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lecture 4 & 5

by: Olivia Lee

lecture 4 & 5 HSCI131

Olivia Lee
GPA 3.65
Intro to Medical Terminology
Lisa M. Hilliard

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About this Document

weekly notes
Intro to Medical Terminology
Lisa M. Hilliard
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Olivia Lee on Monday February 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HSCI131 at Purdue University taught by Lisa M. Hilliard in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views.


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Date Created: 02/08/16
root hair embedded in dermis DDDDD hair follicle root together with its coverings DDDDD papilla loop of capillaries enclosed at the bottom of the follicle DDDDD nail bed where nail grows over DDDDD lunula half moon shape at the base of the nail new growth occurs here DDDDD cutaneo skin DDDDD subcutaneous pertaining to beneath the skin DDDDD dermato skin 2 DDDDD dermatoplasty surgical repair of the skin DDDDD dermo skin 3 DDDDD hidradenitis in ammation of the sweat glands DDDDD sudoresis profuse sweating also called hyperhidrosis DDDDD ichthyo dry scaly DDDDD ichthyosis abnormal condition of dry or scaly skin DDDDD keratosis abnormal condition of horny tissue DDDDD melano black DDDDD dermatomycosis fungal infection of the skin DDDDD onycho nail DDDDD onychomalacia softening of the nails DDDDD Elli DDDDD pilonidal pertaining to hair in a nest DDDDD trichoo hair 2 DDDDD trichopathy disease involving the hair DDDDD sclero hardening sclera white of the eye DDDDD scleroderma hardening of the skin DDDDD seborrhea discharge of sebum DDDDD xenograft skin transplantation from a foreign donor pig for a human also called a heterograft DDDDD xeroderma dry skin DDDDD cyte cell DDDDD derma skin DDDDD pyoderma pus in the skin DDDDD logy study of DDDDD dermatology study of the skin amp it39s diseases DDDDD an without not DDDDD anhidrosis abnormal condition or not sweating DDDDD diaphoresis excessive or profuse sweating also called sudoresis or hyperhidrosis DDDDD sub under below DDDDD subungual pertaining to beneath the nail of a nger or a toe DDDDD locaHzed area of de nite size DDDDD systemic widely spread throughout the body DDDDD rst degree super cial burns least serious type of burn because they injure only the top layers of the skin epidermis DDDDD seconddegree partialthickness burns deep burns that damage the epidermis and part of the dermis DDDDD third degree fullthickness burns the epidermis and dermis are destroyed and some underlying connective tissue is damaged leaving the skin waxy and charred DDDDD neoplasms abnormal growth of new tissue classi ed as benign or malignant DDDDD benign neoplasms noncancerous growths composed of the same type of cells as the tissue in which they are growing DDDDD immunotherapy also called biotherapy newer treatment that stimulates the body39s own immune defenses to ght tumor cells DDDDD pathologists grade and stage tumors to help in diagnosis and treatment planning DDDDD basal cell carcinoma most common type of skin cancer malignancy of the basal layer of the epidermis or hair follicles DDDDD squamous cell carcinoma skin that undergoes pathological hardening keratinizing of epidermal cells


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