceived demands made on it stress is truly how we react to it cognitive appraisal Richard Lazarus evaluation of situation primary and decision secondary value of a situation 0 health psychology how mental processes and behavior affect health illness and treatment biopsychosocial model health is in uenced by biological psychological and social factors stressor source of stress Examples school work parents friends roommates traffic money the future resiliency ability to cope adaptability Sources of Stress Stressors Two Major Sources 0 Frustration negative emotional state when one is blocked from reaching a goal Reactions to Frustration Persistence will give a vigorous effort try harder Circumvention variability trying to get around to meet goal 0 direct aggression being directly aggressive with what it blocking the person displaced aggression redirecting your aggression at someonething that isn39t bothering you withdrawalescape withdraw from problem 0 Con ict decision making Approach Approach two positive alternatives ex pie or cheesecake AvoidanceAvoidance two negative choices ex lima beans or brussel sprouts Approach Avoidance choice to donot do something usually between a short term pleasure and long term consequences one activity ex eating a sugary cinnamon bun pleasure eating it now but health issues later Double ApproachAvoidance vs each alternative has positives and negatives Leads to vacillation ex moving to a new town for a job or stay home and work for less money 0 Major Life Events Holmes and Rahe 1967 Social Readjustment Rating Scale SRRS attaches a value to the effect of life events life change units the higher the number the more likely an illness In actuality a weak link exists between the two 0 Traumatic Events severe events out of the ordinary gt PTSD Ex hurricane Katrina 911 0 Daily Hassles can be just as stressful Better predictors of daily health Ex family members staying in your house and moving things around for the duration of their stay Work Stress 0 Social and Cultural Sources of Stress lower SES discrimination racism 0 0 Physical Effects of Stress 0 Walter Cannon ght vs ight emergency situation sudden your body goes through changes in an emergency situation when something happens how will you respond 0 Hans Selye General Adaptation Syndrome chronic stress stress theorist 1 Alarm Reaction body mobilizes symptoms appear adrenaline increases system activation 2 Stage of Resistance stress symptoms decrease body resistance is lowered 3 Stage of Exhaustion symptoms of rst stage reappear further loss of body s resources to cope May lead to psychosomatic stress induced illness or collapse Copin Stress and Aging Selye s coping energy 7 0 Stress and the Immune System Psychoneuroimmunology Psychosomatic Disorders real physical illnesses in which stress is a factor Ex acne blood pressure asthma heart disease 0 The Cardiac Personality Type A Behavior runs a high risk of heart attack Time urgency and chronic anger or hostility g and Dealing with Stress Problem Focused Coping dealing directly with the stressor or situation control Emotion Focused Coping controlling one39s emotional reaction to the situation dealing with your reaction to the situation Defense Mechanisms mental process used to avoid stressanxiety self protection 1 2 3 Denial refusal to accept reality quotI don39t have a problemquot ex alcoholics Repression unconscious forgetting of negative thoughts and impulses Ex loss of childhood pet childhood accident Reaction Formation expressing the opposite of what one feels Ex smothering love to cover for hatred Regression returning to earlier behavior Ex vacation adult play an adult form of recess Ex temper tantrum ex crying 5 Projection transferring unacceptable impulses to other Ex think neighbor nds you attractive instead of you admitting that you nd him attractive 6 Rationalization nding an excuse Ex teacher failed me because heshe doesn39t like me Ex I really NEED a Lexus 7 Compensation overcoming a weakness by excelling other areas a Ex napoleon was short so he conquered Europe b Ex bad athlete will be a better musician 8 Sublimation frustrated desires are transferred to socially acceptable activities Ex sexual energy into art work aggression channeled to football and boxing Managing Stress 1 Managing the Body Exercise Meditation Progressive Relaxation alternately stress different muscle groups Guided Imagery visualization but not personal when something outside of your head guides you 2 Changing Behavior Slow Down don39t try to do 27 things at once Organize Get Balanced Accept Your Limits Seek Social Support Write About Your Feelings 3 Modifying Thoughts Coping Statements positive not negative self statements quotI39m going to do my bestquot instead of quotThis test is going to destroy mequot Lighten Up get a sense of humor laugh Coping with Frustration and Con ict o Learned Helplessness Martin Seligman coined the term A dog is conditioned to give up and not even try to escape the shock Possible tie to depression in humans


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