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history notes 2-8-16 professor pan

by: Tessa Mosher

history notes 2-8-16 professor pan HIS 102

Marketplace > State University of New York at Oswego > History > HIS 102 > history notes 2 8 16 professor pan
Tessa Mosher
SUNY Oswego

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About this Document

World History 20th Century
Gregory S Parsons (P)
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tessa Mosher on Monday February 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 102 at State University of New York at Oswego taught by Gregory S Parsons (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see World History 20th Century in History at State University of New York at Oswego.


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Date Created: 02/08/16
History notes 2-8-16 The Shift Balance of Power Japan the rise of New Power  Japan begins to accept western society and modernize Japan: Anxiety of Being Modernized  Modernity- intrinsic links?- Democracy and industrialization - Democracy and Social stability - Democracy and Nationalism - Democracy and Colonialism  Liberalism  Modernization and western culture  Cultural changes- identity First encounter- Western Barbarians - Commodore Matthew C. Perry Exotic Japan in the eyes of the Americans (1853) Treaty of Knagawa 1854- allowed Americans to trade in Japan in two ports and allowed Americans to establish things in Tokyo Causes a scare in Japan because they viewed Americans as barbarians- one group wants to fight them another wants to accept and build up enough to fight back against the ‘barbarians’ The Meiji Slogan  Rich Nation  Strong Military  Civilization  Enlightenment Li Naosuke Oct. 1 1853  Goal is to establish a modern navy under disguise of commercial ships  Learn how to fight on ocean  Then attack the west Empire Making (Enroachment on its neighbors, surviving space for Japan)  1910 annexed Korea  1915 issued 21 Demands to Chinese gov.  1931 Manchuria  1932 Manchuguo: puppet government of Japan and condemned by League of nations  Japan leaves league of Nations 1873- Annexed Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa) most important marine base US had in Asia 1895- Sino-Japanese War- authority over Korea (Japan wins on land and in sea) 1902- Anglo-Japanese alliance- Russia is enemy 1904- Russo-Japanese War- Russia and Japan: land and ocean actually taken place in China Japan does not have overwhelming win on land but on ocean they had a huge win 1910- Annex Korea Foreign Relations  Cooperative Policy with the west  Join triple entente  Treaty of Versailles  Invasion of Siberia (1918-1922)  Arms Reduction (Washington Naval Conference 1921-22)  Withdraw from Siberia 1922 Japanese empire 1922 Ginza 1874 Earthquake ruins city but renewal brings more western modernization Education- western style edu. Changes of fashion- learn western style curriculum  Western style uniforms  Women become less traditional with clothing


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