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French 101 Week 2 Notes

by: cpark100

French 101 Week 2 Notes 41020

Marketplace > Ithaca College > French > 41020 > French 101 Week 2 Notes
French 101
Dr. Mat Fournier

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About this Document

Notes covering week 2 of class. Includes more vocabulary, phrases, and describing adjectives.
French 101
Dr. Mat Fournier
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by cpark100 on Sunday February 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 41020 at Ithaca College taught by Dr. Mat Fournier in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see French 101 in French at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 02/07/16
French 101 Notes Week 2 Vocabulary and Phrases Quarante 40 caraunt Semaine week ll est heurs It is hour minute Midi 12 pmnoon Et demi 30 minute mark Et quart 15 minute mark Moin minus the hour so any minute that is over 30 you have to use moin 0 Example 1145 in French would be douze moin le quart or onze heur quarante cinq For more vocabulary and a review of what we learned in class today check pages 14 1617 vocab and phrases are either throughout the page and on the very bottom Talking about yourself and your schedule know the different adjectives to describe yourself je suis I am je ne suis pas lam not j habite live 0 habite is pronounced habit je n habite pas I don t live 0 n habite pronounced like nabbit like dang nabbit je parle I speak other phrases to learn are on page 18 REMEMBER this is an example Je n ehabite pas the apostrophe replaces the e you need both quotnen pasquot to negate something Rules to saying time ll est number heures it s what the time is ll est number of hour heaures minutes used to tell time after the hour up to the half hour ll est number of next hour heures moins minutes until the next hour used to tell time after the half hour mark Instead of AM and RM use these 0 Du matin after midnight until noon 0 De l apr s midi after noon until 6 RM o Du soir 6 PM until midnight Vocabulary and phrases Iisez read apprenez learn comptez count coutez listen to prenez take out crivez write Faites do exercises Donnezmoi give me R pondez answer Ouvrez open up Ca s crit comment How is that written Ca s crit avec ou sans accent is that written with or without an accent Ca s crit avec un ou deux letter name en francais en anglias is that written with one or two letter s in French in English Beaucoup very much Cu or 00 where more phrases you should learn are on page 22 Also more vocabulary words and phrases are on page 26 and 27 In class we learned how to do utilize the phrases learned from what was above the alphabet spelling names and communicating in class this is a really important lesson Differences between masculine and feminine words and phrases if you know a bit of Spanish this will be a little bit easier to learn list of examples Masculine singular Feminine plural Feminine singular Masculine plural Petit Petits Petite Petites Canadien Canadiens Canadienne Canadienne s Gros Gros Grosse grosses These are a few examples but some adjectives are irregular and different depending on the gender Things to remember masculine singular form of the adjective is the base form add an e to change this form to feminine unless it already ends in an unaccented e if it ends in an accented add another e to form the feminine add an s to make an adjective plural unless it ends in s or x there are different words for each gender for the same adjective 0 beau beautiful masculine o belle beautiful feminine use c39estce sont singularplural to identify people with nouns use il lelle est or ilsells sont mas singfem sing or mas plurfem plur to describe people with adjectives Refer to pages 32 and 34 for notes and clari cation and today s lesson


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