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Russian 100_ 2/8/16 Lecture Notes

by: Sarah Jessica Harris

Russian 100_ 2/8/16 Lecture Notes 637747

Marketplace > Pennsylvania State University Altoona > Russian > 637747 > Russian 100_ 2 8 16 Lecture Notes
Sarah Jessica Harris
Pennsylvania State University Altoona
GPA 3.22
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About this Document

These notes conclude the rest of the information that will be on test one.
Russian 100
Irene Hurd
Class Notes




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Jessica Harris on Monday February 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 637747 at Pennsylvania State University Altoona taught by Irene Hurd in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Russian 100 in Russian at Pennsylvania State University Altoona.

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Date Created: 02/08/16
● National Liberation Movement ​­ Russia would send proxies to support rebel groups  who wanted to bring down their government and raise communism (this was extremely  successful)  ● 43 countries became communist (44% of the world)  ● US thought that better relations with Russia would cause Russia to respect human rights  and adopt democracy (had opposite effect)  ● Bourgeoisie vs. Proletaria ­ Those who have a university education are considered a  part of the Bourgeoisie. Those who did not, were Proletariat (in Marxist ideology)  ● Examples of Bourgeois  ­teachers  ­nurses  ­engineers  ● Examples of Proletarians  ­carpenters  ­electricians  ­construction workers  ● 1998 ­ Gorbachev stops giving aid to communist rebels and communist countries  ● These countries crumbled and communism fell  ● All across the world, religious, ethnic, tribal (wars) etc. broke out  ● Roughly 5 million people died in their own countries due to war, throughout the 90’s  ● Remaining communist countries in the world  ­North Korea  ­China (communist politically, still had free market)  ­Cuba  ­Vietnam  ­Laos  ● Brezhnev Doctrine ­ once a country became communist, it stayed communist  ­First use = Czechoslovakia in 1968  ­Second use = Afghanistan in 1979  ● Soviet Union said they had an obligation to save communists governments when it was  in danger of falling  ● Reagan Doctrine​ ­ if there is a group of rebels l​ommunist ​country, and they  want to overthrow their government to make it non­communist, the US would help them  ● 3 major countries where this was used  ­Nicaragua   ­Afghanistan  ­Angola  ● Reagan referred to the rebels in Nicaragua as “freedom fighters”  ● Reagan Doctrine asunsuccessful   ● ***The Reagan Doctrine was thopposite of the support for National Liberations  Movement***  (This concludes all information that will be on Test1) 


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