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Ch. 2 Notes

by: Angela Gervais

Ch. 2 Notes NREM 101

Angela Gervais
GPA 3.02

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About this Document

These notes cover chapter 2 for the textbook.
Environment and Society
Dr. Gruver
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angela Gervais on Monday February 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NREM 101 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Gruver in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Environment and Society in Environmental Science at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 02/08/16
L h rap{5 Z : .fu:v-,/sr1{y!s{,* \thli(,.,, L{.cn (^ir,,lt ' r\"{il'ru1 i, f,nCl ) :-Lvunqf !stl_c-*v-r_rjd bl'> +4^f .,,t- hu^a"ls nr+ ,,A(;, om naJ:uf uDCt,.. .eLq un+{-, r -;ffi =rtr-re olt$t..&flt{ _ f ::. { r.t!-:t.l-T.,:,cusfn,,ri rruu'vrr/t -j*tnoo;Jit- -(l- rttt"r!'\Lrl : Lnr^i t ''v ' t,1t-C"$.,ha'**cr'rrierpnerl --& i {{"-vu*.-o*. J|K;fefatgaf;:* fl"ciuv:rf,u:-!of indn^nk1tr lo ncLti.*,{ +*.e rtto.tiqnlnrr€ of I jl":::^t^I* o^f e.,or.rrt.* thrlujra . J:!-a nar.uat " Screchryr : fln#-of 'r*''-u!:tnat:tnur,rr*^J--" - :"'*' f'ft" i. u ::.;,,P,,;; fm v [cnl\lnla I nnorreruzrt | ,.,-. rrr j-hr'MW&a,r:, f,:t::11 l"LJircrd] -umid,,rurr*;fti t'''1f.a{f'Ur:i[r. i sI i. ..,-r_L'ra-{-L-1rf;.!_lt:rb_t),f.fifffg4if#l:r,,1C5__ace{ it!*qr dnv'*xr,t lrerrns &cr* h,e_p,*5r-_c_qxcr hv fu.beJf s ato o,;,_f iho,, ra"llr.gwe $n*otrt dg"Lu.g n(ffiur{ i- i i "$octrga$e\j'kro'.rs'snoof Pc^rks0nd pu'briclar - i\xg'i-"--&g-e-- j .r.<or\(.lAnZ_3tg"l.<" i'^)''\dArre m^i\5 -Qr\Sl\( -3tg"l.<" iSf,*ufA ALe:;;rg::-:.; rry'v\-\r^Ds\^-a'tFt-bhc re'so'rss $.'e :i@ sors!044 l-oshov.h prcxrrd.r.,,e A^d nuroos rv''tsrr$tamo'lte r I iiD"*tO q,€o'icrf crrrr'o*nt peqre.f iX*o"t<stb0r\ottTh"H*t*-J^ ,Asor,a corrn+xAi , t":P"oIt:: u$W^ n'r4"\{ +tttdrd - iA\do rlaoolc reui 4\o"d /,srr€Ar:pnn3 .-ifro-r,l^4qr{sonrb,"ots.wr\\\cn .^ a ,!,.,/i+R^Drwr,r\rrttB'omb*,o$! :il'* *uu r\rkd'rv'r foprart\s. -ttr.ff:i;-: ' : o-\foed'tron5 }hcut ii righr ;f itis ti.rj:l,t$ll-'5'ayr**-*'-:Jno{ ocrrots . lrrrra,ttud' euch ar- krndr,rr!,hor*t\, {o$o'ltg ffir**"* 6rL"6pr'q\&Qr--t:'t-r'.vv ',rrsq .'r, (,oo144r'r4/1U^ba>ed't'*lni]_{Ad,t lxt:af "iVtt'rr*a$,.a{5 -- ";:;iri, r. ira naorr\tfJr o.ord tO rr t% ac 4l^t rh€:bualEt ryoltot^ iO-ctus"g ss ef ae i?m- ; ox-**,' n: *Tl$t irleiu* :Pg$q$oc$an1$m, of-,objg+ Uaiv,r^ ,Ls aa &M Un+o t : a ,thht/o\rrt Jh.,qtt5 a_q.ta4s &+r ud ttorrfr {ecio+u f nn$,es&L : h-rrnnsr,hqd no frthf fo.d*-rpis h *he drvcrsiag q4d, r"lc,rurosof e-4th'5 - ---g-cqs-1-E1e\:dQ,p_b n_*etrr)ta-t needt nne-e:fsils atads tnilroryt^nt :$a*-0=rnrncfit do€! alf ,lfiuera +hr ' u}i+\^^6"ldt\d'-Jr'*'hllns 7ar d{u\&ttoo ipnr lq{tgro"u{ ' tloa p\tl-s o{ 4ood5 s i'''ri'i,fi'{x{\CI[d$arcrot,rrrvtt{wl'adcss o0 gPdur't-ion 156 o{-''dnJ\e^'u r: - : *frn rd q'e'f,''{\qrctg€f|:^.rq -l 0.u c-'r\0';hiti\att W'tc ta'C agta.lot'5 trr"'{el&rtrc/1 Su"Plr,5 ,tt ggbff{A'ndurri ibt {tr *o grduct a cqt*adit'x - ffi t--.^.h^e ,ost ,-- p1/y'-' iflt* \o v\x'N\(^'r mlnqrt$s\ o{ *re pn 'N3tq,L ,',!a] }^u"uf"$- 1*:,^1',: ' ^ ^'..,o,,rr,4praf-tr ' tqeg N ld dlma d . i..-: . i$,&Lttr r I t0''fwt et' 0- o#*-X ar6"fted*\La fng tL$flst-ltL &!r it ,a''e-{vct'-'*irtt0'i}Agc- ;li:e'tkn crx-.Silm*['i'nAtlt a-s fic *h* 0 g-- o. Lorr'rnodi\ ffrtt t'1*L &o'*\' w\r\rq"tnffr-t , €lonani r \rur'"Lr " ' cah< at wwic6 i.,*t , - --s tlcnf- +a C-i#g{-s.s s: -bu4*o o 4hii$ tt"4ry41 i* s- an'd rnr css}: *f @ bgt+ ;-;t rtY*I th*q' *rL o{ b.d qaorrc$ ia,rtg(nAf,blc }qur, ktts p,ff-At,Wr t'*,** gr,.i. (:tt{.nd,an' t l:g{'tttt &lL ca'its t.x.rtrr".crztr{ {0.rls r,;rrhLrngfrtf tfr'nrr{.L}W._qi,apost! i,f arrd borrcft+s aS|o_cro*zd, ,.,it-}6a p,,d{*fisn y+ c,"mod,q +nqt ,f&et peqau-t o:tl,ru,.txaau$s snd_ ;t,oL?Ar 'iPqS+\< ex.t;{}a!itr,ar:i5t--id-liu4'a-,1to,rd p* 6UvA*s f,!- r,*q.tpnory:lfoaeq4tbl tD-eh$qal, o#ttrs, i :lmpert -cpt$+s-- ladlu-[4^,oJr-urbo-qrc, ^ i,l'qf'ks,rlvrFi$t3 d.rr:-lltf,ci:s _ j-Llrl$e'r* fi€sc.-.,"c4s,' jLr'Q'ii*niL, lrJLl!t.f4:t'rr*f flrnq';r-,i:l S,gf:+r,!€i -:\")'1t;w1+-r-$ctD (d"{'r J r% bo- r.ts*"d *a-.r',r.gag'.i*,e'f€,Le.fru{ .jW:d-$&n'toLa-{nPqF!e\sqr!lrn5lwsl-to'.eqr4*4n.. 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