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NUTR 244 Chapter 2 Flashcards

by: Amber Logan

NUTR 244 Chapter 2 Flashcards NUTR 244

Amber Logan
GPA 4.2

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About this Document

These flashcards cover vocabulary and big concepts from NUTR 244 Chapter 2 (Designing a Healthful Diet). I recommend either printing the document and cutting the flashcards out, or covering the hal...
Human Nutrition
Jean Cerami
Class Notes
nutrition, diet, health, food labels
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amber Logan on Tuesday February 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NUTR 244 at University of New Mexico taught by Jean Cerami in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of New Mexico.

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Date Created: 02/09/16
1.   Adequate  –  provides  enough   nutrients  to  fuel  activity  level   2.   Moderate  –  not  too  much  or  too   A  healthful  diet  is…   little   3.   Balanced  –  proper  proportions   4.   Varied  –  variety  of  foods  from  all   food  groups   Taste  fatigue   Feeling  you  get  after  eating  the  same   food  over  and  over  again   Useful  in  education  and  evaluation  of   food  choices   Food  labels     Regulated  by  FDA   Must  include:     1.   Statement  of  identity   2.   Net  contents  of  package   Anatomy  of  a  food  label   3.   Ingredients  –  listed  in  descending   order  by  weight   4.   Name  and  address  of   manufacturer,  packer,  or  distributer   5.   Nutrition  information  and  facts   Includes:     1.   Serving  size   2.   Servings  per  container   Nutrition  facts  panel   3.   Calories  per  serving   4.   Calories  from  fat  per  serving   5.   List  of  nutrients   6.   %  Daily  Values  (%DVs)   %  Daily  Values  (%DVs)   How  much  a  serving  of  food  contributes   to  your  overall  intake  of  listed  nutrients   Health  claims   Regulated  by  FDA  –  must  be  approved   before  it  can  be  released   Generic  statement  that  is  not  pre-­ approved  by  FDA     Structure-­function  claims   Provide  no  guaranteed  benefit  à  can  be   misleading     e.g.  “Calcium  builds  strong  bones”   Basic  principles:     1.   balance  calories   2.   foods  to  increase  –  fruits,   Dietary  guidelines   vegetables,  whole  grains,  lean   meats,  etc.   3.   foods  to  decrease  –  sodium,   saturated  fat,  added  sugars,  etc.   Relative  amount  of  nutrients  per  amount   of  energy  (#  of  kcals)   Nutrient  density     i.e.  milk  (nutrient  dense)  vs.  soda   (calorically  dense)   Recommendations:     •   enjoy  food,  eat  less  –  avoid   MyPlate   oversized  portions   •   ½  of  plate  should  be  fruits  and   vegetables     Replaced  MyPyramid   Defines  serving  size  that  is  1  oz.  or   Ounce-­equivalent  servings   equivalent  for  grains,  meats,  and  beans   groups    


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