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BLD 204 Notes

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by: Lauren Bedro

BLD 204 Notes BLD 204

Lauren Bedro

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About this Document

These are my BLD 204 notes
Mechanisms of Disease
Dr. Morris
Class Notes
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1 review
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"Same time next week teach? Can't wait for next weeks notes!"
Elta Daniel

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Bedro on Monday February 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BLD 204 at Michigan State University taught by Dr. Morris in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 71 views.


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Same time next week teach? Can't wait for next weeks notes!

-Elta Daniel


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Date Created: 02/08/16
Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Science Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks, was a  very interesting read, filled with many thought­provoking issues.  There were many  topics that future scientists and doctors should be mindful of as they make their way into  medical school and other pre­professional careers.  It is essential to recognize the  concerns in science and keep up with the fast changing scientific world.   Having a  brilliant idea is only half the battle to succeeding in this field.  Ben Goldacre argues that  the other half is how one presents the results of their experiment.  Ben Goldacre starts off his book with his views on detox footbaths.  Many news  stations and magazines have promoted these treatments as a way to drain toxins from the  body.  Goldacre explains, “Detox footbaths have been promoted uncritically in some very embarrassing articles in the New York Daily News, the Telegraph, the Mirror, The  Sunday Times (London), GQ magazine, and various TV shows,”(p4 Goldacre).  This was  the first statement Goldacre said that clearly showed his voice.  Using the words  ‘uncritically’ and ‘embarrassing’ allowed me to realize Goldacre is not a fan of this  product and the information the media displayed.  Goldacre continues to talk about this  detox by giving an example of someone who has used it.  Sellers say when the person’s  feet are placed in the bath, toxins are released through pores of feet turning the bath water brown.  Goldacre then says, “Is the brown in the water because of the toxins? Or is that  merely theater?”(p4, Goldacre).  This expresses to the reader how Goldacre feels about  this product.  He contradicts the science behind it.  Goldacre then says, “I’ve asked the  manufactures of many detox products this question time and again, but they demur.  They wave their hands, they talk about junk food, but they will not tell me the name of a single  chemical that I can measure.  ‘What toxins are being extracted from the body with your  treatment?’ I ask.  ‘Tell me what is in the water, and I will look for it in a laboratory.’ I  have never been given an answer.“ (p6 Goldacre). This quote clearly explains Ben  Goldacre’s opinion of the detox bath, but more importantly, it explains the Ben  Goldacre’s personality.  He is very straightforward with his thoughts and lets everyone  know what he thinks.  He describes this product in a voice that allows the reader to  understand the message he wants them to take away from the reading.  Not only does he  provide factual information, he provides it in a very direct and critical way.  I like how  Ben Goldacre explains his view of the detox baths.  Through his word choice and tone of  voice, I can understand exactly how he feels about this product.  His critical and sassy  voice makes the book more interesting and fun to read.   Ben Goldacre uses his blunt and sassy voice throughout the whole book,  criticizing many different products and companies.  Another topic where his voice boldly  stands out to me is when he talks about drug companies and how they distort the results  of their drugs to compete with a top selling drug.  Goldacre gives a very honest  description of how to make a drug compete with a top selling drug.  He says, “What I’m  about to tell you is what I teach my medical students and doctors­ here and there­ in a  lecture I rather call drug company bullshit.”(p154 Goldacre).  I find this quote to be very  funny.  How he defines a drug company as “bullshit” is a powerful word that allows the  reader to understand just how he feels about drug companies.  He proceeds, describing  how to make a drug look more brilliant than it actually is. He says ,“If you have to compare your drug with one produced by a competitor-to save face or because a regulator demands it- you could try a sneaky underhand trick: use an inadequate dose of the competing drug… or give the competing drug in the wrong way (perhaps orally when it should be intravenous, and hope the readers don’t notice)… Your drug will shine by comparison.” (p155 Goldacre). I think this quote is a good example of exactly how Goldacre feels about these drug companies. He is very sassy with his word choice. By selecting phrases like “sneaky underhand trick” ,“hope the readers don’t notice”, and “your drug will shine in comparison” expresses to the reader that Goldacre doesn’t think very highly of drug companies and is very negative toward their experimental results. It is very clear the message Goldacre wants readers to take from this book. His word choice and feisty tone gives the reader a good understanding of the takeaway message.


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