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HR management week 3

by: 12

HR management week 3 HRMG 4380-001


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About this Document

human resource planning, strategic plans, surplus and shortages. labor supply and demand
Human resource management
Donald Garner
Class Notes
HR, human resources, Management, Planning, business
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by 12 on Monday February 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HRMG 4380-001 at University of Colorado Colorado Springs taught by Donald Garner in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Human resource management in Human Development at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

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Date Created: 02/08/16
HR management week 3 You have to have the right people, or else you will not achieve strategic goals HR planning: the process of anticipating an organization’s future HR needs and then developing action plans for fulfilling identified needs Overall cost leadership: low costs Differentiation: something different, higher prices Cost focus: only carry low discounted goods Differentiation focus: different LABOR ORIENTATION External Bargain labor/ bargain goods free agent Low emphasis on retaining high performers low emphasis on high performers And removing low performers: Walmart high in low performers: consulting firms Internal Loyal soldier committed expert High emphasis on high performers high emphasis keeping high performers Low on retaining low performers: GM high removing low performers: Intel Cost leadership TALENT TYPE Difference NOW more important because: 1. Globalization 2. New technology 3. Changing skill levels in workplace 4. Changing demographics of workplace 5. Mergers and acquisitions 6. Legal developments  Start forecasting!  Quantitative techniques- labor demands  Labor supply matrices-markov model (quantity)  Skill inventory-inventory of all employee skills  Succession: HR will know who will replace who in case of emergency Goal setting/ implementation and evaluation Surplus: hiring freeze Alternatives to layoffs:  Reduce work hours  Reassign workers  Lend employees  Reduce hiring  Cut costs  Encourage voluntary separation Surplus:  Downsizing  Pay reductions  Demotions  Transfers  Work sharing  Hiring freeze  Natural attrition  Early retirement  Retraining Shortage:  Overtime  Temporary employees  Outsourcing  Retrained transfers  Turnover reductions  New external hires  Technological innovation Advantages of employing temporary workers  Increases organization’s flexibility  Acts as a source for permanent hires  Bring outside perspective to firm Disadvantages  Tension between Temp and full time  Outsourcing can have long term negative consequences  Increases training and orientation costs Downsize right (ethically) because: 1. Out of consideration to your contributors 2. To send a signal to the survivors that HR are still valued 3. To prevent lawsuits


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