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IUF1000 Week 5 Notes

by: Valerie Notetaker

IUF1000 Week 5 Notes IUF1000

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Valerie Notetaker
GPA 3.83

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About this Document

This is an continuation of the weekly class notes of "What Is The Good Life".
What is the good life
Myengso Seo; Andrew Nichols
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valerie Notetaker on Sunday February 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IUF1000 at University of Florida taught by Myengso Seo; Andrew Nichols in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views.


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Date Created: 02/07/16
Good Life week 5 Notes 02/01/2016 Rebecca Skloot Author on science and medicine - Popular science, NPR- Radiolab, PBS – Nova - The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks (2010) o Award winning best seller o Film version – Oprah and HBO (planned) Henrietta Lacks (1920- 1951) - Lived with her grandfather, married her cousin - Diagnosed with cervical cancer (1951) - Treated at johns Hopkins Treatment at Hopkins - Standard treatments (radiation, X- rays, etc) - Removal of cervix tissue o Taken without her knowledge (standard procedure) family notified 25 years after her death. Dr. George Gey - Immortal cell line (HeLa) o Continued division and mutation o Unusually prolific and durable  First human cells to endure In vitro Dr. George Gey - Circulation of the cells o “50 MILLION METRIC TONS” - Uses o AIDS, cancer, polio, gene mapping, cloning, etc. o Space- effects of zero gravity. The commercialization of the HeLa cell line - Debates over ownership and profits - Moore v. Regents of the University of California (1990) Skloot’s journey - Junior college science class - Little known of Henrietta Lacks - Her continual encounters with HeLa cells in college. Lacks Family - Feelings of resentment towards scientific community - Subjects of studies for their cells - Deborah Lacks, daughter of Henrietta Deborah Lacks - Relationship with Skloot - Religious and mystical belief about Henrietta o She lives on in those cells o Visit to the faith healer. Should the patient be able to share in the profits from their cell line? - What would be the drawbacks to this? Emily Prager American Journalist and author - Village voice, NY Times, National Lampoon Magazines - “Our Barbie’s, Ourselves” o Dec. 1991 issue of interview. Obituary OF Jack Ryan - Designer of Barbie? o idealized depiction of the female body o compared to playmates and sex symbols. Impacts of Barbie on body image and sexuality - Popularity of breast implants - Barbie’s contrasted with the feminist movement Masculinity of Barbie – “Phallic” - No soft femininity Barbie and Feminism - Liberated women - Sexuality freely expressed o Cf. predecessors (depicted conservatively) o Reflection of the 60s Depictions of Barbie and Ken - Barbie had large breast, Ken had no genitals o Expressions of sexuality? o Image changes but Barbie doesn’t - Modern society o Movies with topless women and covered men Modern Barbie - Artificial intelligence - 8,000 lines of dialogue - responds to speaker o “like a real friend” Real life Barbie and Ken - Plastic surgery and body alteration What does Barbie say about gender roles in our society? What does other toys say? - How does each gender tend to view their toys? 02/03/2016 Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish poet, playwright, author - Classical education - Aesthetic movement o Themes of ideal beauty and decadence Victorian England – strict moral code - Wilde’s homosexuality o Charges of libel vs. his lover’s father o Wilde charged with indecency  Imprisonment (2 years’ hard labor) The picture of Dorian Gray (1890) - Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine o Controversy and censorship o Revised for publication (1891) The preface - Epigram form - Wilde’s views on art o Aestheticism – “Art is useless” o Art for Art sake Faustian Themes - Faust – German Legend - Other similar legends o Niccolo Paginini o Robert Johnson Basil Hallward – Famous Painter Lord Henry Wotton – Hedonist Dorian Gray – Handsome Young Msn, Hallward’s Muse - Hallwards refusal to display the portrait - Hedonist- the search for pleasure. - Not ultimate sexual pleasure instead it is the absence of pain. - The way he is doing or explaining hedonism is the ultimate pleasure which is a misconception of the word. Hallward and Lord Henry - Hallward’s description of Dorian Gray o His meeting with Gray o Gray’s influence on his work  His idealized beauty (Not his personality) (More on physical beauty and wants to capture it) Hallward’s reluctance for Lord Henry to meet Gray - Fear of henry’s influence o Depiction of Gray’s personality o Depiction of Hallward’s Personality Lord Henry and Dorian Gray - Henry’s first impressions o “unspoiled youth”  the duality of his character Lord henry and Hedonism - his lifestyle - Does lord henry truly believe what he espouses? o Live for your self mentality - is Henry a Hedonist? Hallward’s warning of henry’s influence - Gray’s reaction - Henry views on influence o “all influence is negative” o the recipient becomes a mirror of the other. Lord Henry’s views on the self - Gray’s response - his new expression o Captured by Hallward in the Portrait In the garden - Lord Henry’s emphasis on the senses  Connection of senses to the soul - opposite to the Samana o Importance of beauty Lord Henry’s advice - Warning that beauty is temporary - Life should be lived while beauty remains o “The world belongs to you for a season” Gray’s reaction to the finished painting - recognition of his beauty - moment of despair o Dorian’s wish Basil’s attempt to destroy the panting - Dorian’s reaction o “it would be murder” Dorian’s new life - Sybil Vane – Dorian’s love o Dorian’s rebuff, Sybil’s suicide. o He drives he to her death - Debauchery and sin - The aging of the painting - The death of Basil - Sybil’s brother was trying to catch up to him to kill him, but he said look at me I am 19 and it could not be me. And the brother was like you are right but then he noticed how he was played. - Dorian’s renouncement of his ways o His death Double Take Kevin Connelly – Double Take - People’s reaction to his physical appearance - His reflection to them o is he justified? o He takes taking pictures of people looking at him.


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