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College Alegbra 1310

by: Corina Johnson

College Alegbra 1310 12458

Marketplace > University of Houston > Math > 12458 > College Alegbra 1310
Corina Johnson
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About this Document

These notes are easy to follow and understand. Enjoy! And more to come!!
College Alegbra
Moses Sosa
Class Notes
Math, College Alegbra




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Corina Johnson on Sunday February 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 12458 at University of Houston taught by Moses Sosa in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see College Alegbra in Math at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 02/07/16
Beginning of Semester To Do List Math 1310 1. Sign up for a CASA account in CourseWare at  CASA refers to both a website and a physical testing and tutoring center (its location is on the second floor of Garrison Gym).  The website will have all Practice Tests and all weekly Quizzes. It’s where you will be able to view your grades. You will submit your homework on the CourseWare website. The textbook for the course will be available only through CourseWare.  The CASA Testing Center is where you will go to take all exams. For these tests, you will first make a reservation by logging on to and schedule an exam on the Proctored Exams tab. You can get help at the CASA Tutoring Center.  If you have not taken a math class that uses CASA before, you will need to set up your account. If you already set up a CASA account for another class or the placement exams, you do not have to create another account. Just log in after classes start, and you will have access to any CASA courses for which you are enrolled.  If you have a problem registering with CASA, first make sure that you are enrolled (you can't get an account if you are not enrolled), then click on the "Email Tech Support" link on the CASA webpage. If nothing else works, go to 221A Garrison.  Full Semester access to CourseWare requires that you purchase an Access Code at the register at the Bookstore and then log on to CourseWare and follow the prompts to enter your Code. We are temporarily giving access to the website to get the semester going. Any student who has not purchased/entered an access code will be locked out of CourseWare. Any such students will not be able to submit homework, take quizzes or practice tests, view grades, use the textbook, register for Tests, etc. Any work missed due to your delay in purchasing and entering this code will be scored as zeros, and there is no possibility of making up missed work. 2. Read the "Departmental Policies for Math 13xx Face to Face Classes". Find them on your teacher’s website under Math 13xx Course Policies. You are responsible for knowing these policies. Read them carefully, and make sure you understand all of them. You will take a quiz over them. 3. Take the Course Policies Quiz on CourseWare. You must score 100% on this quiz before you can access Test 1 or the weekly quizzes. The answers to the Course Policies Quiz are all in the “Departmental Policies for 13xx.” You cannot take any further online quizzes or practice tests until you get a perfect score on the course policies quiz. You must take a course policies quiz in every Math 13xx course in which you are enrolled. 4. Take Practice Test 1 on CourseWare. This will count for bonus points, will help you get ready for Test 1 and will indicate what material is covered on Test 1. All material on Test 1 is pre-requisite material - material you are expected to have learned in a class you took before this one. This material will not be covered in class. Get help on anything you've forgotten. (You can seek help at the CASA Tutoring Center, 222 Garrison Gym.) Beginning of Semester To Do List Math 1310 5. Take Test 1 on CourseWare. Test 1 will be available very early in the semester. This exam must be taken at the CASA testing center. You can only take this test one time. Test 1 counts as 10% of your semester average, so you must take it. It covers material that you are expected to already know (fundamentals). It is based on Practice Test 1, so you should take Practice Test 1 first to get acquainted both with the material covered on the test and with how CourseWare works. If you score below 70% on Test 1, there is a good chance you are in the wrong class and are at risk of failing the course. If you score below 70% on Test 1, you should consider dropping Math 1310 and taking or auditing Math 1300 to build you basic skills up to the requisite level. 6. Get your "Grading ID" and learn your course Section Number.  This is the same as your myUH (PeopleSoft) ID number. You will need this ID number in class nearly every day for poppers and for all free response test forms. If you bubble it incorrectly, you will get a “0” for the assignment, so make sure you know the number!!  Your course section number is a 5 digit number that appears on your fee statement. Your teacher will announce it in class. You will need this number to purchase the correct bubbling form of poppers for this class. 7. Locate the online text at on the CASA website. There is not a required bound text for this course. The text is online. The homework problems are located in the online text. The text also contains some worked examples and some basic explanations of the material we will cover. 8. Buy your Access Code. You must purchase and enter an Access Code for CourseWare to have full semester access to the Website. See the last paragraph of item 1 on this list for full information. Make sure you enter it right after you buy it, so that you don’t misplace the Code! There are no refunds for lost Codes or for Codes purchased by students who drop the class. If you are taking two (or more) Math 13xx classes, you will need one Code for each Math 13xx class. 9. Buy Popper Bubbling Forms. You will need a packet of Bubbling Forms for your section of Math 1310. You can purchase a packet at the Bookstore. The forms are specific to each section of the course. You must have the correct form in order for your assignments to be scanned properly. The packets CANNOT be returned for a refund. If you change sections, you MUST purchase a new packet of bubbling forms for the new section.   Math 1310 Section 1.1: Points, Regions, Distance and Midpoints In this section, we’ll review plotting points, graph horizontal and vertical lines, some inequalities. Develop a formula for finding the distance between two points in the coordinate plane and one for finding the midpoint of a line segment with given endpoints. Graphing Points and Regions Here’s the coordinate plane: As we see the plane consists of two perpendicular lines, the x‐axis and the y‐axis. These two lines separate them into four regions, or quadrants. The pair, (x, y), is called an ordered pair. It corresponds to a single unique point in the coordinate plane. The first number is called the x coordinate, and the second number is called the y coordinate. The ordered pair (0, 0) is referred to as the origin. The x coordinate tells us the horizontal distance a point is from the origin. The y coordinate tells us the vertical distance a point is from the origin. You’ll move right or up for positive coordinates and left or down for negative coordinates. Example: Plot the following points. A. (8,6) B. (‐2,4) C. (2,5) D. (‐3,‐7) E. (2,‐3) F. (‐5,3) Graphing Regions in the Coordinate Plane The set of all points in the coordinate plane with y coordinate k is the horizontal line y ▯ k. The set of all points in the coordinate plane with x coordinate k is the vertical line x ▯ k. Example: Graph {(x, y)| x > 4 and y < 3 }. The Distance Formula For any two points ▯x ,1y 1 and ▯x ,2y 2, the distance between them is given by ▯ ▯ ▯▯ ▯ ▯▯ ▯▯ ▯▯▯▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯▯ ▯ Example: Find the distance between the following pair of points. a▯ ▯▯3,1 & ▯1,3▯ b▯ ▯2 3√5 6▯√& ▯▯ 3, 6√ √ Midpoint Formula The midpoint of the line segment joining the two points ▯x , y 1 a1d ▯x , y2▯ i2 given by ▯ ▯▯ ▯ ▯▯ ▯▯ ▯ ▯▯ ▯ , ▯ 2 2 Example: Find the midpoint between the following pair of points. a▯ ▯▯3,1 & ▯1,3▯ b▯ ▯2 3√5 6▯√& ▯▯ 3, 6√ √


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