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Note for ARTH 1380 with Professor Padgett at UH 6


Note for ARTH 1380 with Professor Padgett at UH 6

Marketplace > University of Houston > Note for ARTH 1380 with Professor Padgett at UH 6

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About this Document

No professor available
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
66 PERSPECTIVE 0N WESTERN ART 4 Basilica l aestum Italyc 550116 Gardnerpp 14142 ill 522 and 523 lemon 3 121 ills 161162 TanpleofHaaCTunplcofPoscidon Paestumlhlyc4603c Gardnerpl43ills525nd526lmp122ills163 65 AristotleMetaph w OnthePythagormns mid fmnhoenmry 31 InthcsinhcenmryEQGreekhItenectualsbeganminvcs gatethemm wmld mdtostudymmmdwmnmmdthdrphoehthatwotul heyasserted mt thesphereofnntumandofhummitymgovanedhyomnpnhuxs ehwswhich couldbediscovetedthmughtheuseofhumanream lcirsmdywhichnnited a branchesof learning intoasingle cndeavorwascalledphilosophy or the love ofwisdomquot FormostamongtheGreekphilosophersofthispaiodwasPythagm39asof SamwForcedbyhispo ml ewsmlachmoaPythagmassa edinsouthem Italy at Croton between approximately 530 and 510 EC Here he founded a mhgioussodetywhichhadmepoli mlpmposedsnppor nga stmmciesagainst tymniesmddunocmdesandwhichhadthcmomlandm giousaimofmforming humax tyBasicmthetcnasonythagorasandhisfo owuswasthebe efinthe reincama onoftheso mdinthepossibi tyo tspu ca onanditsunimwith thedivincthroughabstinenoeandinte ectualre u ion Pythagomisfamousforhisdanonsm onthatthesumofthesqnareson twosidcsofa ghtangledttiangleiseqnalto lcsquarcofthchypotenusc Howemmeythagmnsthestudyofmathuna wwasunitedwithmctaphysics Ahth ea mptmummndmemnmmmmmcofa e steano Pythagomsa ngswetenumaableandoouldbcexpnssednumetica yNot onlywemphysicalthingsmcasumbleorpmpor onalhtumofmnmberhut absuactthings soW thdrnnmbafmexmple us oe wasassodamdwith the number 4 and marriage with the number 5 Moreover the connection betweentworelated ngscouldbeexprcssedacwrdingmnume calpmpor om ThenumbalehichthePythagorcanssymbolizedindleformofl 2 3 4hadaspecialsigni canoe Pythagoreanswmespecia yimprcssedwiththedisooverytbatthcmusical intervalsbetwemthendcsonthclymomldbeexpmdnumedm y tchmay besaidtodcpenduponnumberandthch1tcrvalsonthescalemayheexpressed by numerical ratios Just as musical harmony is dependent on nmnber so Py thagormnsarguedthattheharmmyofthcoosmicsphutsdcpmdeduponnumbcr Py mgomsrefmedmthe musicofthehcavm andhterPy ngmeanspost uhwdthatthedistancesofheava yhodies mntheearthmpondedtomusi calintervals ThePythagoreanbdiefintherdationshipbetweenoosmicharmonyonthe onehandandmathematicalnumberm oandformontheotherhandwasof pammountimportancetoClassicaleekcnltureinthcamsofphilosophy sciweandartTheoomparisonbetweenthe Basilica atPacstumandlater GreektemphgsuchastheTunpleome FheTetnpleofPoseidon alsoat PaesmnshowstheGreekoonoemforpmpor onandtheirexperhnmta onwith thcmtiosofsimilarfomls Pythagorasle nowri ng isideassnrviveonlyintheoommentariesof otherw mwchasA stotleAsdec onfromA stotle sMetaphysics Onthe Pythagoreans ispresmtedhcre 195 39M03 pue JadJBH IMJOA meN 39se v eppjw sq q an 1993 JeeN 1uelouv sq way sbulpeea pue szuewnooa awnos uv wagseM uo seAyoedSJed 39pa ueJM 39r pgAea g ueJM 39H eauun 68 PESPECI39IVES ON WESTERN ART Aristotle illetaphysics6 On the Pythagorean The Pythagoreans as they are called devoted themselves to mathematics theywerethe rsttoadvaneethisstudymndhavingbeenbrongitnpin it they thought its principles were the principles of all things Since of these principlesnumbersareby naturethe rst andinnumbersthey seemedto seemanyresemblaneestothethingsthatexistandeomemtobeing more than in re and earth and water such and such a modi cation of numbers beingjustieeanotherbeingsoulandreasonanotherbeingopportunity and similarly almost all other things being numerically expressible since again they say that the attributes and ratios of the musical scales were expressibleinnumberssincethena othathingsseanedintheirwhole nature to be modelled a er numbers and numbers seemed to be the rst things in the whole of nature they supposed the elements of numbers to betheelementsofallthingsmndthewhdleheaventobeamusicalscale and a number And all the properties of numbers and scales which they conidshowtoagreewiththeattributesandpartsandthewhole range y mentoftheheavenstheyeolleetedand ttedintotheirscheme andifthere was a gap anywhere they readin made additions so as to make their whole theoryeohermt gasthenumber lOisthoughttobeperfectandto comprise the whole nature of numbers they say that the bodies which move through the heavens are ten but as the visible bodies are only nine to meet this they invent a tenth the counterearth Evidently then these thinkers also consider that number is the princi plebothasmatterforthingsandasformingtheirmodi cationsandtheir permanentstatesandholdthattheelementsofnumberaretheevenand the odd and of these the former is unlimited and the latter limited and the l proceedsfrombothoftheseforitisbothevenandoddandnumber fromthe landthewholeheavenashasbeensaidisnumbers Other members of this same school say there are ten principles which theyartangeintwoeolumnsofeognates limitandunlimitedoddand even one andplurality right and le male and female resting and mov ing straight and crooked light and darkness good and bad square and oblong 6 Reprinted by permission of the publisha39 from Aristotle Metaphysia trans by w D 39 Ross Oxford Oxford University Press 1908 1861 IMOM DUE JedJBH IMJOA MEN 39835V eppjw all ubnmq 1993 JaeV zuepuv sq won s ulpeaa pue sguawnooa ewnos uv UJBJSGM uo seAnoedSJed 39pe ueJM 39r pmea I3 ueJM 39H eeuun


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