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GWSS 257 Feb 2 Notes

by: Aaron Jin

GWSS 257 Feb 2 Notes GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender

Aaron Jin
GPA 3.87
Psychology of Gender
Ann Voorhies

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About this Document

Daily lecture notes
Psychology of Gender
Ann Voorhies
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aaron Jin on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender at University of Washington taught by Ann Voorhies in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Gender in Women and Gender studies at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
GWSSPSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender Topic Development cont d 2 February 2015 Professor Notes for Reference PP 6 Sexual Development cont Today s Reading quotGender identity A multidimensional analysis with implications for psychosocial adjustment article Lecture Notes and Questions Sexual Development cont Correlation between prenatal hormone exposure and sexual orientation is definitely not causation Clicker Q The presence of testosterone results in the development of the scrotum NOT reduction of the Mullerian ducts Only the Mullerianinhibiting hormoneantiMullerian hormone does this Pubrerty Sexual development Pt 2 Hormone release initiates puberty Sexual maturation begins when hypothalamus begins to secrete gonadotropinreleasing hormone GnRH o GnRH stimulate anterior pituary to release gonadotropic hormones including luteinizing hormone LF and Follica stimulatory hormonr FSH o Gonadic hormones stimulate gonads to release sex hormonrs I Ovaries estradiol and a bit of androgen I Testes androgen and a bit of estradiol Sexual Maturation Primary sex characteristics result in fertility ones central to reproduction 0 Structure directly related to production I Genitals grow to full size in females the uterus grows and vagina lining thickens In males testes penis and scrotal sac emerges o Gamete production begins ovulation and spermarche Secondary sex characteristics ones not directly related to reproduction o Estradiol breast growth and hip widening o Androgen deeper voice and facial hair 0 Androgen from androgenal glands both sexes increased body hair Timing of Puberty onset Sequence of changes is same for all females and for all males 0 Timing of changes variable about 6 years I Girls enter puberty 392 years ahead of boys on average 0 Menarche begins when faelaes reach 17 body fat very consistently I Girls influence timing via body fat storage I Stress levels increase hormone production o Hypothesis body feels threatened so wants to prepare for reproduction before death 0 Stimulate puberty o Irregularities in the cycle 0 Males slower to reach puberty likely due to lower body fat I Less evidence on how stress affects male puberty but likely similar to how it affects female puberty 0 Typically AfricanAmerican females hit puberty first on average then white Americans and then AsianAmericans due to body types and socialbiological factors 0 Know that hormone balance leads to menstruation not the ova in the fallopian tube Hormone balance leads to that but the ova moving through the fallopian tube is not necessarily a prerequisite to having a period Clicker Q important will show up on test Are testes internal reproductive organs The answer is no the testes are gonads that produce gametes Internal reproductive organs are all tubes Hormonal effects on emotions Hormones blamed for negative emotions associated with puberty but not the case 0 Rapid rise in hormone levels at puberty has small direct effect on emotions 0 Physical effects initiated by hormones have larger effect on emotional state I Change in expectations from adults and peers I Unwanted attention esp for females and males in early stages of development Testosterone correlated with impulsivity and sexual thoughts 0 Aggression in adolescents vs adults Aggression is just highrisk and more visible 0 Sexual thoughts and behaviors as well Cyclic fluctuations in estradiol and progesterone are associated with minor mood shifts during the menstrual cycle Actually strongly correlates with happiness positivity and socialability possibly to be most attractive for reproduction o Mood is best during preovulatory phase when estradiol is high I Including significantly positive mood during menstrual phase Little legitimate evidence that PMS is debilitating but widespread belief why 0 Women selfreport having a bad mood even though data reports show mood pleasantness is high I Social expectations condition people to respond how they are expected to I Where did it come from 9societal and institutional standards demonizing women and women s functions I Culturally agreed that PMS basically an excuse for women showing any real emotion which serves to invalidate their emotions


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