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BMW Case Study Preparation Questions

by: ChoYeeWinAung

BMW Case Study Preparation Questions MKT 5750

Marketplace > Marketing > MKT 5750 > BMW Case Study Preparation Questions

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About this Document

This is a weekly class notes not a study guide. This notes cover BMW case study question and answers.
Marketing Strategy
Stacey Finkelstein
Class Notes
Marketing strategy, BMW case study, Marketing




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by ChoYeeWinAung on Tuesday February 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 5750 at a university taught by Stacey Finkelstein in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 42 views.

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Date Created: 02/09/16
 Marketing Strategy MKT 5750  (Fall 2016)   Professor Stacy Finkelstein Baruch College Preparation questions for BMW Case (Week 1): Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), included in the course packet.  While analyzing the case, assume the time line given in the case (1992).  Use the following questions to guide your preparation: 1 What was BMW’s status in the market in 1986?  BMW status in the market in 1986 is Upper class and Elite. 2 Who was buying BMW? Why? An affluent young man was buying BMW because of the status  symbol of BMW. 3 What do you think of BMW’s advertising? BMW’s advertisements in mid 80s include mansions, luxurious  lifestyle and attractive women. 1. What caused the sales decline from 1986­1991?  Cause 1: Changing Buyer Taste In 1986, the US congress passed tax reform act and therefore owning  luxury is more expensive. In 1987, stock market crash and therefore money is tight.  BMW pricing is pegged to Germany currency (Deutsche Mark) and  therefore more expensive. Consumers look negatively to BMW as a “bad status”. Consumers  want practical value conscious car. So spending money is okay but  have to perceive high value to the car. Cause 2: New Competitive Entrants New competitions are Honda­Acura, Nissan­Infinity, Toyota­Lexus  which are Asian competitors. These cars are high performance and  more affordable but not cheap. Also, BMW dealership in 1980s did not have BMW own showroom. Cause 3: Market Contraction BMW carssold 96K cars In 1986:    Total of carssold∈USA 11.4Mcars =.842 market share BMW carssold 53.3K cars In 1991:   Total of carssold∈USA 8.4 M cars.635 market share Therefore, from 1986 to 1991, 3M fewer cars were sold in 5 years. Cause 4: BMW Actions Product: 7 series 750 are top of the line model and high priced model. 2. Could BMW have prevented it given its position in 1986? BMW could control advertisement, cut timeline of 8 years (research and  development) and pricing. BMW could somehow control new  competitors by foreseeing the competition. 3. Evaluate Gerlinger’s performance. What has he accomplished to date? “BMW­The Smart Choice” Campaign. 4.  Can BMW compete effectively against Lexus and Infiniti? No, BMW cannot compete effectively against Lexus and Infiniti. 5. What advice would you give Gerlinger to help him achieve his  100,000 sales goal? To be able to reach 100,000 sales goal Gerlinger should broaden target  segment. BMW advertisements need to be consistent. BMW 3 series  should be highlighted. BMW managers from Germany should have better ties to US current Market.


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