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Week 2- MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra

by: Anne Henselman

Week 2- MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra MATH 290

Marketplace > Kansas > Math > MATH 290 > Week 2 MATH 290 Elementary Linear Algebra
Anne Henselman
GPA 3.25
Elementary Linear Algebra
Professor Myunghyun Oh

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About this Document

This week we continued to go over Chapter 1 and went over some homework problems in class.
Elementary Linear Algebra
Professor Myunghyun Oh
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anne Henselman on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 290 at Kansas taught by Professor Myunghyun Oh in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see Elementary Linear Algebra in Math at Kansas.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
f 139 w CKM39C 1an bm W A u I M cm Cl Ctquot2 Qn I 3 ak Ow CMMA Om Q93 0 w 3amp1 1 i f O o04 j I in O O lt l i O O 0 I Og 4 Eampmkgwmm GL4 E wH39F 39 39 gem V 7 7 WW3 H H W Sm39 W H l39 39 ram I 8 POLO can i2 Sicko c acK govn mobceoi 3013 Cam gg xci 8060 L30 305 213 j H OK 030213 W 39 O 3 07779 6303 S ri w 5P hear Lafz 2913 Q X 4quot H a X 3 Q Aimafjs have QJ 306 am Kr w Pamm XA O Saga 0 d ampamp4 l l i r 1 1 i l WUJJ nu P erv 3x3ii it af x VSi5 g LSng 4 E1Q V O s E 95 63 A DPMM VCJle a a mu 33933ka He 8643 as merj O39VLL mk n lt31 imkr kkgq WW isms O J J gt 23 21 f 2X amp3 3c 2 0345 CL39 K QZ C39 X zra quot3 453 X z 1 Gk 3 Lga3 mgwk go 1 05 t3 5 O 25 o 4 no 50 I4 VOHLL ru S i Scifjn v 7 hr W WWampaq iix J I 77 n 7 4 a A ggi M A Clymxn hi JiJJJJ aLI I I I i i lt1 3 quot Mauzgwc I 6 47 ig H w m ox t a r I V d m x 1 I m a X 1 f x x JimJ Jig v 1 exit 1 111 ml uu tuor39u li 1r V A A 4 xr quot F k a A a lt a m M m 9 4h H m amp 4 pm A m Z 1415 be amp l M w ZQ JAMS 1 M4 J l it 1 QEW do 6quot S a U k QLP u Q 42 A 4 a Ln V wi IMNH x V i i M Wt size Mm A Q15gtWKf MY gleam c NuFix m 3 w ucckrr W n 394 r f v W4 A23 Lg on ba mamaslt26 u o u 1 4 I I ScaQar W pie n 4 A Pquot d w 3 k2 Ckx bl WIJJJ 4 J x l x A ct f R 2lt0 pl Emmy Iva 2 3 4 1 o 0 a b ozj 1339 4 F 03 0 oto f I BA OZ qOy2 J J 739 0 0 3395 7 2 m V i BM l the Ie 37 L3 LA 16 L ZC 6 3X2 3 q LF 3931 a 39739 Pm 30 Astch x2 3m quoti r 1 a cf391a 739m quot Cij ngmwx we Jars WW Pu A m m gm Tmnspose PIT 39 CDCR BTI A HHS AT 9quot W C A CAT39 Q A Bquot SW A e A A 3934 quot it RTjY ATquot 3 H A x 1 390 6153 4 269 943252r u 0 pk V 153 vccgngahfag EXAMPLE Hi ua o s 5P L Had 54 HA a a g Z 2 i4quot i 239 O 2 3 39 quot 3 2 O 3 2 0 A k 2 1 40 3L 04L7 Z 1C22u3k2 QwOGSEMk 35 gm 2 32 9ek n2 14 1 kzr th i j 3 1c Rica 20 0 10 2 haHO 0 3 I 1531 1 s PEACTK E F W s I Ok b bamp 8 i I 3dc 2d 1 5 Q 2x2 W 3 Sab5 rat L a327 a I 33937 5 u 3L ii k C g k ZdC tQ 1 4 F3 3


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