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FILM 2120 Feb 8 and Feb 10

by: Kay Patel

FILM 2120 Feb 8 and Feb 10 FILM 2120

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Fine arts > FILM 2120 > FILM 2120 Feb 8 and Feb 10
Kay Patel
Introduction to Cinema
Dr. Seiving

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About this Document

Goes over Mise-en-scene and its areas and level of manipulation
Introduction to Cinema
Dr. Seiving
Class Notes
Film 2120 Feb 8 and 10
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Kay Patel on Wednesday February 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FILM 2120 at University of Georgia taught by Dr. Seiving in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Cinema in Fine arts at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 02/10/16
v VVW Discontinuity editing The most important Sergei Eisenstien The Battleship Potemkin 0 The plot seems to be there to support the style EX The Untouchables 0 The style is the vehicle guiding us through the plot Introduction to miseenscene What is in front of the camera to be filmed All of the elements placed in front of the camera to be photographed the setting and props costumes and makeup lighting and figure behavior 0 Function very expressively and thematically Areas of manipulation 0 Setting Igt Props being functions of setting there as motifs Igt Can be effective in reinforcing a meaning Igt Ex The Hurt Locker 9 Grocery scene J eremey Renner character it helps convey that he is bored and frustration of readjusting to the civilian life Also the sheer scale of the cereal aisle Overwhelming for the protagonist 0 Costume and makeup Igt They are there for a reason Igt Often used as indicators as personality gt A characters costume and makeup changes throughout the movie to show the fact that the character s personality is changing Igt Ex Edward Scissorhands 9 Signs that his transition into the real world is not going to be easy 9 Suggests that Edward will not be able to completely conform Igt Do the right thing 9 Their clothes show their beliefs 0 Stagingfigure behavior Igt How they use their bodies and facial expressions Igt How the actors are depicting what the characters are doing Igt As film analysts we should be careful to not judge the characters and miseen scene on the basis of realism Moreover not all films are striving for realistic effect 9 Films don t intend to base it off of realism EX The Silence of the Lambs 9 We understand their intension and psychology by the way the react 9 Hannibal is effortlessly in control 9 Clarice is trying to be in control Triangular staging help convey the idea that third party are driving wedges between characters 0 Lighting Igt Light creates the image itself gt 333 gt gt Filmmakers try to controZl the array and the intensity of light Filmmakers never rely solely on light Three point lighting system pg 128 9 Use to light up a standard scene 9 Very common 9 Fills in the shadows that are created by key light 9 Makes lighting more even Rim light positioned behind the character 9 Helps separate the figure from the background High key lighting creates an overall even illumination figure 9 Sense of a wellrounded figure 9 Give us some shadow Lowkey lighting 9 Hard lighting 9 High in contrast 9 Aka lowfill very little fill light to knock out the shadows 9 Said to have a realistic motivation 9 Carries fairly mysterious connotations Sometimes the back light is the key light and sometimes it is eliminated Strong shadows conceal aspects of characters 0 Recap the use of these elements have a purpose even if they have realistic motivation 0 Lack of color signifies lack of imagination a dead quality Igt In Edward Scissorhands lack of color is associated with uniqueness and color with conformity It reverses a long standing convention gt Levels of manipulation 0 Highly controlled MES Igt German expressionism high controlled MES 9 Shot in studio to have the max control 9 Settings are every exaggerated and distorted 9 Buildings are not architecturally correct 9 Acting is exaggerated 9 Shadows painted on to the sets 9 Style has a clear narrative function 9 Many in fantasy and horror genre 0 Uncontrolled MES gt Italian NeoRealism uncontrolling and natural MES 9 Opposite pole of german expressionism 9 Post ww2 italy 9 Deal with social conditions 9 Studio space was scarce 9 Shoot in real locations like on the street 9 Use real people as extras 9 Sometimes the main actors were non professional 0 Hollywood MES Igt Try to control as much MES as possible Igt Very tightly controlled Igt Purpose of control is to achieve a credible degree of realism Igt Purpose is to create naturalistic look


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