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Lecture 1

by: Sierra

Lecture 1 FNR 210

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About this Document

Natural Resource Information Management
Ningning N. Kong
Class Notes
Natural Resources, information, Management, forestry




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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sierra on Tuesday February 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FNR 210 at Purdue University taught by Ningning N. Kong in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Natural Resource Information Management in Agriculture and Forestry at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 02/09/16
FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 1 Nicole Kong  Assistant Professor, GIS Specialist Purdue University Libraries  Office: HAMP 2215E  496-9474   Office Hours by appointment FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture2  Course Introduction  Basic Concept about GIS FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 3  Enable a natural resource professional using data to create information that helps improve the efficiency and quality of resource management.  Why? FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture  How?  Course Goals: ◦ Define basic spatial data concepts (GIS), ◦ Create and use spatial and textual databases, ◦ Develop spatial analysis abilities, ◦ Use ArcGIS software to analyze and recommend possible solutions to natural resource problems. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 5 Name Email Rec/Lab Section Mekala Sundaram T W R Margaret Hutton T W R Tyler Folk T R Ryan Schroeder T W Kimberly Ordonez W FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, L6cture  Lecture – Monday 10:30-11:20, BRNG 2280  Recitation/Laboratory in PFEN 202 ◦ Tuesday, 2:30 - 3:20, 3:20 - 5:20, ◦ Wednesday, 2:30 - 3:20, 3:20 - 5:20, ◦ Thursday, 2:30 - 3:20, 3:20 - 5:20,  Help Session – Mondays, 5:00 – 6:00 PFEN 202 (starts Jan. 25) FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lectur7  Price, Maribeth. 2013. Mastering ArcGIS. McGraw-Hill Education; 6 edition.  FNR 21000 Class notes, Blackboard  Learning ArcGIS 10, ERSI Virtual Campus Course  It is your responsibility to check each week for readings, activities and other assignments or requirements. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 8 Items: # Points Total Final exam 1 100 100 10 or more quizzes (only top 10 10 10 100 scores will be used in final grade) Lab Practicum Quizzes 5 10 50 - Final 1 50 50 Laboratory Report 12 30 360 Semester Projects Part 1 – Database creation and 1 50 50 population Part 2 – Spatial Analysis 1 50 50 Class/Rec/Lab participation 100 100 TOTAL 860 FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 9 Grade Point Range GPA Value* A+ 860 – 834 4.0 A >834 – 800 4.0 A- >800 – 774 3.7 B+ >774 – 748 3.3 B >748 – 714 3.0 B- >714 – 688 2.7 C+ >688 – 662 2.3 C >662 – 628 2.0 C- >628 – 602 1.7 D+ >602 – 576 1.3 D >576 – 542 1.0 D- >542 – 516 0.7 F >516 0.0 * GPA values are set by University Policy FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 10  10 or more quizzes in lecture/recitation  10 points each, most will be online in Blackboard Learn.  5 lab quizzes will be included in grade  In general, you will not be allowed to make up quizzes.  First quiz will start from the second week. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 11  All course information will be available on blackboard.  Use blackboard to submit lab assignment reports and lab quizzes. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 12  Class Absences  Students with Accomodation (See me)  Classroom etiquette  Scholastic Dishonesty  Campus Emergency policy  Course Syllabus (Blackboard) ◦ FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture13 FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 14  GIS – Geographic Information Systems A system designed to collect, manipulate, analyze, and output spatial information. Two important components – What and Where A third component – When FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture15  When we refer to spatial information, we simply mean that the information is linked to a specific location.  By our definition, GIS can be carried out by hand, using only paper, pencil, and a ruler. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 16  For practical purposes, we define GIS as: A computer-based system to aid in the collection, maintenance, storage, analysis, output, and distribution of spatial data and information.  GIS - an abstraction of reality used to communicate information and relationships… FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 17  Tools: Computer software/hardware  Data: with spatial/location component  Trained personnel: develop the database and carry out the data processing FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lectur18  Resource depletion/degradation  Increased problem complexity  Demands by the body politics  Improved capabilities FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture19 From Observations and Process Knowledge to Prediction andAction FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 20  Be aware #1: Computing intensive!  Be aware #2: Don’t need to be panic!  ArcGIS is a Windows-based desktop software developed by ESRI. ◦ ArcGIS 10.2.2 and extensions, ESRI, Inc.,  Laboratory exercises and data will be made available from the Blackboard, a ‘mapped drive’ or other websites. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 21  Primary instructional lab: PFEN 202.  Other ITAP computer labs, such as HIKS 959, HAMP 3144, NLSN 1195 and MTHW 116.  The Student Edition ArcGIS 10.2 software access codes. This is a full ArcGIS software package that you may install on your computer (PC). The software will work for one year from the date of registration. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 22  PFEN 202 ◦ PFEN 202 will usually be open by 7:30 am and closed at 10:30 pm M-F. ◦ PFEN 202 will NOT normally be on Saturday.  Check out other ITAP lab schedule. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 23 FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 24  You have begun learning the ArcGIS software tools by working through the ESRI Virtual Campus web course - Learning ArcGIS Desktop, Module 1.  Week 2 you will be completing Modules 2 and 8. FNR 21000, 2016, Week 1, Lecture 25


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