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Class Note for MATH 1313 at UH 2


Class Note for MATH 1313 at UH 2

Marketplace > University of Houston > Class Note for MATH 1313 at UH 2

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
psn1doneink psn1doneink Math 1313 Online Summer 2009 12 pm Suppose you buy a piece of office equipment for 1300000 After 6 years you sell it for a scrap value of 300000 The equipment is depreciated linearly over 6 years The rate of depreciation ofthe piece of equipment is l39SynbO3000 1016170 I Z T p LP psn1doneink psn1doneink Example A company that manufactures motorcycle hehnets has monthly xed costs of 555000 and monthly costs of 571335 at a monthly output of 135 helmets The selling rice for each unit is 541 p l 50 Qty UK L a Find the cost function gun s 13S39c 62 lcgs l bSL a 1 Ctvt kl 39 81000 b How many helmets must the company produce and sell if they wish to make a pro t of 35000072 1 t air Q L Ln Lntx ts39s puo mquxw ao lovx S JDDD 09 Do 1 Jou0 102w Low 1 511 70 Example Book Accessories manufactures bookcovers The company sells each bookcover for 630 The total cost for producing 200 bookcovers per month is 6835 whereas the total cost for producing 350 bookcovers per month is 7030 Find the break even point my lu39x COOL 903D DL 4 133 10b4 lqg 1509 4 D 50 ISO L LS Ch 3x 0535 3931 lfb39x 4159 sq 57 11315quot the rx 439 c we I res C3ch 20 30 4435 WU3 may 1 3439quot V bS 7 103 Is t3 3 r MALL Law 5 74445 psn1dunemk psn1dun2mk A manufamlrzr has 3 mmme and M m 5mm an and a yrndumm cm a 521 m mu um prnmtzd mmmmusmszz pzrumt and m brzak mnpmm QM BBJX LU 3 pew Ly CLX 3h dy Lemma H 7 C ojnuu K010 111117 rx u xiii BLUWW J u umm Gauss Inrdan 2hmmaum prams m m coumngsymm Mlmzar Equaubns KDMAJ 5 q 01 HM MAM 2 3 5 5 9921 U7 gyyakwaelko S M x 5 3 Jr 1 O 7 511 7 11 0 V was sql myLko b 3x4y9 psn1doneink Use the Gaussrlordan elimination process on the following system oflinear equations A q 1 3131 3 314 7 1 l lt 31quot 1 42 quotl 411 72 31 q 9L72Lk O i M s 3 l L 395 l m H y gtre gtQ a h jet 0 l 11L L0 397 psn1doneink gran NP39l39CD Example 6 Solve the system of linear equations using the Gausst39dan elimination o i A a e 39 33 17 a 3 1911 o I 7 52 2 0 7 5 i39L L 2 S39 S x 0 rs 4mg 7 K o 1 4 n 1 1 n I o as 5 RiskKai KL 5713 o 1 quot 5 l o D 39 l L a 7 415mm glob o o i psn1doneink From AIA ths g Example 7 You invested a total 0f38000 in two municipal bonds that have a yield of 4 and 6 interest per year respectively The interest you canted from the bonds was 1930 How much dzd you invest in each bond Use the Gauss Jordan elimination 39x b 395 90 method to solve lt 1 t we J o I I39bD 041 0 0 55 Mango 0quot b J 1000 L1 log ql D SIaou lQ V QI 7K7 1 gqooo 8000 6 1 0003 hker L L o lD S DD 4 1 Thsvo W197quot 39 HA vet 1 o I 10qu 3210500 3amp1 psn1doneink Example Solve the system of linear equations using the GaussJordan elimination method 2x y 7 2 4 a i 7 l 395 e1 3 393 773 1 395 1 5 1 L quotL L 3x4yi7 3 4 7 395 LI 1 3 13 393 7 A 2 1 1quot7Q1 05 0 ID 395amp 5715 0 S 39 5 H 1 0 7 U 0 3 395 1R k139 o z lt9 gtLL o o s 1 a o a 3 l o 5 a 395 10


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