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HIT Notes: Chp 9

by: Bahja Benford

HIT Notes: Chp 9 HCMG 3340

Bahja Benford
Clayton State
GPA 3.37
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About this Document

Chapter 9 notes, covering Electronic Health Records
Healthcare Information Technology
John S Bryan
Class Notes
Health IT, electonic health records, Bryan, john, HCM




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bahja Benford on Sunday February 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HCMG 3340 at Clayton State University taught by John S Bryan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Healthcare Information Technology in Nursing and Health Sciences at Clayton State University.

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Date Created: 02/07/16
HIT: Electronic Health Records (ch. 9) Notes Application: functional software - General functionality that covers a wide scope of things EHR Overview - Components - Adoption model (7 stages) - Concept of meaningful use What is an EHR? - Longitudinal (tracks encounters over time) - Patient demographics, progress notes, medication, problems, past med. History, immunizations, lab results, radiology reports. - Automates w/ operations management - Stream line clinicians work flow - Evidence-based decision support, quality management, outcomes reporting - Send all needed information out: billing, etc. Cloud storage redundancy or local redundancy (storage backing that is stored for safe-keeping in case of an emergency.) Key Benefits Access to information Better data organization (group or individual) Bills/claims efficiency Improved monitoring and performance Financial Benefits Transcription costs Manual chart support Long-term storage costs File and file maintenance Lab tests Drug utilization Length of stay Product Line Benefits Diabetes Heart Diseases Prevention, Immunization, and Screenings Oncology US EHR Adoption Model Stage 0: axillaries are not installed- NO Systems Stage 1: all axil. Installed lab, rad, pharmacy Stage 2: CDR Controlled, Med. Vocab., Patient info stored Stage 3: Nursing/ clinical documentation (flow sheets) errors, checking PACs available outside rad (radiology) Stage 4: CPOE, Clinical Decision Support (clinical protocols) Stage 5: Closed loop medical admin. (computerized provider order entry) Stage 6: Physician documentation (structured templates) full CDSS (variance and compliance) Stage 7: Complete HER, CCD transaction to share data. Data warehousing continuity w/ ED, ambulatory 10% of the population is allergic to something. Doctor has the last say. Gives orders by phone. EHR could take years and costs millions. Full implementation seen within the next five years. Not done all at once (stages done one at a time; chrono order) Security & Access Fundamentally required to any health system HIPAA requires EHRs must protect elec. Health Info from inappropriate disclosure; use encryption and be able to track who has had access over time. Meaningful Uses of an HER - Significant financial incentives - Imposes penalties - Reductions to Medicaid/care reimbursement ($44-63k for physicians, stopped last year 2015, through 2011-2016) - Meaningful use results in significant, measurable improvements in quality and affor. Of care - Must use certified EHR by 2015 Hospital incentives: 2M-10M base Detailed criteria: 15 objectives MUST BE IN PLACE for Hospitals and physicians 10 option criteria: 5 out of 10 are mandatory 6 clinical quality items must be met, out of 39. 2015 Adoption Summary---- Have an EHR System Overall Physician Practices 43% Primary Care Providers 49% Rural Providers 67% Small Practices 40% Cost of an EHR system 1. One-time up-front cost (25%) - Tens of millions to operate based on functionality 2. Installation cost (25%) 3. Hardware (25%) 4. Customization *Most important thing: understand the components Next Week: Administrative Systems. Be on the lookout for those notes 


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