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AHS 102 Week 4 Notes Dr. Phillips

by: Sarah Gardner

AHS 102 Week 4 Notes Dr. Phillips AHS 102

Marketplace > Ball State University > Art History > AHS 102 > AHS 102 Week 4 Notes Dr Phillips
Sarah Gardner
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Ball State University, Spring 2016 MWF 12:00 -12:50, Dr. Natilie Philips
History of Art Survey 2
Natalie E Phillips
Class Notes
Art History, Ball State
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Gardner on Sunday February 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AHS 102 at Ball State University taught by Natalie E Phillips in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see History of Art Survey 2 in Art History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 02/07/16
AHS 102 Dr Phillips Week 4 Notes: Early Renaissance Cont. (Sculpture) I. Left off with: Donatello a. David i. Less muscular than classical sculpture ii. Young teenage boy (tummy) iii. Wore Greek boots for shepherds (underdog) II. Return of Brunelleschi a. Comes back to Florence for another contest- Dome of the cathedral of Florence b. Giorgio Vasari told the story about the egg i. Most likely false in a literal sense. ii. Vasari was trying to say they were looking for someone who thought outside the box c. Brun. Had cranes, pulleys, and created a specific kind of scaffolding for the job d. Double-dome i. Had interior painting (done by Vasari) III. Architect: Michelozzo a. The Medici Palace i. Fancy but not flamboyant. Scared of angry peasants ii. Bottom larger, stones more rough cut 1. Symbolizes political power iii. Top smooth, can barely see stones at all 1. Symbolizes sophistication in supporting the arts iv. Very classical looking (open air courtyard) Early Renaisannce Painting I. Andrea Castagno, The Last Supper a. Good linear perspective b. Psychological drama (interest) c. Located at a refectory (where monks eat) d. Trompe l’oeil = trick of the eye i. Linear perspective ii. Illusion of 3D II. Andrea Mantegna, ceiling of Palazzo Ducale a. Oculus – architectural circle opening in roof (painting of it in Palazzo Ducale’s case) b. More trompe l’oeil c. Foreshortening with cupids d. Comical image III. More Andrea Mantegna a. St james led to his martyrdom i. Triumphal arch, contrapossto, chiaroscuro = classical influence ii. Worm’s eye view = Josiah’s pov (from floor) b. Dead Christ i. Expressive perspective ii. Artists starting to tweak perspective to suit needs/goals in piece IV. Sandro Botticelli a. La Primavera i. Commissioned by medici wedding ii. Metaphor for good wife iii. Reading from R to L 1. Zephyr, Chloris, Flora (Flora sophisticated after marriage, even though husband violent) 2. The 3 graces (teach woman how to be good wife) 3. Mercury = groom (wealth, messenger, abundance) V. Neo Platonism a. Spread by Marsilio Ficino i. All religions are a revelation from God (aka all relgions have roots in Christianity) ii. Opens way to paint new subject matter without “going against” Christianity VI. Masaccio The Tribute Money a. From the Brancacci Chapel b. Demonstrates a continuous narrative i. There are 3 moment of the story in one picture plane ii. You see St. Peter in all of the scenes and the tax collector twice iii. Story = The tax collector says to pay taxes, disciples say no, Jesus tells them to. He sends Peter to the water, finds money in the mouth of the fish, and then goes to the tax collector and pays up. iv. There is some linear perspective, but main focus is atmospheric VII. Masaccio The Holy Trinity a. Mary on the left serving as an interlocutor (pointing toward the focal point while looking at the viewer) b. Patrons at the bottom VIII. Masaccio Madonna Enthroned a. Best linear perspective from this artist b. Angel figures are foreshortened in the foreground (turned to the side) c. Christ looks more babyish and there is a more realistic relationship between mother and child – feeding him grapes d. Symbolism: grapes = blood of Christ (foreshadowing eventual death


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