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Note for ARTH 1380 with Professor Padgett at UH 8


Note for ARTH 1380 with Professor Padgett at UH 8

Marketplace > University of Houston > Note for ARTH 1380 with Professor Padgett at UH 8

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About this Document

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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Friday February 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.

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Date Created: 02/06/15
BABYLONIA SteleofHammumbinppu partSusac l7GOBCGardnerp56 ill 223 Jonson p 77 ill 98 TheCaded Hammmbi TheLawsoftheKing c 176033 In 1900 BC Babylon constituted aminor provinceintheMesopotamian mosaic deity statesItsswiftandspectacularrisetopoweroverasinglecenturycanbe anr mted npargmtheintmaestmggleswagedamongtheothamajorpowas ofthe period It was however more the personalgenius ofits greatest ruler Hammurabi that resulted in Babylon s ascendancy Hammunhi c 1817 1750 LC was approximately twenty ve years old whenhebecamemlerofBabylonDuringthe rstthirtyyearsofhisrcignc 1792 1750 362 Hammurabi waged a series of successful military campaigns MCadeq39Hammumbi themes complete and perfect monument of Babylonian law was issued at the end ofthe king s reign The lawcodeisinscribed on theSteIe ofHammurabi alargeirregular boulderthatisover7feettalland3fectincircumferenceatitsbaseAtthetime ofthe conquest ofBabylonin 1158 30 thisslabwascarted o 39to Susa Iran where it was excavated in 1901 TheCodeafHammurabi beginswithaprologue Inittheking states thathe was ordered by Marduk thetutelarygod of Babylomtobring justicetohissubjects andensurethem good government andalsotodestroy the wicked and prevent the strong 39omoppressingtheweaLTheCodeitsdfemmistsofappm matelym dausesdm ngwithbothaimin mddv aspwtsofwayday kTheclam includeregnla msgovmingcrhnimlaetssmhasth assaulgandmmslaugh terpe1sonalmatterssmhasslahdaadop onanddimmeandwonmnic anm omsmhashndmdhborcmmm ga m ghmandinterestrates IheCodeofHammumbi divided Babyloniansubjeasintothreeclasseszthe upperdassmemmandthedaveanishmmmwhichwesevem weredis ngnishedhyclassandwuedeterminedaeeordhigtothep ncipleof an eyeforancye Despitetheharshnessofthepenalties maideof am mumbimnstbeviewedastheexprssionoftheking swneemtobeajustruler A selection from The Code of Hammumbi quotThe Laws of the King is pre sented here The reign of Hammurahi marked the climax and the end of the Babylonian civilization Hammurabi s reuni cation of Mesopotanna was brieflived Under hisson Samsu mBabyloniashrankinsizeandwassoonpreytoforeignin vaslon 39 le Code of Hammurabiquot The Laws of the King Ifamanhastakmupa eldforcultivationandthenhasnotraisedcorn on the eld they shall oonvicthim of not having done the necessary work onthe eld andheshallgiveeomeorrespondingtothecropsraisedby hisneighbourstotheownerofthe eld If he has not cultivated the eld but leaves it waste he shall give corn correspmdingtothecropsraisedbyhisneighbourstotheownerofthe eldandsha ploughthe ddwhichhehasle wasteandhmmwinand heshallrenderittotheownerofthe eld IfamanincursadebtandAdadquotinundateshis eldora oodhas carriedawaythesoilorelseifcornisnotraisedonthe eldthroughlack ofwatcrinthatyearheshallnotrcnderanycomtohiscreditorheshall 14Reprmw bypermissionof0xfordUnivusityPres ome quD mandJohn Miles TheBabylonian Law Vol 2 Oxford Garendon Prss 1955 pp 27 31 51 55 57 77 79 95 15 A storm god believed to be responsible for oods M03 pue JedJBH IMJOA MSN 39se v alppm eq q nOJq 1993 Jaev JUQIOUV aq way s ulpeay pue swawnooa eomos 186L I my mamaVI uo sawoedSJed ps uaJM 39r plABG 9 USJM 39H eeuun THEARTOFTHEANCIENTNEAREAST ll blot out the terms inscribed on his tablet and shall not pay interest for that year Ifamanhasopenedhistrench for irrigation andhasbeenslack and sohasletthewaterscarryawaythesoilonhisneighbour s eldheshall payeorneorrespondingtotheammmtofthecropwhichhisneighbourhas Ifamanhasreleasedthewatersandsohasletthewateisearryaway theworksonhisneighbour s eld heshallpay lOgur ofeornforevery bur of land Ifamaniedhdyiscanghtlyingwithanoth mamtheyslmllbind thunandeastthemintotheWateI ifherhusband wishesto let his wife live thenthekingshalllethisservant live Ifamanwishestodivoreehis rstwifewhohasnotbornehimsons he shall give her moneyto the value of her bridal giftand shall make good toherthedowrywhichshehasbroughtfromherfather shouseandso Ifamarried lady whoisdwellinginaman s housesetsherfaoetogo outofdoorsandpersistsinbehavingherselffoolishlywastingherhom andbe u ngherhusbandtheysha wnvictherandifherhusbandthen states that he will divorce her he my divorce her nothing shall be given toherasherdivome moneymherjoumenyherhusbandstatesthathe willnot divorce her her husband may marry another wow that woman shall dwell as a slavegirl in the house of her husband Ifawomanhashatedherhnsbandandstateswlhoushaltnothave thenamraluseofme thefactsofhercaseshallbedetemiined in her distictMifshehaskepthmselfchasteandhasnofaulehileher husbandisgiventogoingaboutoutofdoorsandsohasgrea ybelit ed her that woman shall su r no punishment she may take her dowry and gotohafathea shouse Ifshehasnotkeptherselfchastebutisgiven togoingabout out of doors will waste her house and so belittle her husbandthey shall cast that Ifamanhasputouttheeyeofafreemantheyshallputouthiseye Ifhebreakstheboneofafreeman theyshallbreakhisbone Ifheputsouttheeyeofavilleinorbreakstheboneofavilleinhe shallpay 1 much ofsilver Ifhepntsouttheeyeofa 39eeman sslaveorbreakstheboneofa ee man s slave heshallpayhalfhisprioe Ifamanknocksoutthetoothofa 39eemanequalinranktohimself they shall knockouthistooth Ifheknoekaontthetoothofavilleinheshallpayl maneh ofsilver Ifamanstrikesthecheekofafreemanwhoissupeiiorinrankto himsd heshallebeatEfwithsixtysuipeswithawlnpofox hideinthe assembly Ifthemanstrikesthecheekofa eemanequaltohimselfinrank heshallpay l mane ofsilver Ifa villein strikes the cheek ofa villein he shall pay lOshekeLs39 of silver Iftheslaveofa eemmsuikesthecheekofa eemamtheyshall cut o 39his ear These are the just laws which Hammurabi the able king has estab lished and thereby has enabled the land to enjoy stable governance and good rule


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