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CLA 322 2/4/16

by: Kenya

CLA 322 2/4/16 CLA 322 P


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About this Document

Notes for CLA 322 February 4, 2016
greek Mythology: Monsters
Han Tran
Class Notes
CLA 322, Monsters, Classics, Typhon, Zeus
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya on Monday February 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 322 P at University of Miami taught by Han Tran in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see greek Mythology: Monsters in Classical Studies at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 02/08/16
February 4, 2016 CLA 322 Monsters TYPHON continued Before we looked at the account of Hesiod – 8-7 cent BCE Now we look at later accounts (4-5 BCE)  Nonnus Two new elements from Hesiod:  they didn’t fight out right and Zeus had his nerves and his bolts taken  Typhon can be charmed by the pan flute o Think of modern day snake charming Theft of Thunder bolt: 294. Thunderbolts seem to have their own mind, alive  Typhon struggles to lift the bolts of Zeus o Even with 200 hands o Ex. Arthur and Excalibur o Only the one who is worthy can wield them What makes Zeus the “chosen one”?  He knows how to work through cooperation and not through brute force Manly thunder vs feminizing bolt  Perhaps it has to do with his half snake body  Chaotic element that makes the bolts feminized (chaotic) How does Zeus win in this account?  By collaborating with others  Help from a mortal. o Cadmus (The founder of Thebes, killer of the dragon of Ares) o Zeus married Cadmus to Harmonia (Ares daughter with Aphrodite) to quell the discord between Cadmus and Ares o Receives shepherded costume, they are not suspect and they play music to their flocks Pan gives him, costume, herd, and the pan pipes: Combination of Cadmus (disguised) and Eros (?)  All depends on Cadmus playing pipes, or else Olympus will be destroyed THINK: what’s odd about Typhon being calmed by pan flutes?  He is the embodiment of cacophony, it is everything that he goes against  Remember he makes all those sounds from his many heads “Mind robbing” o Result of the Power of Eros and Aphrodite  Cadmus now is part of the line of Zeus o Zeus’ cooperation with not just anybody, but members of his own family “Crafty pan pipes” o Also played by Hermes o His main characteristic is to be crafty “Double gift” o Why did Zeus choose Cadmus?  Cadmus is traditionally married to Harmonia  She means musical harmony  Power of music at the forefront of how Zeus defeats Typhon Focus on this moment: IRONY: Typhon is clueless to what is happening here  He is on the one hand completely entranced by the music, and on the other he says he has no need of it  He even compared the pipes with Zeus’ lightening This “Mesmerizing music” will eventually defeat him  As in hypnotizing  Remember: ARGOS PANOPTES, defeated by HERMES o The monster guards poor IO (one of Zeus’ lover_ o PANOPTES: “All eyes”  Ever watchful and looks in all directions  Hermes combats this by putting the giant to sleep with music and stories Hermes killing Argos Panoptes after enchanting him with music. ( Io on right as cow) TAKE AWAY: These monsters are defeated by music. Music here both rational and not rational. Rational in regards to its form, but its effect operates within the non-rational sphere. It affects our senses, our inner psyche, emotion, etc. Compare the two monsters: o Both are unaware that they even have this inner psyche that is effected by Music Typhon is both seduced and trying to deny the seduction IMP: The music is not reforming Typhon, like the monad does not reform the Christian Echidna Typhon promises goddesses like Athena to Cadmus as marriagble  No, way because she is a virgin. She has to remain so because she is the right hand of Zeus and her power has to remain with her father, and not go to her husband o This is how Zeus’ secures her allegiance to him  Typhon has no idea how the order of Olympia is (like most of these goddesses are already married)  Typhon, in trying to get Cadmus t sing of his rise to power, misjudges the rle of music. Music, and the Muses are for the glory of Zeus and his order Furthermore, when Typhon defends himself (contrasted to Zeus) he uses elements of nature that are ready at hand. He neither cooperates with anyone, nor uses weapons which would be a result of this cooperation. Uses cliffs, crags, hills, basically rocks  Uses hills as helmets for his head  Uses trees (like a sword) Presents himself as truly the son f Gaia, using unprocessed parts of her body His world (the one he promises as well) has not evolved around pure materiality BACK TO THE BASICS:  Bottom snake, top of a humanoid o How diff from Hesiod’s description  Doesn’t have a hundred head, and Hesiod doesn’t mention the snakes half  Though both are associated with the snake element  This snake element will later lump him together with OPHION  Ophion not opposed to Zeus, but to Cronos Apollonius (Argonautica 3d c. BCE) “Orpheus picked up his lyre with his left hand and began to sing. . . . . And he sang of how first Ophion and Eurynome the daughter of Ocean had control of snowy Olympus, and how the former was compelled by Cronus to yield his position of honour to him by the force of his hands, as the latter was by Rhea, and they were cast into the waves of Ocean.” Ophion and Eurynome were thrown into the ocean  Eurynome means “Broad law” which means she rules everywhere  Why her presence is significant? o Allies this couple with the line of the gods, and not (by a notch) to the monsters o She is conceived of having a fish lower half (she is a daughter of ocean)  Poseidon rules the ocean, with his wife Amphitrite (who are never depicted with animal parts) Poetry associated with Orpheus tends to see something more complicated and part of less mainstream religion (not like what the Muses sing) Orphic source: Orpheus is attributed to poetry in Epic meter (dactylic Hexameter)  Hesiod and Homer wrote in this style (showed you were a writer of epic ideas)  Credited with the foundation of certain ritual ORPHEUS:  Some say he was the son of Apollo (probably because of the lyre)  Original tradition (and most likely): A Thracian (coming from a barbarian land) king and a muse o How you account to his direct access to music (even though a barbarian) o He is considered Thracian, because he can charm the gods of the dead. This is a highly disorderly powerful, very not Greek, it had to come from elsewhere  Participated in the quest of the Argonauts. Which were generations before Troy  And Homer wrote during Troy era, making Orpheus ancient th  6 c bce Orphic writings spring up and go all the way to 5 c. CE o 5 CE is when we get an Orphic Argonautica Think of Orphic material new age (with reference to the Greeks) o Orphic belief: o Eschatology: belief in the ends of all things o Soteriology: belief in a savior, how we are all going to be saved o Obsession on purification, to get ready for the end Makes claims of the gods that would seem to be offensive to mainstream Greeks o What seems to be bizarre in these readings is to point the reader’s attention of deeper meanings Back to Apollonius:  Casting the two in the ocean: o Meaning: cast back into the primordial ocean, from which they have not evolved much. This is where they belong o They do not deserve to be leaders of the cosmos, because the cosmos is all about change (evolutionary) o The reptilian is a primordial creature that belongs to an earlier evolutionary time


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