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full week's notes

by: Ally Hill

full week's notes 26387

Ally Hill
GPA 3.3
Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap

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About this Document

Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ally Hill on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 26387 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Kim Creasap in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Social Aspects of Sexuality in Sociology at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 02/06/15
Sexuality 22 2615 851 PM Brief History of Gay and Lesbian Movements in the USA Community develops in 2 ways shared spaces and places clubs bars community centers etc amp shared experiences harassment discrimination public disrespect Kinsey Reports 1948 1953 0 National sensation everyone was talking about sexuality which opened the space for gay and lesbians in bigger cities to meet up and talk about the experiences they share Homophile Movementquot 19501961 0 0 000000 0000 two primary groups part of this movement 1 group Mattachine Society first homophile organization in the USA We believe they have the right to be We believe that the civil rights and human dignity of homosexuals are as precious as those of any other citizens We believe that the homosexual has the right to live work and participate in a free society Mattachine defends the rights of homosexuals and tries to create a climate of understanding and acceptancequot They support gays having the right to work and live openly they don t ask that you agree with their behavior they just ask that homosexuals are granted the same rights as heterosexuals Comes from a secret society of performers in France Unmarried men performed in masks during the Renaissance Married secretly in apartments in LA Required oath of secrecy During McCarthy Era Many were in Communist Party but got kicked out 239quotI group Daughters of Bilitis 1955 San Francisco name chosen for its obscurity people didn t want to know what it meant If anyone asks we can say it s a poetry clubquot subject to police raids and harassment women wanted a place to dance with other women met in peoples apartments and had dance parties 8 women met regularly and decided to go political Mattachines weren t known to this group bc they were secret organizations Education of the sex variant to enable her to understand herself and make her adjustment to societythis is to be accomplished by establishing a library on the sex deviant theme by sponsoring public discussionsto be conducted by leading members of the legal psychiatric religious and other professions by advocating a mode of behavior and dress acceptable by societyquot they want authority figures to be on board with their movement so it lends legitimacy to their group they want women to understand their sexuality but want them to be normal as well This goes back to respectability and acceptability they want to be as normative as possible to fit into society they want to be accepted so they use society s words they will change themselves to fit in they don t expect the public to make changes sex variantquot comes from sexological literature which enforces that they need professionals to help them with this movementsex variant is a medical term at the time it was a criminal offense to be gay and a psychological disorder homosexuals tried to follow strict gender roles to appear as normal as possible in the late 1960 s there was a turning point The Stonewall Uprisings in 1969 O Stonewall Inn was a bar known to be a hangout for drag queens hustlers and underage drinkers in NYC Raiding was common Stonewall was raided many times June 1969 police raided the bar and the people inside the bar fought back There was no sense among people as to why this particular night was the night to rebel People inside the bar said the energy had changed for some reason and they were sick of taking the crap from officers O This led to a street battle cars overturned people beaten and bloodied trashcans set on fire Homophile refers to same sex LOVE as opposed to same sex INTERCOURSE 0 Gay Liberation Front 0 Turn away from homosexuality because of its connotations with mental illness They use the term gay They address things to their gay brothers and sisters It is the collective we They are angry and it is an important emotion They don t care if they are accepted they will uproot the system 0 AIDS Epidemic Emerges early 8039s 0 O O 1984 was the earliest report of AIDS The Gay Plaguequot The Gay Cancerquot ignites a wave of homophobic violence gay bashingspropaganda language and discourse 0 ACT UP 1987 New York 0 A lack of treatment for people of this time many people were very sick One member of this group gave a passion speech asking Doesn t this make you angryquot 300 people came to this first meeting of Act Up became a very powerful group used great tactics to get FDA approval of AIDS drugs they aroused anger and action in people life and death were what was at stake here dieins activists went to the streets and laid on the ground to represent people dying from AIDS they held political funerals delivered AIDS victims bodies to the FDA s doorsteps war of words with conservative Senator Jesse Helms he wanted people to get their minds out of their crotchesquot God s punishment for being gay Act Up put a giant condom on his home which stated A condom to stop unsafe politics Helms is deadlier than a virusquot Ashes Actions members that wanted their ashes to be used in political protests They spread ashes on the White House lawn etc Medical groups initiated by members who were interested in epidemiological issues Buyers clubs black market for AIDS drugs approved by other countries but not by the FDA People had to be members of the club to get the drugs Very successful with buyers clubs eventually got the current AIDS drug approved 0 Queer Nation 0 00000 0 kiss insquot gay and lesbians kissed in the streets they wanted to bring the sex part back to homosexuality brought sex appeal back to the movement reclamation of the word queer challenged heterosexual culture instead of saying we want to fit inquot they are saying why do we have to be like youquot develops in the 1990 s 0 What does queer mean for sexual politics 0 0 even an expanded catalog of identities can remain blind to the ways people suffer from gender norms objectorientation norms norms of sexual practice and norms of subjective identification The term queer suggests the many ways in which people can find themselves at odds with straight culturequot much more expansive definition of queer objectorientation norms who we should be attracted to based on our sex norms of sexual practice how you have sex norms of subjective identification you self identify in a particular way in terms of gender or sexuality queer is anyone who breaks gender norms norms of orientation etc sexual hierarchies oppress all people not just gay people Sexuality 24 2615 851 PM Contemporary LGBT Movements amp Sexual Communities Why Marriage George Chauncey Chauncey talks about why marriage is such an important topic today in the LGBT community 3 trajectories why this has become the key issue for contemporary LGBT problems Increased LGBT Visibility Ellen DeGenres Big Gay Ice Cream Shopquot in NYC TV show Transparent on Amazon Pop culture public spaces in politics Impact of HIVAids Estrangement from families Families of choice Loss of insurance benefits If a couple was together there was a loss of benefits because they are too sick to work Loss of homes for survivors Often the person who passed away owned the home and their partner was left homeless Lack of voice in funeral arrangements Parents took children home and excluded partners from funeral service Who counts as family in our culture Biology and marriage Important emotional consequences of these funeral arrangements The Lesbian Baby Boom Late 80 s through 90 s and continuing today Raised lots of legal questions custody rights Nonbiological parent had no access to child Visitation rights hospital visits if the child became ill the biological parent could only take child to doctor Adoption rights joint adoption single parent adoption second parent adoption Laws on this vary today seeking out these rights were important at this time Legal rights were necessary to create and maintain families and to maintain bonds if families broke apart Changing Landscape of Same Sex Marriage in the US Defense of Marriage Act 1996 0 Made marriage one man and one woman 0 In 2013 DOMA ruling affected some states The ruling was that DOMA was unconstitutional for the purpose of federal benefits 0 Federal employees are guaranteed spousal benefits regardless of gender sexuality etc Opinions over time about same sex marriage from 2003 to 2014 were shown in a Washington Post poll 0 Support for legalization of gay marriage is much stronger today 55 than 10 years ago 30 0 Republicans are the least supportive as Democrats are the most supportive Small Town Gay Bar film Rumors gay bar in Shannon Mississippi closed in 2010 o 2013 PJ Newton applied for permits to open new gay bar in the same spot which caused legal battles o The town petitioned the business license Visibility Accessibility Centrality Proximity important aspects of public spaces Reading vs Video Different how people dealt with their sexuality In the reading people went out of their way to avoid people that had harassed them Ages differed reading teens and 20 s Young people in rural area in the reading created visibility for themselves by performing drag in Walmart and posting photos of it to their website What values did the town say were being threatened by gay bars 0 Biblical and Christianity based values family values Gay amp lesbian movements are rooted in bar culture which is a potential threat when gay bars are established Today was very discussionbased 2615 851 PM


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