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15th Century Northern Europe Notes

by: Diana Laura Gerardo

15th Century Northern Europe Notes 1306-001

Marketplace > University of Texas at El Paso > Art > 1306-001 > 15th Century Northern Europe Notes
Diana Laura Gerardo
GPA 3.75
Art History II
Anne Perry

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About this Document

These notes cover art in 15th century Northern Europe. They will be tested on in the future, beginning with the first exam on Wednesday, February 10, 2016!
Art History II
Anne Perry
Class Notes
Art History
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Diana Laura Gerardo on Tuesday February 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1306-001 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Anne Perry in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Art History II in Art at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 02/09/16
February 1 2016 15th Century Northern European Painting Sculpture and Printmaking I Claus Sluter Well of Moses 13961406 stone Chartreuse de Champmol Dijon France a Monasterya building or buildings occupied by a community of monks living under religious vows This Well used to stand in the middle of a cloister in a monastery stabled by the Duke of Bergundy quot i The Duke commissioned the building of this Well so that the monks would pray for the salvation of his soul continuously ii Carthusians are a closed society dedicated entirely to solitary prayer iii Hexagonal structure with prophets and King David each standing at a niche Angels are sculpted in the base above the prophets iv Prophets depicted include Moses David Jeremiah Zachariah Daniel and Isaiah v Depth in the angels expressions vi There is a sense of movement with the drapery ll 39 39 bert Campin Master of Fl malle M rode Altarpiece open The Annunciation center panel c 14251428 oil on wood a Scene takes place in a middle class Flemish household i ii Right Through the window you can see Tourette Campin s hometown in Belgium iii lconography study of the themes and subjects of works of arts as well as the symbolic meaning of objects persons or events depicted in them iv This is a Virgin of humilitymodesty seated on the floor or possibly on a prayer bench The book she is reading is so precious that she is using a cloth to hold it so that the oil on her ngers won t have to touch it v There is a Jewish prayer shawl hanging behind them which represents how she is a descendent of King David vi In the Song of Solomon she is given nicknames such as the Lily symbol of her purity and chastity and the Rose of Sharon both of which are depicted in this work vii The candle is blown out and the pages of the book on the table are slightly blown as if by the angel39s wings from his entrance viii This is the incarnation of the Lord ix Her hair looks like silk the candlestick holder looks like actual brass and the candle s wax looks realistic x Northern Euro Artists were the kind to be good at details like actually writing comprehensible words in books or scripts they painted February 1 2016 b The donors get to peer through the door to see because they paid to be there St Joseph is creating a mouse trap in his carpentry shop This is compared with Martini39s Annunciation because there are more differences than similarities from the gold in Martini39s to the way the Virgin was portrayed as an exquisite Queen of Heaven back then Ill Jan van Eyck Ghent Altarpiece Saint Bavo Cathedral Ghent Belgium 1432 oil on wood a This is a poyptych because it has 14 panels 7 i A poyptych is an altar screen with 3 or more i b Van Eyck is credited with inventing the oil painting d This is currently under restoration in Ghent 20122 39 Patron a person who commissions or pays for the i Here they are shown as saints y e Closed Screen There is a Holy Spirit above her he v3 39 r i The prophets are on the top panels and two I are in the top middle panels quot ii Open Completed in 1432God the Father Virgin and John the Baptist This is a Byzantine tradition iii Music angels are on the outermost Adam and Eve Adoration of the Holy LandMystic land Very naturalistic landscape Comes from the Book of Revelations the island of Patmos 1 The Lamb of God is in the center spilling blood into a golden wine goblet 2 There are angels surrounding the Lamb of God holding symbolic objects like the spear the Roman soldier threw at Jesus39 side on the cross as well as the crown of thorns an an VI Jan van Eyck Giovanni Arnol ni and His Bride 1434 oil on wood a Italian and Flemish couple speaking their vows in the living room of their private residence b This kind of marriage is allowed if you have 2 witnesses whose re ections are shown in the mirror on the wall behind them Above the mirror n van Eyck was herequot nofskv ltembvitem meanino Basicallv evervthino painted here anin i Their muddy shoes that have been kicked off signify how it39s a sacred space for the Holy Sacrament of marriage ii There is only one candle burning representing God39s presence iii She appears either pregnant or is referring to her job in the marriage as a provider of children February 1 2016 iv She is wearing green the color of fertility v She is next to the marital bed vi There is fruit on the windowsill which represents chastity ix the dog represents delityloyalty in the marriage d Jan van Eyck Man in a Red Turban 1433 oil on wood i Very detailed portrait probably an example of selfportrait ii Has lots of visual textures VII Roger Van der Weyden Deposition circa 1435 oil on wood paneL a Painted for and commissioned by members of a crossbow guild b Deposition the removal of Christ39s body from the cross orner crossbow is symbol of the patrons Also Christ39s body is in the hape of the crossbow wooning Virgin Mary She feels faint There is similarity in their oses Her empathy for her son She feels what he felt when he was ruci ed and she is painted as paler than he is V the Evangelist is helping her and is concerned i ll J l VIII Limbourg Brothers February from Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry 1416 They worked in Paris and Bourges forJean Pucee Duke of Berry and the brother of King Charles V of France and of Philip the Bold of Burgundy b The Limbourg brothers created an illustrated calendar listing local religious feast days The rich people were pictured as taller than the middle class or poor They had very delicate waists and hands 1 Pisces signs in the corners of the work Q an 39x Limbourg BrOtherS May from Les Tr s Riches Heures du Ducj Berry 1416 a a Gemini signs in the corners of the work b Similar characteristics to the previously mentioned F February 1 2016 X Martin Schongauer St Anthony Tormented by Demons c 1490 engraving


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