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Fairy Tales of Germany Week Five Notes

by: Isabel Trede

Fairy Tales of Germany Week Five Notes GRMN2503

Marketplace > German > GRMN2503 > Fairy Tales of Germany Week Five Notes
Isabel Trede

GPA 3.78
Fairy Tales of Germany
Professor Schmiesing

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About this Document

These notes go over our last Romantic Era tale, Undine, and our first two tales of literary realism, A Modern Fairy Tale and Spiegel the Cat.
Fairy Tales of Germany
Professor Schmiesing
Class Notes
Spiegel, cat, Romantic, Romanticism, Undine, Realism, literary, Modern, fairy, tale, ETA, Hoffmann, Gottfried, Keller, Friedrich, Fouque
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Isabel Trede on Tuesday February 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GRMN2503 at a university taught by Professor Schmiesing in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views.

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Date Created: 02/09/16
February 8 12 2016 Review 0 Tieck s Eckbert the Blond EckbertBerta father s transgression 0 Weltschmertz in Eckbert the Blond and The Mines of F alun 0 Romantic themes within The Mines of Falun 0 How much canshould Berta be blamed for her transgressions 0 Eckbert is paying for the sins of his father affair childzBerta I Psychological chaos caused throughout the story Eckbert s realityfantasy 0 Do we make decisions consciously 0 1777 1 843 0 came from a noble family originally from Normandy in France 0 short military career word mentioned in the alchemical writing of Paracelus 14931541 0 Fairy tale and romantic gualities of Undine 0 Old Fisherman godfearing 0 Knight Huldbrand I Undine almost 18 childish and bipolar O Kuhlebom Undine s uncle 0 Nature personification 0 Reality and fantasy 0 Fisherman s Story about Undine 0 Loss of child 0 Dorothea vs Undine Christian vs pagan O Huldbreand s Story I Bertalda I Forest I goblins I the soul 0 soul as a terrible thing to bear 0 gets a soul and becomes tame and loving after marriage 0 Relationship between Undine and Bertalda I Immediate connection felt between them because sisters by adoption I They were switched as kids to their parents but then also switched with Huldbrand s love B ertalda then Undine then Bertalda again I dream bigamy Undine s murdering of Huldbrand 0 around 1830 to 1880 I literary realism is much more instead of the past 18111889 0 Member of Berlin Salon culture 0 One of most important J ewishGerman woman writers in 19th century 0 A Modern Fairy Tale was her first published work 1841 0 Champion of women s rights I Berta is dancing at the party even though she is the the small fry 0 People think Aunt Renate is odd because she is not married 0 before going through with something as serious as marriage don t have to marry just because it is a social convention 0 Discussion of the soul and transgression I Romanticism 0 Nature psychological aspect unhappy ending starts in isolation I Spiegel the Cat realistic elements F


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