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Nutrition 109 Week 1 Notes

by: Donnetta Shanklin

Nutrition 109 Week 1 Notes nutrition 109

Donnetta Shanklin
GPA 3.7
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About this Document

The first week of nutrition weekly notes.
Nutrition 109
Mr. Gurzell
Class Notes
Nutrition 109




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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Donnetta Shanklin on Saturday February 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to nutrition 109 at Western Illinois University taught by Mr. Gurzell in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Nutrition 109 in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Western Illinois University.

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Date Created: 02/06/16
Nutrition Chapter 1: The Health Of Humans And Their Food Choices Notes by: Donnetta Shanklin What Is Nutrition? What Are Nutritional Considerations? š Nutrition in scientific terms is what food does to the body and how it nourishes the body š When talking about nutrition, social, biological,and environmental factors are taken into consideration What Is Nourishment From Foods? š Food isnot only tasty, but isa big contributor to one’s health. Healthy foodmakes you healthy; unhealthy food makes you unhealthy š Your body changes everyday and renews itself,thereforyou need to eat regularly š What is malnutriti- malnutrition is nutrition that is inappropriate, deficientor excessive š Ideal foods help support maintenance and growth What Are The Fields Within Nutrition? š There are 6 fieldswithinnutrition from theory to application.They are as followed: š 1. Clinical/Dietetics š 2. Community š 3.Epidemiology š 4.Informatics š 5. Immunology š 6. Biochemistry Questions Raised With The Topic Nutrition š Does physical activity effectnutrition? Good or Bad? š What would one consider as bad dieting? š What would one consider as healthy dieting? š Are anti-oxidants even good for you? š - Manyquestions are raised whenit comesto the topic Where Does The Word Diet Originate? š Diaitameans ”way of life” which is the where the word diet comes from (Greek speaking) š Diet is not only food but physical activity, social interactions, as well as behavior (smoking,alcohol,sleeping, etc) A Reasonable Goal For A Healthy Diet š Thiscan help minimizethe risk of death and disease š Be active š Don’t smoke š Don’t drink excessively š And eat healthy š Some diseases are influencedby genetics, but some are exclusivelyinfluencedby nutition How Do We Figure Out Which Foods We Like? š Eating isa requirement forliving.Without eating, youwould be dead š Manyfactor’s influenceone’schoiceofeating š Cultural significance,societalcues, Holiday’s and event, availability costs,etc. are just some factor when one picks out what they eat How To Increase Your Food Choice And Two Primary Categories š Whole unprocessed foods are mostly raw before you purchase them. These are the foods that are better for you š They are nutrient dense and have a lot lesscaloriesthan processed foods š Processed,prepared foodsare heavilyaltered fromraw š They tend to be calorie -dense and have a lot less key nutrients How Can One Recognize A Nutritious Diet? š There are 5 characteristicsthat helpidentify a nutritious diet š 1. Adequacy š 2. Balance š 3. Calorie control š 4. Moderation š 5. Variety Healthy People: Our Nation’s Nutrition Objectives š Every 10 years, objectivesare looked overfor- safety.n and food š The U.S. Health and Human ServicesDepartment developed this. The Diets Of Different Countries: Mediterranean š In the Mediterranean Pyramid, Breads, pasta, rice, and other grains is the mostbenefitial for nutrition š Thenfruits and vegetables š Thencheese and yogurt š Thenfish š Theneggs š And lastly your not so heart healthy treats like sweets and juice The Diets Of Different Countries: Asian Pyramid š Asians are a little bit different. The following is how they rank food of importance. š Rice, noodles, beans, and other ground is first š Followedby fruitsand veggies š Thenfish and dairy š Followedby eggs and poultry š Followedby sweets š And lastly, meat The Diets Of Different Countries: Latin American Pyramid š Fruits, veggies,beans, grains, and nuts are the most essential key nutrients for Latin Americans š Fish,poultry, plants and milkproducts are the nextin line š Lastly, meat, sweets, and eggs are the last part to their pyramid How Do You Know What A Healthy Diet Pattern Is? š A healthy diet plan would only consist of sweets sometimes š When eating, you shouldn’t consume too much meet š Youshould avoid highly -processed foods š And try to find foods that have a lot of vegetables and eat lots of fruit What Is The Definition Of Food? š The definitionof food issomething needed to helpmake somethingor someone grow/maintain life. This would include any substance that is nutritious that animals, plants, and/or humans absorb. What Are The Six Key Nutrients? š 1. Carbohydrates š 2. Water š 3. Minerals š 4. Vitamins š 5. Proteins š 6. Fat š * A nutrient that containsCarbon is consideredto be organic Macronutrients VS Micronutrients š Macronutrients are energy -yieldingnutrients. Water however, does notcontain any calories,but is still essential to a healthy diet and way of life. š Carbs contain4 caloriesper gram, as well as proteins. Fats contain 9 caloriesper gram. Macronutrients Vs Micronutrients š Micronutrientsare vitamins and minerals. They provide no energy,but are essential in order for the human body to biologicallyfunctionnormally. š It is to be said that in history, a lot of disease burdens were brought upon from micronutrient deficiencies So… What Does The Food Label Actually Tell Us? š A lot of labeling on food have claims about what might be in it or why the food is beneficial š Not all of them are correct: only some are š Some are considered to be nutrient claims š But some are evide-based/FDA approved claims š Structure-FunctionClaimsdon’t talk about what the side effectsare


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